Project 10 – National Gallery of Indonesia

Realrich Architecture Workshop is awarded the first place in a competition for the National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta. Seeking to form a connection with the 2 heritage building, their proposal for a Gallery complex, entitled “Nature + Sky,” derives its form from the continuity from public and private spaces.

The heritage building, built during the Dutch-Indies government era, will be framed with a gallery with an expression of greeneries with museum underneath the landscape. The building frames the office tower as a background.

The lobby is located in the heritage building, making this building a hub for entrance and egress. A sky bridge connects the heritage building with the gallery building that frames it. The reception plaza is located at the western side of the Galeri Nasional Indonesia. An art plaza concept will be built along the east-west axis, and art stores will be located at the bridge where the axis the north-south and east-west met.

The project is divided into two components to demarcate public and private programming. First, In the lower level, gallery and retail space comprised of a permanent gallery, temporary gallery, art shops, a cafe, and meeting room are housed within a courtyard with a bridge to connect the heritage building and the new extension. Additional public interaction is encouraged through the inclusion of areas for hosting live workshops. Second, Above these functions, the private programming – consisting of operational office, library, and rooftop garden terraces is designed. The installation of these serves as an abstract nod to the region’s vernacular style of vertical wooden cladding.

In general, the building masses of the Galeri Nasional Indonesia complex respond to two main axes. The Monas axis and the Galeri Nasional heritage building which was connected to the Gambir train station. The Monas axis is realized through the construction of an underground tunnel. The front and rear side of the Galeri Nasional complex hold interconnected open plazas as a response to the Monas area (at the front) and the Ciliwung River (at the rear). The Galeri Nasional Indonesia depicts the simplicity of Indonesian architecture in harmony with nature where earth and sky merge.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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