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He was born on thursday 5 th November 2015. His born is one miracle for our small little family and bigger family of Laurensia’s and Me. I was very happy for this, has been smiling in my action. I think something is different, it’s like having support and energy everyday. It kept us smiling and grateful of all of the blessings in life.
Richard Templar stated that In this life we seek for meaning of life. Observing life in general , people very broadly seem to fall into two main camps : those who seem to have mastered the knack of successful living and those who still find it all a bit of a struggle. He observed the secret of successful living, he said some things we do will make us unhappy and some things we choose to do will make us happier. He divided the rules of life into five areas – us, our partner, our family, our social circle (including work and friends ) and lastly the world. he wrote number of rules, there are 2 rules of 100 rules that made miraclerich is such a contentment for life, and stating our rule as parent to nurture him.

The first one is contentment is a high aim and the second one is the role as a parent.

The first rule showed that the happiness is such an illusory thing that spending too much time chasing it is not very worthwhile. Happiness is one end of a spectrum – misery being the other end. Templar then stated that there will be excitement of birth of a child, relief at a successful birth, but not sure about happiness after that. The most important thing is he said, “fireworks, butterflies, unbelievable feelings. It’s brilliant. It’s extreme. But that intensity can’t and won’t last. You have to go back to reality sometime…. Contentment is what you hope for after the elation has worn off and you settle back into a relaxed and happy simplicity. In fact, contentment is the worthier aim, because it lasts… if you find you are with somebody where there is no big firework display, palpitations and extreme of feelings but there is a baseline contentment and warmth and love – be happy with that.”

The second rule showed that what our duty as a parent. That we have to make sure they eat the best food, best education, developed their own best interest not the one we are keen on, set boundaries what the can and can’t do with acceptable level of discipline. We should provide safe haven, no matter how much trouble they’ve got themselves into in the big bad world outside. We should be firm ,loving, sharing, caring and responsible. We will stand up for them, protect them and keep them safe. We will stretch their imaginations, and feed them with stimuli, so they are excited about the world, finaly templar said,

“You will approve of them, boost their self – esteem, improve their confidence, … and when the time comes for them to leave the nest, you will help them pack and keep giving that support while they find their feet (or should that be wings ?).

not much then really.”

Miracle is easy to care by us, he is quiet even when he pee, poo. He cries only when he is hungry other than that he faced our face with his little eyes, and stayed silent, sometimes smiled. He reminded me of Laurensia, his calm, and perseverance attitude. Me and Laurensia said to him, “Son if you have problem, please let us know, we will help you, don’t stay silent.”

Look at the trees, evergreen, its branches stick to each other. If there is tree standing alone, its branch usually fall down easily during rain, snow, or hard season. We are not different than the trees, when bad thing comes sooner than we expected in this life. We need support from others to keep standing. There is one poet from anonymous. The title is Foot Steps,

Walk a Little Slower, Daddy, Mommy

“Walk a little slower Daddy, Mommy” said a child so small,
“I’m following in your footsteps and I don’t want to fall.

Sometimes your steps are very fast,
Sometimes they’re hard to see;
So walk a little slower, Daddy, Mommy,
For you are leading me.

Someday when I’m all grown up,
You’re what I want to be;
Then I will have a little child
Who’ll want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right,
And know that I was true,
So walk a little slower, Daddy, Mommy,
For I must follow you.”

Miracle, Laurensia, and me will walk a little slower, but no need to follow us, world is waiting for you, we are still here :) My world is changing now, I do many smile all of the time,  Laurensia keep smiling all of the time. It’s all because this miracle. Just like my friend, Kolael said “It is now new life for you. Wish it will be field with joy and happiness”

[1] Templar, Richard. The Rules of Life.
[2] Van Ekeren, Glenn. 12 little secret towards happy life


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June 11 2009, Sydney

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit”- Khalil Gibran

laurensia and me

Do you believe in faith ? Love? Good will? I don’t know if you do, but I really do.

Today is Thursday. The day almost ends today’s  scenario. It’s winter time in the middle of the night. I was wondering about what love might be in people opinion,

how about you? Sometimes I have seen the sincerity between people eyes in between strangers and friends in relationship, how would you determine love?

I will  tell story about my experience of love and sincerity. What makes me grateful today that everyday, I will be trying to live with sincerity and love. Let me be personal in this writing. Everyone has their own story and here is my story.

Her name is Laurensia, She has the same age of me. She went to the same elementary school with me, the same senior high school with me, but we went to different university. She went to university in Jakarta while I went for my bachelor degree in Bandung. Bandung and Jakarta is 2 different cities, has different life style, different climate, but same solstice as the location approximately in same latitude. I had not much time to know her, since that time.  8 years after that, she is a Dentist and I am an Architect.

My life was so fast at that time, “a lonely ranger”, I would say. After I graduated, I worked in Bandung, Singapore, London, while sometime fly to Banjarmasin to help my brother’s business. It had been a wicked time for work alcoholic time with almost 40 design competitions and design built works across south East Asia, Middle East and China. I spent a year in one place and another year in another place.

The one thing that I still remember I really like to have a cup of hot sweet tea and  2 half done eggs just to work until morning. There was no ending story for projects. After office hour, I would take another competition and another competition again because we lived in the same dream as an architect and Urban designer. Like what Jon Lang said “Urban Designer designs”. Time flied pass by, leaving good memories about one place to another place, I did take a picture, be a tourist in the beautiful cities in the world to capture movement, another life, another culture just to survey the world. Cities were so much different than my hometown. Every frame and second was really a good memory. Playing piano is a way respect tranquility of my time despite I didn’t have much time left for myself. Oh I got another thing that is music, a tone that always starts my day with smile in the noise of foot step in London Subway. So what else?

new year's eve010108-New year’s eve’Waterloo Bridge, I remember time passed by really fast, 1 year was like only yesterday,

I am really grateful now. For myself, time is stopping when first time I met her few years ago, realized how fast life was and It should not be like those time. Time should be respected,  Since that I started to remember every moment without matter. If you have so many memories about the past, which one you want to remember? Love is a clue for my life that I have to live life with love. Love can make everything that is wrong to be right and in opposite. If life is a decision so would you dare to take your chance for you love? if you are together with me, raise your hand and we can dance and sing together.

After I met her, Time is back with me, it is just so slow and a moment never be passed, She has an honesty of truth, respectful to people. She gave me confident of creating vision when she said “you can do that, just believe on yourself because I have prayed so”. My tears fall for her in happiness and sadness, my vision broaden, my believe strengthen,

Life just stays the same as before, even I had more projects that I had not expected before. I still had a cup of hot sweet tea and 2 half done eggs just to work until morning. But I worked with love, play with love, and sing with love. A “U”curve is always drawn on my face and, life has changed. If I can end the writing in conclusion, I believe that Love, is just one word, but it is about your life, I think every people need to have this word,

a word to make your time in this world to smile. Don’t lose it. I will not lose mine.

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