“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit”- Khalil Gibran

Her name is Laurensia, She has the same age of me. She went to the same elementary school with me, the same senior high school with me, but we went to different university. She went to university in Jakarta while I went for my bachelor degree in Bandung. Bandung and Jakarta is 2 different cities, has different life style, different climate, but same solstice as the location approximately in same latitude. I had not much time to know her, since that time. 8 years after that, she is a Dentist and I am an Architect.

My life was so fast at that time, “a lonely ranger”, I would say. After I graduated, I worked in Bandung, Singapore, London, while sometime fly to Banjarmasin to help my brother’s business. It had been a wicked time for work alcoholic time with almost 40 design competitions and design built works across south East Asia, Middle East and China. I spent a year in one place and another year in another place.

Life just stays the same as before, even I had more projects that I had not expected before. I still had a cup of hot sweet tea and 2 half done eggs just to work until morning. But I worked with love, play with love, and sing with love. A “U”curve is always drawn on my face and, life has changed. If I can end the writing in conclusion, I believe that Love, is just one word, but it is about your life, I think every people need to have this word,

a word to make your time in this world to smile. Don’t lose it. I will not lose mine.