Project 05 – Parabolic Plywood

Located in Alam Sutera, Tangerang, as it completed in 2016, Puncak Keemasan Group Office occupies 2.450 sqm of built area. The building is intended as an office for several companies, which is a noticeable challenge in programming schemes. As part of a given solution, the design proposes a permeable transition to create unifying ambiance with the structural parabolic shape made by plywood while maintaining separation inside each chamber. The material used as the main language is plywood that covered almost all interior offices. The result is a jungle-like hall that connects every room with a tree bookshelf and library as its main hub.

 The primary concern of the design is to restrain any unnecessary cost while maintaining a sense of playfulness and creativity. The scheme is elaborated from Omah Library Summer pavilion modular concept.

Form of design was expressed in two main sequences. The first sequence is to convey the flow by continuous circle form of tree structured bookshelves along the path of the office. The Second sequence is the type of flow expressed through plywood ceiling placement, which creating sense of wave, thus also resulted in dynamic interior lighting. Another use of plywood is manifested in giant curvature bookshelf that also works as room partition. This bookshelf formed double curvature for a reason. The curve reversed each other vertically, like a section of double helix. This way, it has stable load point in the middle of double arch as self-supporting barrier.

The design also aims for material efficiency. By using 600 x 600 waffle module of bare plywood to cover the ceiling, gave results to its cost efficiency up to 50% to compare with a normal cost. Not only as a transitional element, but plywood also became the main form for its ceiling structure. Giant waffle is also functioned for mantling cables and pipes by the least usage of material.

The entire interior element is consistent with the same porous detail; from square module bookshelf to various high for the ceiling, while some part of supporting areas is using modular rectangle layout form. The detail is enhanced by low hanging Edison lamp along with the office, and synthetic grass carpet to heighten the jungle mood.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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