Project 15 – Piyandeling (Kujang)

Project Description

Kujang is another building from the whole of Piyandeling complex. This building is a two-floored building with a large open hall that is used for workshops or meetings.


Upholding local vernacularity, Kujang is stretched out with its materials that consist of natural fiber or bamboo for its main structure and daun nipah as the coverage of its roof. The roof is shaped the familiar triangle as an expression of Indonesian vernacular architecture that creates a silhouette of a mountain.


The bamboos are transformed into balustrades with unique and aesthetic geometry. Not only does it appeal to the eyes, the geometry is also designed such that it will add the overall strength and rigidity of Kujang’s structure.


The programming of the building requires the surface of its building to contact the earth as minimally as possible. As a solution, Kujang is also designed with a floating structure underneath. This solution also acts as a response to the environment of the site that faces struggle in gathering clean water caused by water pipes that are not accommodating enough. With its floating structure, waters are ensured to follow directions to the land.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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