Forming Bricolage

This writing is for Archidiaries’s venue, Reflections#2 which I have prepared a writing and book about it. It’s a reflective journey to find discourse between practice and pedagogy. The both of streams colors my practice in RAW Architecture and more discouses in Omah Library.

There is a reflection that the young generation forgets the old wisdom that can teach us about the building technologies of the past. This old wisdom forms a bricolage architecture. It is an understanding that, to design and build something out of the land, you need to find the roots of Local Genius people. This concept explores how architecture should be tested by the optimization of local resources, building technology, and the implementation method, which together build the structure of local genius.

This presentation explores the root and progression of the social structure that cultivates the building tradition, manifested in generations of traditional craftspeople. It is not limited to the debate of how we should preserve the form of modern architecture, but it rather discusses the evolution of future architecture with the spirit of modern architecture by the introduction of a model of craftsmanship – a total adaptation of craftspeople, architect, builder, and client into one holistic ecosystem. It’s a humble and honest attempt to reflect on RAW Architecture Practice in Indonesia – Forming Bricolage.


Inspirasi Nusantara

I was invited by UII (Universitas Islam Indonesia) to discuss the importance of theory in practice, it’s a way to redefine what the commitee called Nusantara as Inspiration. The content is about how the literature, body of work, and critical thinking will provide fundamental innovation in redefining discourse between practice and theory.

I was happy because my fellow librarian, Satria is presenting his view about how desa – kota, formal – non formal color the practice. It’s forming a reflection about how agency might affect the practice in architect.

Here is the information from the committee :

Webinar \ Alumni Arsitektur UII \ OUR FUTURE NUSANTARA

Ikuti diskusi pamungkas rangkaian webinar yang digelar dalam rangka #KenduriKampus​ JARS UII

Asosiasi Alumni Arsitektur UII, JARS UII bersama Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia DIY (IAI DIY) present…


Guest Speaker: Realrich Sjarief, IAI- RAW Architecture
Speaker: Satria AP (Alumni 2014)

Discussant: Assist. Prof. Dr. Revianto. B. Santosa, IAI.

Moderator: Erwin Maulana @emaulana (Alumni 1995)

19.00- 21.00 WIB

Registrasi di http://bit.ly/InspirasiNusantara-5

Here is the video of the discussion