Project 19 – Sarang Nest House

Located in a residential area, Taman Buana Permata house complex, West Jakarta. With an area of 250 sqm, Sarang Nest House consists of 2 generations of families living together, this underlies a centralized circulation and creates a micro-environment through a spatial arrangement with different angles. This angle creates distance between the perimeter of the house and the neighbors thereby allowing air to flow freely around the building while maintaining privacy between spaces. Each room has its own outdoor space. Light enters the room through perforated walls, crevices, windows, and skylights. The shape of this house is tilted to make it more efficient as well as a response from the corner of the building.

Text description provided by the architects. Located in a residential area, Taman Buana Permata house complex, Sarang Nest House design redefines house stereotypes and grew organically from the base to becoming, as a reaction to its environmental constraints. Sitting at the hook of the street, the building is facing west and south. The storeys are stacked in angles with protruded spaces enclosed by perforated wall to buffer the heat, either with traditional red bricks or metal screen that gives industrial look in contrast.


The house has four storeys. 250sqm of the ground floor is for the parking area and service quarter where the floor area is partially occupied. One-third of the area is filled with soil to provide setback for the building and serves as a garden for the area on the first floor. Perforated service stair at the corner accessing whole floors and still allowing light to get into the space. While the main staircase with an active fan circulates the air through the skylight. Living dining in 80sqm open plan space and guest area on the first floor are spoiled by a garden and the roof deck which turns into outdoor space.



Strategi kedua adalah memanfaatkan lengkungan bata yang artistik dan fungsional sehingga terbentuklah vista pertama memasuki ruang lobby dimana klien bisa menempatkan, mengkurasi pameran dalam bentuk desain yang ergonomis. Display pameran ini menarik karena bisa direpetisi di dalam sistem dry panel dengan motif semen yang terintegrasi.A 3sqm indoor garden in the center keeps the core connecting the upper storeys and serves as a void for light and air. On perimeter walls, a hint of views from across the house is still visible to see through the gaps between bricks. Going up to the second floor, the space is dedicated mainly to a 40 sqm master bedroom, 21 sqm bedrooms, and a playroom. The perimeter is mostly enclosed by a combination of solid walls and perforated metal screens to keep it private. Yet the most enclosed area like a bathroom is washed by light through skylights.


The third floor is the top floor. Dominated by open space, 48sqm of a barbeque area, and an enclosed meditation room sit-like pavilion where a 20sqm laundry area is separated by the main stairs. Within the dense residential area, Sarang finds its way to creating a micro-environment by setting up the space in angles. These angles create distance between the house’s outer wall and the neighbors’ which allows air circulation to move freely around the house perimeter, yet it also maintains privacy between rooms. Every room gets its own private outdoor space. Light penetrates the space through perforated walls, gaps, windows, and skylights. Playing out from the grid, the architecture captures the organic and dynamic flow of basic reactions toward nature and the site constraints.

Further Credit:
Clients: Henry Kusuma Family
Lead Architects: Realrich Sjarief
Design and Project Team: Realrich Sjarief, Agustin, Erick Fei, Riswanda Setyo, Tirta Budiman, Septrio Effendi, Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Regi Kusnadi
Supervisor In Charge: Singgih Suryanto, Sudjatmiko, Muhammad Enoh, Eddy Bahtiar, Endang Syamsudin
Construction Manager: Singgih Suryanto, Agustin
Structure Engineer: John Djuhaedi, Singgih Suryanto
Mechanical And Electrical Engineer: Hamin MEP
Master Craftsmen: Tata Pirmansyah, Aep, Aep Syapuloh, Nari , Solehudin Grandong, Syaipuddin, Dicky, Bonari, Tohirin, Nur Hidayat, Rudi Setiawan
Interior + stylist: Cindy Sumawan
Management: Laurensia Yudith, Reffi Nurkusuma, Nurul
Plan, Illustration Team: Lu’luil Ma’nun, Andriyansyah Muhammad Ramadhan, Satria A. Permana, Agustin, Riswanda Setyo Addino
Curatorial and Writing team: Andhika Annisa, Lu’luil Ma’nun, Aryo Phramudhito, Maylani Tiosari
Photo Credits: Eric Dinardi
Videographer: Muhammad Farhan Nashrullah


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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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