The Bare Minimalist Residence, … Bioclimatic house

Finalist of Indonesian Architect Institute Jakarta Award 2012

The project offers the design of a house, perhaps is the most interesting outcome for the RAW Architecture and process brings together the owner and the architect in a unique and mutually supporting relationship. The Bare Minimalist house is one of several projects undertaken with the first client who I  met. The Client, Charles Wiriawan is a naturalist person house demand for one natural house for his first owned home. Early discussions focused on discussion of the program, a definition of naturalist house and budget constraint. The discussions were latterly distilled into a series of ecological approach and solution in narrow lot space, 8m x 24m. The result is a fusion of bold massing avoid the orientation to the west side building by creating one narrow building which allow fresh air circulate from outside – to inside the building.

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Developed in response to the local tropical climate, the concept for Bare Minimalist House has been sensitive to seasonal sun path; high humidity levels prevailing winds, area temperatures and precipitation rates specific to the location. Directional wind profiles and solar exposure have been used to help determine the facade design and external building form to achieve lower thermal loads and opportunities for open balconies and natural ventilation.  The house is north-south-East orientated. The living and dining area are located on the north side facing the open space and 2 bedrooms, the master bedrooms to the South-North-East. Each bedroom has a terrace, balcony or veranda. The south-facing veranda spaces have been designed to maximise the useable area in the house. They are activated by opening the 2.85-metre-wide, full-height sliding windows covered by sun shading to several faces that exposed to direct sunlight and by closing an internal curtain, which acts as a thermal curtain. This prevents heat penetrate during whole wet and dry season in hot humid tropical monsoon climate. One void connects each of the floor plan and allow air stacking effect in the house allow 24 hours fresh air flow in the building.

The glass area with external shading is maximised to the south to gain passive solar energy during colder periods. The solid areas of the north side are clad with ceramic tiles in a colour to match the bricks of the existing grain store buildings opposite. District heating is provided for heating; rainwater is collected and distributed to the nearby canal.

Bare Minimalist House will also be a green building in a more literal sense. The top of the house as roof terrace and the ground level will be green spaces, introducing planting and trees to the ground, upper ground, top of the building, and canopy area, irrigated naturally via a rainwater harvesting system.

Fact Sheet :

Owner : Charles Wiriawan

Architect : Realrich Sjarief

Assistant : Bismo Prakoso, Anastasia W, Silvanus Prima

Photograph by : Andhang Rahmat Trihamdhani, Donald Aditya Ephipanius

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