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Hi, Thank you for the interest on contacting me. In case you have interest on my work please see some of the portfolio here

In case you are designers who seek for challenges and want to apply to the studio you can see some of the requirement, and fill in the form here, there are several positions available and we are constantly looking for new family.

Basically there are two ways of contacting me, and the first one is to contact by :

email: contact@raw.co.id

tel | wa : +62 816 164 4022.

The second one is meeting me in one of my talks. We will discuss in three ways, me-you-and objects. I talked about nature, art, and more architectonic theme in the talk. I interest not only in how the form looks but what the forces behind forms. The forms made the conceptual and produces patterns. Those are the traces of what’s inside the talks.

You can look at few links published below in title Talks | Seminar, and also connect to the the platform that initiated the discussions, I will see you there.

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Talks | Seminar

Pengembangan Keprofesian Arsitek III

Melihat praktik arsitektur sekarang ini, dimana kesadaran saya sendiri juga mulai sudah saya pertanyakan, sejauh mana saya sadar, mau bergerak, dan kemudian menebar benih – benih kemanusiaan. Jujur saya melihat jalan masih sangat panjang, sejauh mana arsitektur bisa masuk ke tingkatan humanisme yang evolusioner. Konflik yang dihadapi, tidak dihindari, menghadapi itu tidaklah mudah dan saya pun masih banyak belajar.

The Purpose of Architecture Philosophy

Saya diminta oleh Unika Soegijapranata untuk membawakan materi “Peran Filsafat di dalam desain” untuk para mahasiswa. Kemudian saya sendiri banyak bertanya – tanya apa […]

Evolusi Desain Pasca Covid

Evolusi Desain Pasca Covid Pandemi memberikan kejutan di dalam kemanusiaan kita semua termasuk dampaknya terhadap arsitektur. Arsitektur dituntut lebih peka dalam merespon standar-standar kesehatan. […]

Karya sebagai Ciri Khas Diri

Karya sebagai Ciri Khas Diri ? Hari sabtu pagi saya diundang oleh program studi design interior universitas Gunadarma. Topik dari seminar kali ini adalah […]

Pengembangan Keprofesian Arsitek

I will share compexity on managing the firm How to define success, how to have sustained practice, and how to be happy because the […]

Is Architecture Part of Economy ?

Saya diundang ke dalam webinar yang diadakan oleh Universitas Negeri Semarang untuk membicarakan kaitan arsitektur dengan ekonomi. Mengkritisi Kebutuhan Manusia yang Tanpa Batas dan […]

Tracing The Dots

See the video in facebook Taylor University graduates invited me to share experience with dots in Realrich Architecture Workshop (RAW Architecture). I thought this […]

Practicing Design Philosophy

I was invited by Altrerosje Asri to share some how to practice philosophy in architecture. There are several questions that we can discuss in […]

Seri Seminar Theoritical Hybrid

Seri SeminarTHEORETICAL HYBRIDKelas Teori Arsitektur LanjutProgram Studi ArsitekturUniversitas Pelita Harapan Lingkungan fisik bagi kemanusiaan hari-hari ini dihadapkan pada fenomena baru yaitu bagaimana manusia menjalani […]

XYZ Project Podcast with Gary Yeow and Ryoga Dipowikoro

“Last Sunday, I had a discussion with Gary and Ryoga. They are the next generation of Malaysian and Indonesian designers who will color the future of regional architecture. It’s explicit that their questions and point of view are about how to come back to their homeland and improve the discussions, discourse, making further dialogue to deconstruct the post-colonial limitation. It appreciates what the region has and improves it along the way with more analysis and participation to enrich the current progress and revealing state of each architecture DNA.”

Phantom of Architecture

Architecture is sometimes interpreted as buildings or space in between, or body of theory. It’s a phantom, an unseen object of something apparent to sense but with no substantial existence. The Phantom actually greets and haunts us as traditions and technology. The sharing in here will focus on the paradoxes that creates bricolages of Architecture Fantasy in post modern era. It’s a way to use history for re-contextualizing the practice to be grounded or being radical to open unlimited possibilities of ideas.

Metode dan Pendekatan Perancangan Arsitektur

Program Studi Arsitektur Universitas Aisyiyah (UNISA) Yogyakarta mengadakan (kuliah umum Arsitektur Unisa) dengan tema : Metode dan Pendekatan Perancangan Arsitektur, terbuka untuk Umum

Inspirasi Nusantara

I was invited by UII (Universitas Islam Indonesia) to discuss the importance of theory in practice, it’s a way to redefine what the commitee […]

Reflection of the City

“Pandemik ini di arsitektur ini mencerminkan situasi yang sangat kontras, di satu pihak adalah realitas bencana dan di satu pihak membuka celah untuk berinovasi. Keadaan – keadaan ini kemudian dibingkai oleh sang pembawa cerita, salah satunya fotografer, arsitek, dan desainer kemudian membuat karyanya menjadi sebuah jalan cerita yang maha dahsyat soal kemungkinan positif di masa depan.”

The Sketch of Your Client Algorithm

Arsitek dan klien dimulai dari sebuah hubungan timbal balik. Lalu bagaimana memulai sebuah hubungan jangka panjang dengan klien. Apa saja yang harus dilakukan, judul […]


CIAAD’s FUTURE DIRECTION FOR GLOBAL EDUCATION The global definition of education is shifting due to technology, which is CIAAD’s primary tool for design pedagogy, […]

Awal Masa Depan Berhuni

DWELLING dan WAKTUKetika manusia mulai menghuni dunia, maka berbagai tingkatan hubungan antara manusia dan dunia akan terjadi. Christian Norberg-Schulz dalam bukunya The Concept of […]

Aurora – Itera Lampung

Terima kasih Himpunan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Swarnapada ITERA sudah mengundang untuk berbicara mengenai kejujuran di dalam arsitektur. Yang menarik adalah acara ini saatnya untuk menampilkan […]


Thank u @himarsunikom, I will share how to have fun, get inspiration, talking about passion, starting firm, facing failures, and servicing clients, then nurturing […]

Arsitek di Dalam Lingkungan Binaan

Pada 31 Agustus 2020, Arsitektur Pradita University mengadakan kuliah tamu bersama arsitek profesional Realrich Sjarief, IAI. Beliau merupakan founder dari RAW (Realrich Architecture Workshop). […]

Pendekatan dan Metode dalam Proses Merancang

Eksposisi #5Pendekatan dan Metode dalam Proses MerancangJumat, 19 Juni 202015.30-18.00 Narasi Ide desain merupakan buah pikiran setiap arsitek; output dari setiap proses kreatif yang […]

Shifting Paradigm In Architecture

READY FOR OUR NEXT #sundaysharing,DON’T FORGET TO SEND US DM TO GET THE LINK. …Come join us in a #sundaysharing session with @artriapratomo on…SHIFTING PARADIGM IN ARCHITECTURENew […]

Realrich Sjarief participate as one of the panelist in Nusantara Architecture roadshow initiated by Propan Raya

PT Propan Raya I.C.C is a manufacturing company engaged specifically in chemical coating, better known as “PAINT”. Founded by DR. Hendra Adidarma Dipl. Chemiker in 1979 with market concentration in the field of wood finishing for rattan and furniture crafts, making it the No. 1 paint company. 1 for wood finishing. With its vision “To Be the Most Innovative Surface Coating Company with World Class Quality” PT Propan Raya I.C.C successfully penetrated into other fields and mastered the decorative paint market so that it made it “The Paint Specialist”. This is evidenced by the success of achieving an ISO 9001 certificate that guarantees the quality and quality of its products.

Propan Raya initiated Architecture the 4th Nusantara Architecture Roadshow in Udayana Bali, with Prof. Dr. Ir. Josef Prijotomo, M. Arch, Yuwono Imanto, Realrich Sjarif, Putu Rumawan Salain, and Sunardi Liemantika

Realrich Sjarief participate as Jury in PARADESC 2019 “Kidtopia” competition

The need for child-friendly architecture in Indonesia feels less attention even though Indonesian architecture has recently developed rapidly. In fact, children need facilities that enable them to learn motorically for physical and mental development. PARADESC 2019: Kidtopia wants to invite architecture students from various universities throughout Indonesia to pour creativity into child-friendly architectural design works.

Along with Deddy Wahyudi and Yuswadi Saliya, Realrich Sjarief filled the role of Jury for the competition.

Realrich Sjarief invited in Archinesia Academy with Topic Managing Architecture Firm and Projects

ARCHINESIA Academy is coming back for the 8th time on 20-21 March 2019 in ICE BSD City. Realrich Sjarief was invited to give a lecture on how to manage architecture firm.

Good firm is the combination of positive theory, normative theory, team structure, and good attitude. The other things is depends on the context of each architecture firm. Realrich Sjarief, as a principal of RAW also said that managing architecture firm is about intellectual integrity, not only for internal team, but also for the clients. Beside that, playing of leadership, such as having a lot of discussion and dialogues, do not patronizing in each other, teaching and sharing knowledge, it also become one of the important things in the journey of the firm.

Realrich Sjarief Invited to Give Seminars on The Worldbex Seminars 2019, Philiphine

Realrich Sjarief invited to be part of The Worldbex Seminars 2019 Manila, Philippine. RAW (Realrich architecture Workshop) Architecture’s design director Ar. Realrich Sjarief will share talk on “Sustainable and Conscious Architecture, Exploration of Alpha Omega, and the Philosophy of Suwung.” The event is a sharing, presentation and discussion together with practicioners in Singapore, Philipines, Thailand. The 2019 Event Theme is “A World Built Bolder.”
Commencing the series of seminars at this year’s WORLDBEX is the vice president for Technical of the Philippine Green Building Initiative followed by 3 days session of Ar. Emelito Punsalan, Ar. Toon Virochpoka, Ar. Ramon Abiera, Engr. Gilbert Magbutay’s, Dr. Ma. Catalina Cabral, Ar. Realrich Sjarief, Ivy and Cynthia Almario, Ar. Dan Lichauco, Ar. Miguel Sousa, Engr. Abner Pahilanga, Ar. Ernesto Antonio Nasol.
Organized by Worldbex Services International, the WORLDBEX 2019 Seminars was held on March 14 to 16 in 2019, at the SMX Convention Center.

Membedah dan Membahas dari The Guild ke Omah Boto

Membedah dan Membahas dari The Guild ke Omah Boto, a sharing agenda managed by Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana on Saturday, February 9th, 2019. This agenda invited Realrich Sjarief, Andy Rahman, Eka Swadiansa, and Anas Hidayat to give some lectures about their story that bridging RAW’s The Guild to Andyrahman’s Omahboto.

The Guild is a “cave”, living place for family also working place for Realrich Sjarief with their colleagues: RAW, Omah Library, and so on. This book was written by Realrich Sjarief and Anas Hidayat. Meanwhile, the Omahboto, Andyrahman’s works was encouraged to exploring Nusantara’s craftsmanship by the art of brick that written in his book, Natabata.

SKETSA International Conference: Millenials Lifestyle Design

SKETSA resmi didirikan pada 19 Desember 1988, edisi perdananya terbit pada bulan Maret 1989. Secara keseluruhan, SKETSA dikelola oleh mahasiswa Arsitektur Universitas Tarumanagara dengan sistem kepengurusan yang berganti secara periodik setiap tahunnya.

Selama 28 tahun berdiri, SKETSA telah menerbitkan 30 majalah edisi reguler dan 4 edisi khusus. Untuk memperingati hari jadi setiap tahunnya, SKETSA secara aktif menyelenggarakan kegiatan-kegiatan non-penerbitan seperti gelar wicara, pameran dan seminar arsitektur, serta pelatihan-pelatihan lainnya.

Pada 14 Desember 2018, Majalah Sketsa akan memperingati dekade ketiganya dengan International Conference yang bertajuk: Millennial’s Lifestyle Design. Konferensi ini mengundang Realrich Sjarief sebagai moderator, Christ Precht, Budi Pradono, Ferry Ridwan, Hezby Riyandi, Revano Satria, dan Tiyok Prasetyoadi.

Register Here

Design for Life Highlights from the Singapore Institute of Architects Conference 2018

Last Tuesday (the 2nd of October), several hundred ticket holders convened at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre to hear some of Southeast Asia’s most interesting male* architects present their work. The occasion was the SIA’s annual conference, the professional core of Archifest, which this year took the overarching theme of ‘Design for Life’.

RE:Bamboo 2018 UNPAR, invited Realrich as Guest Speaker

Educate yourself on one of the most interesting material in the world—Bamboo! Explore the capabilities of bamboo and its craftmanship through the seminar and workshop brought to you by Indonesian renowned architects, EFF Studio and RAW Architecture. Sign up now!

Archifest 2018 Singapore, featuring Realrich Sjarief as speaker on topic Design for People

Archifest is an internationally-acclaimed festival which draws the interest of those both inside and outside of the Design industry. The theme that I envisioned for this year is “Design for Life”. It broadly encompasses the Architect’s vision to respond to the true needs of humanity. It is necessary for design to give back to the community and enrich human life as a whole.

Each year, Archifest hosts a series of events held in various locations in Singapore including the Archifest Pavilion under the categories of Archi-Interfaces, Conference, Conversations, Archicraft and Architours. These pillars of the festival work hand-in-hand to elaborate on the three sub-themes: Design for People, Design for Time and Design for Environment. Please find attached the text introducing the Theme of the Festival comprehensively.

Rabu(n) Senja sharing with Realrich Sjarief

Rabu(n) senja is a series of architectural lecture and profession sharing held by same named community that based at Kopi Manyar. On the occasion, Realrich Sjarief gave sharing titled Architecture of Happiness. The sharing were discussed topic of his brief life before entering profession, to the stories about client and hardship of the projects. He finalized his sharing with story of OMAH Library, as remark that happiness is a fruit of sharing.


IMARTA (Ikatan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Universitas Tarumanagara) held a discussion with topic “Research Project : Interactive Reading Space”, in order to find alternative approach in reading space design. The discussion that invited Realrich Sjarief (RAW Architecture) as a guest.

In this event, Realrich Sjarief giving lecture to Tarumanegara student about the importance of reading book in architectural carrier.

It’s Time For A Change, on Bravacasa

CASA indonesia is a branch edition of CASA Italy that has been around for many years amongst the best Italian interior design magazines. Bravacasa Indonesia is a magazine in constant evolution following the changes in their target reader’s need for information. A distinguished magazine that deals with all the themes of interior architecture design, all kinds of rooms, products, furnitures, the latest styles and inclusive of the hottest items from bathrooms and kitchens.

In this article, CASA planned a Designer’s showcase to celebrate its yearly achievement. Realrich Sjarief, along with Ines Katamso, Ayu Joddy, and Willis Kusuma are joined as main participant in this event.

99% The Guild : Open House

99% The Guild : Open House Sunday 12th June 2016   We Glady invited you to come to 99 Percent The Guild : Open […]

Diskusi Architectural Pedagogy: an Explorative Enquiry

Intimacy is a series fo exhibition held by ARA studio. As a discpline, architecture has grown in significant pace. Starting from technological innovation, global needs, tonew paradigm that influenced future practice. How academic and school responding this situation? Is there alternative to support this growth? This forum tries to resolve the questions.

Realrich Sjarief (RAW), Stephanus Evert Indrawan, S.T., M.A. (Universitas Ciputra), dan Eunike Kristi Julistiono, S.T., M.Des.SC. (UK Petra) is invited as guest speaker in this forum.

Anabata Series

Open Talk Architecture di Hotel Novotel, Jumat, 13 Mei 2016, pk 16.30-21.30 WIB. OTA menghadirkan pembicara Realrich Sjarief (RAW Architecture) dan Paulus Setyabudi (Stephanus […]

Archinesia Architecture Academy

Archinesia Architecture Academy or AAA is a panel discussion held by Archinesia, in which this time topic highlighted on how to start your own firm.

RAW Architecture, Edwin Nafarin, Paulus Setyabudi, Fenny Wati, and Bambang seomerdiono share their insight from architectural firm and how to prepare and survive in ASEAN MRA condition.

Realrich Sjarief invited in Forum Arsitektur Archinesia #11, discussing the importance of Architecture Exhibition

Forum Arsitektur Archinesia (FAA) is a monthly event that being held by Archinesia magazine. Beside architect, this forum also invited speakers that expert in built environment, art, culture, and design to contribute knowledge and develop architectural profession.

FAA #11 event questioning the importance of architectural exhibition. It is popular belief that huge name as FLW, were gaining benefit from such exhibition, but its reality and significance in our society is needed to be studied in closer look. Realrich Sjarief, Ayos Purwoaji, M. Chotob, and Imelda Akmal, is joined together discussing aforementioned issue.

Realrich is invited as speaker on CreativeMornings Jakarta

CreativeMornings is a lecture series that focus on local creative community. The event includes talks, discussions, coffee, and breakfast. Each friday, Creativemornings invited differing profiles from various professional and enthusiasm to share their stories and active discussion.

Realrich Sjarief is invited in one of the lecture due to his interest in disseminating knowledge towards younger people beside his practice as architect.

RAW attending Jakarta Design Week 3.1, held by IAI Jakarta chapter and Indobuildtech with topic “Membangun Rumah Pertama”

Jakarta design week 3.1 is series of event held by IAI Jakarta chapter in collaboration with Indobuildtech, in which the discussion took part.

Realrich, together with Deddy Wahjudi, and Mohammad B. Teguh will present Rumah Pertama : Strategi Design dan Investasi moderated by Priscillia Epifania. It is pointed the issue of land and material growing price in first-house building. Thus questioning the present issue to design according to one’s vision when its margin are dominated by developer.

Architecture Grand Festival 2013 : Urban Playground

[vc_column_text width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [/vc_column_text] [vc_column_text width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] Architecture Grand Festival (AGF) Merupakan suatu Program Kerja HIMARS untuk merealisasikan visi dan misi bersama […]

Talkshow: The Successful Architect

What is the meaning of success for an architect? How can an architect be successful? And the most important question, how can an architecture […]

Nafas Alam, Nafas Manusia, Nafas Desain

Tahun 2012, Prodi Arsitektur Universitas Atma JayaYogyakarta (UAJY) genap berusia 30 tahun. Untuk memperingati Lustrum ke VI Prodi Arsitektur, Panitia Reuni dan Pengabdian pada Masyarakat UAJY mengadakan […]


Archworx: “urban, human, architecture” January 16th-21st 2012 is presented by HIMARS Binus University. We presented workshops and expo that showing architecture binus student’s creation. […]