Architecture Fellowship Philosophy

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The Architecture Fellowship has been followed by average 50 students a year in total in Indonesia and overseas because it’s pure nature to improve each student’s skill and understanding about architecture. It’s like a family, close relation ambiance in understanding the professional practice of architecture.

The architecture fellowship has 3 objectives to drill participants, the first one is, to prepare generations of good architect, the second is to bridge the gab in between the practice and academic, the third is, as a reminder for our self that all of us have a obligation to nurture, learn, and share the knowledge of architecture.
The path of learning is started in the apprenticeship mode, each of the participants require to have two character, a motivation to be better designer and a person who can reflects and evaluates all of his or her experience for improvement.The course is flexible, following each of project’s circumstances.

The learning curve of includes a combination of practical and mind courses which offer the participant a solid professional architecture knowledge, and opportunities to pursue personal interest in the field of architecture. The aim is to synchronizing the hand, mind and the soul through design process in architecture practice

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