reflection letter

Ishani Dayal – SMVDU

So, finally the last day has arrived.

I didn’t ever think that these 4 months would vanish off as if anything!

I’m very delighted, getting an opportunity to work in RAW Architecture as an intern. This is my the very first experience of working, that too outside my country and it has been the “perfect” one!

During my time in RAW, I am gained skills that are not accommodated by institution, but in the real industries, what we understood as an architect student is, completing all the design process and producing such killer visuals. However, the real industries say, completing them, is just the very first process of completion.

Within these months, there are a lot of projects I get to work on, it was mostly residential and the other was commercial uses like an office. I’ve got a lot of help from the designers while working on these projects. There are so many steps I learnt on the projects starting from the sketch, designing plans, facades, developing 3D, detailed drawings, until making presentations and models. Not only designing a building, here I also get to learn about building construction. I got to visit the project site multiple times, discussing things with the structural/MEP engineer, and meeting more detailed problems on the site. Well, these kinds of process always be the most interesting.

I have never ever imagined my habit would change, including my mindset, the working environment is superb, very light, very chill, when there has to be seriousness, there is serious environment, otherwise, it’s amazing.

Those warm welcome as I reached and started working in office, started blending in with people here will always stay in my memories, which though I have a lot of them by now!

Through this platform I want to thank, Mr. Realrich, for letting me in this office and made me feel as one of his own; the associates, Miftah, Ali, Asep, wouldn’t thought of getting such cool mentors ever that too in such an intensive working place; the designers, Ica, Regi, Yuli, Jajo, Tirta, Aga, Nida, Gomez, Fiona, Meme, Damar, Laras, Erick, thank you for teaching me from work area till the basic local necessities, guiding me step by step and making me feel as one of yours. And last but not the least, the interns, Filie, Dody, Aussie, Sigit, Lady, Zabel, Bea, Fahry, Neya, Regina, Linton, Adot, Yuki, Riza, Aris, Trina, Aron, Ivan, for everything, starting from language, to places, for telling ha-ha wrong words (they did come in use btw).

I do owe a lot to all of you and hope to meet at some corner of the world 😊

Terima Kasih

Signing off
Ishani Dayal

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Do you want to push architecture that far ?

“This is individual task but they did it in group imagining all of them will be together supporting each other after graduated. They asked other people, (me) to complete their puzzle imagining themselves as architect. I feel honored, it is a privilege to encourage them, helping them to understand beautiful side of architecture and its profession. Actually i am learning from them and their puzzle.”

Few months, ago I rewatched again The Fountainhead movie, the movie which is directed by King Vidor. It’s based on 1943 novel by Russian-American author Ayn Rand. The movie is about one architect fighting his ideal towards economic value, public perception of the style of what is beauty, being truthful on yourself like do you like the ornament, or do you want the building to be clean to express the rationalism. I did rewatch this movie because I was doing teaching of the profession in UPH. I wanted my student to proud of themselves but not ignorant to the other engineers (MEP, Structural), or any design specialist (landscape, lighting), or even the most important seeking balance of giving and taking to their clients.

Paul Segal in wrote that ” architects are called upon to master huge amounts of complex information, create solutions that are multidimensional… this is not a job that can be done by a pig-headed individualist… The Roark personality is often promoted in architecture school culture as the “true way.” This is damaging to students for many reasons. It teaches that the only desirable goal is to become hat individualistic by forcing his or her beliefs on an ignorant public. ” [1]

Being an architect, we deal with vast information from creating hand sketches in conceptual through design development and construction drawing. It takes how to manage emotions, information, creativity, rules, and put all of those into one beautiful sequence. Edward de Bono who wrote book title How To Have A Beautiful Mind. The book consists how to manage this information by wearing six modes of thinking hats. Bono wrote The white hat indicates a focus on information. The red hat gives full permission for the expression of feelings, emotions and intuition without any need to give the reasons behind the feelings. The black hat is for caution and the focus is on faults, weakness. The yellow hat the focus is on values, benefits.
The green hat sets aside time, space and expectation for creative effort. The blue hat is to do with the organisation of thinking. ” [1] In architecture profession this might include tools, information, models, mathematics, building systems.

These hats might help the architect to understand the process of making architecture which I believe might be coined again the term master builder which might be long forgotten. Kenneth Frampton took Renzo Piano’s phrase which might accentuate the hand of the architect. He stated, ” an Architect must be a craftsman. Of course any tools will fo. These days the tools might include a computer, an experimental model, and mathematics. However, it is still craftmanship – the work of someone who does not separate the work of the mind from the work of the hand. It involves a circular process that draws you from an idea to a drawing, from a drawing to an experiment, from an experiment to a construction, and from construction back to an idea again. For me, this cycle is fundamental to creative work. Unfortunately many have come to accept each of these steps as independent… Teamwork is essential if creative projects are to come about. Teamwork requires an ability to listen and engage in a dialogue. ”

Then after that what’s next, clients are happy, other parties are happy, then how about the architect?

This might be reflected of how deep our reflection in our practice. Do we want to just stay at the surface, or are you willing to push it that far? Some of the genuine example is showed in Frampton, Poetics of Construction book, in a progression of reaching wide span, and reacting to what we called style or -ism such as (cube-ism, modern-ism, or even tropical-ism) which is showing the force of outside architect.

The deepness here is shown in the corporeal metaphor, one term brought by Frampton. It’s about experiencing the space bodily. This is about how to create a space, a concept, a reality of architecture which our perception – mind, body – (five senses), and spiritual side touched by the beauty of the space which in total creates architecture in construction, built work into such beautiful tactile details.

he even continued with 3 different proposition while accentuating for us not losing our own tectonics by telling stories about 1)beauty of hand finish, means each successive touching has communicated in design 2) Shintai-paradoxes of cold concrete and warm people which we are in this world of cold, we fill it with warmness. (3) the concept of Schmarsow and Ponty about space is determined by frontalized progression of the body through space in depth which he showed in Alvaar’s Aalto work Saynatsalo town hall which its tactile contrast entrance from small space to breathtaking space.

At the end, the skill to organise the information, being social to all the parties involved, plus which the architect needs to maintain his or her own tectonics, stated again by Frampton, “The first instance the manifest necessity for architects to maintain their command over the art of building as a spatial and tectonic disciplines” and I will add up still not forgetting their character will be the ultimate answer for the progression in its architect’s life.

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