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Starting the Family Years | Being Grateful

Greetings, Dear Readers

Young architect and Restless Spirits,

On 25 September 2011, we were married. Our marriage is the marriage between families, so we leave the preparation to our parents. They like to be responsible for food tasting, choosing the place for receptions. What we focused on concerning us, Laurensia picked her gown and asked me about her opinion. She liked the simple one, and it was a perfect fit for her. We took a picture on our pre-wedding day in place of our daily activities, her dental clinic, the garage office, and the street, including empty land near my parent’s house. Our preparation was straightforward and modest. I love the moment that captured our life because it shows the real us in daily routines.

She cared about the studio; because that was the thing that I loved. We took the pictures in our architecture studio, showing time-lapse that doing architecture is a marathon, and she is waiting for all of the time bu patience and love. In the dental clinic, I let her take care of my teeth, and it’s an act of me accepting her condition gratefully.

We spent the evening playing with balloons and folded bicycle from my mother. The setting was to catch the dream and to give harmony, she will take me to the ground, and I drive the bike together, only both of us; it’s our world.

We set the picnic at the treetop in front of the studio; it was a lovely and timeless moment. We have beautiful pictures; what made it enjoyable was the moment captured in our parents, including her very close dog. One is a heartwarming experience. We want to experience it repeatedly, and it feels like I know her from the past life.

We had the Holy Matrimony and reception in one day. Our big family, my grand
Mother, fellow friends, my students, and some long friend from Malaysia, UK, universities, brothers from architecture studios, high school friends, relatives, clients came to greet us. We feel grateful for their prayer.

That day was unimaginable, like a dream come true. And we have planned to Visit London for our honeymoon. We went to York, Edinburgh, Paris, Italia – 3 cities: Venice, Verona, Treviso, Spain-3 cities: Barcelona, Bilbao, and Seville, then returned to Paris and traveled home. I studied Jean Nouvel, Carlo Scarpa’s works, Gaudi’s Works, visiting Frank Gehry’s exhibition at Pompidou Centre, revisited Foster and Partner’s studio, including meeting old friends and looked at Metropole Parasol by Jurgen Mayer. It’s one of the pilgrimage trips that I started to understand the world of tectonics, the alchemy of materials, the critical of the guild, and the sublimation of poetic objects. I will share the pilgrimage trip below.

Laurensia accompanies me on the trip while I was learning at architecture. I always wait for her comments. I feel grateful to have her supporting the journey, and we can have fun while learning a new universe of architecture. I, as Narayana finally found my Radha.

Preparing the Marriage | Together with Laurensia

Cerita di tahun kelima – Pelajaran terbaik

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language andnd next year’s words await another voice…And to make an end is to make a beginning. TS Eliot Diri ini akan membagi – bagi cerita ini menjadi beberapa cerita kecil, sebagai refleksi kehidupan yang begitu indah untuk dijalani, dan menyimpan banyak hal untuk dipelajari. Malam ini … Malam ini sunyi sepi, waktu tertera pukul 10. 30 malam, baru saat ini aku bisa menarik nafas untuk melegakan diri dari segala macam aktifitas yang ada di kota Jakarta ini, hari ini hari terakhir tanggal 31, bulan Desember, tahun 2011. kira – kira sudah…

It’s Pre-Wedding Day Today !

Our marriage is the marriage between families, so we leave the preparation to our parents. They like to be responsible for the trial, such as food tasting, choosing the place for receptions what Laurensia and I focused on things that were close to us. Laurensia searched the bridal house that she liked, and she chose the one which is a simple and professional designer. It does not need to be a famous bridal house. She picked her gown and asked me about her opinion. She liked the simple one, and it was a perfect fit for her. I spent days…

Marriage Life | Family

Lonely Path | Retrospective’s Spirit

I learned on critical and creative thinking that both of the worlds need iterations of things. That’s architecture. Its fluid, it’s complex, and full of surprises. If you learn one brilliant architect’s journey, you will get amazed. I understand that my dad and granddad, they are a builder. It makes a massive leap as my understanding that architecture can use what available material around us. It forms a positive attitude, to absorb that is profound to open unlimited learning from context.

I traveled quite often after I had a marriage with Laurensia. We do learn from pilgrimage with her to explore new ways of looking at things. We went to places around Indonesia and London to retracing some exciting works by Norman Foster or even by Enric Miralles, and many great architects or even architecture without architects.

In this trip, the journey is varied from learning from many great – great architects. There are few names such as Y.B. Mangun Wijaya, Le Corbusier, Laurie Baker, Carlo Scarpa, Maclaine Pont, Antonin Raymond, Alvar Aalto, and others still living. All of those architects fight their vision and do their mission by what they have done. I am inspired by them, and I read autobiographies about their work every time I make the pilgrimage. I can cry and touch their effort to push their limit of humanity. They are complex. Their archetypes bring complexity to the current world.

Correa wrote that there two way of learning, direct and indirect learning. I think both of them actually needs a compass of retrospective, way to know that we are part of bigger picture. Actually this journey is about to understand our own shadows, personas, animas, animus, heroes, and so many archetypes that defines us. Jung probably right that there must me something magical that becoming background of the human’s mind and I think this is about transformation, and understanding that Architecture is so damn powerful.

Moments | Pilgrimage

Barcelona, To Architect with Blue Eyes, Tribute to Antoni Gaudi

140930 Barcelona “Learning from Gaudi is like praying to the Almighty who need devotion of our best energy knowing the most important of all.” If Norman Foster is truly a master of fundamental then Gehry is truly a master of deconstructivist. If Scarpa is truly a master on making orchestra of human’s rigidity rational mind then Gaudi is a noble man who has genius of nature in his genius of free workmanship in unlimited geometry in mimicking nature. If you are the player of the mind then he is the body of desire then we are creating spirit to fly…

Paris and Bilbao, Encountering work of Frank Gehry

Bilbao, Spain 141030 ” …When the building is finished,…I worry that it is some kind of bizarre thing… I want to crawl under the blankets. When i saw Bilbao for the first time, I said,” oh my God, what have I done to these people?” I think that is a problem, but for better or worse, that is who I am.” – Frank Gehry In one bright afternoon at the edge of nervion river. My mind is wondering, Norman Foster is truly master in neo Modernist approach, a god of life, an apollo, he has been my favorite architect…

Bali, Ilusi dalam Realitas

Arsitek Muda Indonesia sudah memulai pada tahun 1990 untuk mencoba meredefinisikan kembali arsitektur yang lebih baik pada jamannya dengan pendekatan yang rasionalis. Jong Arsitek sebagai wadah arsitek muda mencoba menyambung eksistensialnya dengan media digital, mencoba mewadahi jembatan arsitek generasi selanjutnya dari AMI…Memang ada saja godaan untuk membuat eksistensial tiap – tiap kelompok menjadi lebih tinggi namun budaya untuk belajar ini yang baik untuk dipertahankan. Yang patut untuk selalu menjadi perenungan adalah, apa sumbangannya terhadap bidang keilmuan yang ada.

Hong Kong, Perjalanan hidup di tahun kedua, angka 30

The woods are lovely, bright and shallow. But I have beautiful promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep and I don’t want to sleep until I die. Realrich [taken from frost’s poem] Hongkong, Mengenai Cinta… Dalam perjalanan satu tahun ini, tidak disangka sudah satu tahun diri ini hidup berdua dengan wanita terbaikku, ya usia pernikahan kami sudah 1 tahun umurnya. Kami menikah tanggal 25 September 2011. Di kala – kala kesibukkan yang semakin menerpa, waktu yang semakin menuntut, kami belajar untuk menyelipkan waktu2 untuk terus menghargai kebersamaan kami. Pada waktu itu Diri ini sedang terjebak macet, terik matahari…

Edinburgh, Enric Miralles, The World of the Others

London November 2011 We planned the trip to several cities in the United Kingdom. We traveled to Malaysia first before arrived at Stansted Airport. This airport is one of the magnificent works by Norman Foster that showed integrative architecture innovation. Foster and Partners-designed MEP structure was placed below the ground floor, so the idea opened the roof to be light and exposed. It was constructed as a modular umbrella. This tree-like module is well integrated with the MEP system from water plumbing, HVAC, and electric piping. I saw the structure reminded me this approach of architecture over and over needs…

Loving Years | Finally I met my love

Moments | Family

Guha is in Apple TV +

As an architect, I tried to control, experiment with, and try to fit into balance things. But this movie worked beyond the control as I can’t control of some of the aspect in my life with Laurensia. As a subject, I was prone to be able to open the question in my mind such as how can they touch my heart when I saw this movie? They made me cry and sad in one of the scenes and made me laugh and hold Laurensia’s hand, looking at her happy eyes. This movie is magical and touching with a simple script,…

Secretive – Guha

Setiap pojok di The Guild adalah cerita tentang proses yang terjadi, perubahan tempat, konstruksi, penambahan konstruksi yang seringkali ditandai dengan mutilasi terhadap bentuk – bentuk yang terjadi dengan tujuan eksperimentasi untuk membuat teknik yang semakin ringan, mudah dan murah.

2014 – Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Baku, Azarbaijan. City of Winds. “The wind represent the force of change, the matter of change is nothing compare to the matter of love” Laurensia mengatakan bahwa kami sedang mendapatkan anugerah yang terindah dari Tuhan. Saya berpikir bagaimana bisa ia bisa sedemikian sabarnya menghadapi apa yang sudah terjadi. Laurensia, satu orang yang merupakan anugrah yang terbaik yang diri ini temui, dari titik pertemuan kembali dirinya sejak diri ini ada di London sampai sekarang ini. Kami sudah beberapa kali mengalami kesedihan, janin tidak berkembang selama waktu yang singkat ataupun yang paling lama hamil selama 7 bulan di masa kehamilan pertama. Kehamilan kedua dan…

2014 – Paris – Calf, Farmer, and Swallow to Slaughter House – One lesson in year of 9th

“I like the thought that what we are to do on this earth is embellish it for its greater beauty, so that oncoming generations can look back to the shapes we leave here and get the same thrill that I get in looking back at theirs – at the Parthenon, at Chartres Cathedral.” –  Philip Johnson I recognised Phillipe Johnson,an architect, Scholar with big glasses who truly easy satisfied being small and enjoyed being at the centre of architecture history. He was under rated by some architect because he couldn’t draw. In his figure, we could see multiple layers which…

2014 – Garis Tangan, sepinya hari – hari tanpa kehadiran anak yang kami dambakan

Teman terbaik membaca garis tangan, ia bergumam, “berat, perjalanan ke depan akanlah berat, suatu saat akan bisa mencapai mimpi tapi jalannya tidak akan mudah.” Satu saat itu adalah satu saat sore – sore di Bandung. “baiklah kalau begitu, mau bagaimana lagi.” Berpetak – petak sawah terbentang begitu indahnya lengkap dengan arsitektur rumah – rumah yang terbuat dari bata. Sekelebat siluet semak semak itu berlalu dalam perjalanan ke Pekalongan sebegitu cepatnya, suara derap kereta terdengar jelas dengan pintu yang terbuka dan tertutup dengan hilir mudik orang yang lalu lalang dalam perjalanan kali ini. Badan ini terasa penat sekali, capai dengan perjalanan…

2013 – Craftsmen Guild, Murakabi

“Believe in this world – that there is meaning behind everything.” Vivekananda Malam ini sunyi senyap, hari ini pun hari biasa, dengan kicauan suara burung – burung yang ada di taman sebelah rumah. yang berbeda adalah diri ini bangun lebih pagi dari biasanya, sekarang jam 3 pagi. Diri ini pun merenung terdiam mengenai apa saja yang sudah terjadi dalam hidup sampai hari ini. Sejenak diri ini bersyukur, bahwa sudah dikaruniai  nafas kegagalan, nafas keberhasilan,  dan nafas yang diberikan untuk bisa merenungi inti dari kehidupan ini. Untuk apa kita ada disini. Melalui kerja nyata romo mangunwijaya membantu masyarakat, ada satu renungan…

Dengan Laurensia Selama 1 Tahun

130120 “Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity, Khalil Gibran ”  Bandung, Diri ini merenung sejenak. Tahun ini, tahun yang penuh kebahagiaan, sekaligus menyimpan cerita kesedihannya. Malam itu serasa sendu,sunyi, sepi. Wanita terbaikku sudah tidur di sampingku, dan pikiran ini terbang melayang untuk memaknai apa yang sudah ada sekarang di tahun 2012 ini … Ada rasa ketidakpastian dalam karir selama 1 tahun terakhir ini, ketidak pastian dalam masa depan, dengan sejuta alasannya. Masih belia, masih muda, ketidak pastian antar-rentang usia. Rantai ketika sedang berputar dalam ketidakpastiannya. Hal – hal yang penuh ketidakpastian terus terjadi, bagaimana sulitnya…

2012 – Losing Cherry

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all… Hari itu hari Jumat malam jam 23.30. setelah diri ini berdoa untuk bayi kami, aku pun tersenyum, karena ia begitu cantik, ingin kubawa bayi ini  ke Laurensia. Namun petugas sudah akan membawanya pergi untuk memandikannya. Rambutnya ikal, hidungnya mancung, perawakannya mungil,jemarinya lentik dan kulitnya putih bersih. Kukecup keningnya, dan setelah itu diriku pun bergegas untuk menunggu di depan ruang operasi, pintu kamar operasi pun belum terbuka. Diri ini sudah menunggu 1 jam namun operasi belum juga selesai.…

Family Years | We are blessed by Miracle and Heaven