RAW Lecture : Working Ideas in Business

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We have a venue – mini brown bag in office, please do come if you wanna come. It’s free :)

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”
Andy Warhol

4th Lecture : Working Ideas in Business. There were times when people started defining business by simply delivering good product to the customer or client. It started by establishing one relationship to another relationship between architect and clients. In this lecture we will discuss about the experience bringing business into worth living relationship between clients, architects, and between people inside the firm. We invited students and fresh graduates for our mini brown bag. It’s about sharing entrepreneurship in architecture. It’s all discussing the answer of :

1) What or How is the core of relationship between clients and architect ?
2) What is needed for establishing architecture studio ?
3) What or How is the challenge given by the reality ?
4) Why the ethic is important ? or what is the ethic to maintain relationship ?

The discussion will be held at RAW Office at 6.30 pm [16.30] on 28th August 2014 . The material will be explained briefly by Realrich followed by open discussion among participants.

Kindly make your reservation to tatyana@raw.co.id or ilham@raw.co.id as soon as possible (seats are limited) Thanks and see you !



Experimentation by Digital Computation and Analog Process in Architecture

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My friend Dani Hermawan will share his experience on digital computation in Architecture. It’s all about creating innovation in architecture. This is the 3rd lecture for Architecture Summer Workshop that we conduct in office.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 8.37.32 PM
Here is the publication :

Please Join Our Venue for This Friday 22nd August 2014 at 18.30 in Summer Pavilion. The third lecture for Architecture Summer Workshop.

Topic “Experimentation by Digital Computation and Analog Process in Architecture”

Dani Hermawan who is an architect and researcher based in Jakarta will introduce topic Experimentation in Architecture in the focus of Digital Computation in Innovation process in Architecture.

As a Co-Director of Formologix Lab, He interested and explores the collaborative potential of digital design and fabrication techniques related to architecture and product design -through various modes: parametric design, scripting, and fabrication.

Dani pursued his Master of Architecture in digital architecture from Dessau Institute of Architecture, Bauhaus-Dessau, Germany (2008) under supervision of Mathias Del Campo (SPAN/Austria) and Daniel Dendra (anotherArchitect-Berlin). For his Bachelor of Architecture, he was graduated from Parahyangan University, Indonesia (2004).

As practitioner, he credits his early architectural experience with the practices at Larascipta Architects, collaborative experience with Daniel Dendra at anotherArchitect, Berlin, and currently worked as a digital design, modeling and fabrication consultant for several architecture offices.
As academia, he taught design studios at Parahyangan Catholic University and currently, he actively teaches design studio, workshop and seminar at Pelita Harapan University.

The Analog process will be introduced briefly by Realrich Sjarief

Kindly make your reservation to tatyana@raw.co.id or ilham@raw.co.id as soon as possible (seats are limited)

Thanks and see you!

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