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OPEN HOUSE 99% Alfa Omega School Salembaran Tangerang Indonesia

Dear Restless Spirit.

We Glady invited you to come to Open House, open interpretation, and open disscusion for 99 Percent School of Alfa and Omega : Open House, new home of Children and Teachers with big dream, of PKBM Alfa Omega. Please RSVP to this link: https://bit.ly/RSVP_AO to book your schedule, on 10th June 2017. Invitation card will be given after RSVP because the space is limited.

There will be a sharing about the brief by Lisa Sanusi as the owner, a lecture by Anas Hidayat, and sharing process by Realrich Sjarief. Anas’s lecture will be the main course which titled 5 Seloki Perjalanan Arsitektur, about the 5 phase of creativity of the architect’s life and sharing of the craftsmanship process with the team involved to attract discussion and further response. We need you to RSVP because space is limited, there will be food for people who are fasting at 6 pm after the lecture.

The term 99 % is a process of almost finished which every work designed by RAW Architecture is always faced by natural state where 1% is left to the future, where work is occupied, changed, redefined by further need. The work of architect processed based on its expedients, alchemy, and experiments during the process of the making. Expedients are about the resources available in the process, alchemy is about the relationship along the persons inside the making, and experiments is more into the product driven by expedients and alchemy. The discussion about this work is based on this 3 category to uncover the relationship in the process of making of the guild which we are all hoping to hear, see, and learn from its 99% product and process. The process of living inside the cluster is always evolving, in this open house, but the process will be opened and shared, for critics and restless spirits just for evaluating the process and product.

The schedule will follow as:
10th June 2017,
15:00 Owner’s Perspective by Lisa Sanusi
15:30 Lecture by Anas Hidayat: 5 Seloki Perjalanan
16:30 Experiencing Process By Realrich Sjarief
18.00 Buka Puasa Bersama

Thank you, and see you all