Sarala – Bare Minimalist House

Finalist of Indonesia Institute of Architect Jakarta Award 2012

bare minimalist4l
Wind Tunnel responding to air stacking effect
This is an individual residence located in Jakarta/ The site is 8 m wide and 24 m deep owned by Charles Wiriawan and Irene, which is the typical conditions for dense row house in Jakarta. Like what happens, dense row house is happened because of too many bedrooms and corridors without inner courtyard inside the house. The design usually very humid and hot during the summer and rainy season because of house planning which doesn’t reflects to tropical sunshade and cross air circulation. In this case, the design offers the house not as simple and uncomfortably solution but as responsive as possible in passive design to redefine tropical house in simple way. West side which is the hottest surface during the year is blocked by solid wall which is the boundary between the house to the neighbor.The design placed the circulation as a continuous and sequential space which centers wind tunnel at the centre of the house which becomes living space, dining space and also, place where cross air circulation happens.For the wall, the design placed 600 mm x 1200 mm reinforced fibre concrete as covering of the whole walls providing insulation of heat from sun. The louvers on the facade are simulated carefully to cut direct sunlight. The glass and louvre reacts to save energy by providing natural ventilation for this house.
View to the Bridge Connecting Bedrooms

View to the Bridge Connecting Bedrooms

View to Foyer as Wind Tunnel at the centre of the House
View to Foyer at Ground Floor

View to Foyer at Ground Floor

View to Foyer at Ground Floor
bare minimalist8l
Stairway’s Entrance
bare minimalist9l
View from the Entrance to Living Room and Home Office
bare minimalist10l
View from Living room to Entrance
bare minimalist11l
View from the Living Room to Inner Garden
bare minimalist3l
 bare minimalist2l
Bioclimatic House

Bioclimatic House

Plan of the House

Plan of the House

Rumah ini dipublikasikan di Buku Houses by Indonesian Architect yang ditulis oleh Studio Imelda Akmal Architecture Writer IAAW dan Dwell

Credentials :

Architect : Realrich Sjarief
Owner : Charles Wiriawan and Irene
Contractor : Singgih Suryanto – DOT Workshop
photos : Eric Dinardi from Bacteria Photography

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