Philosophy – RAW Architecture

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It’s been long time waiting for the redefinition of what’s worth in life for the beautiful work of architecture. I think that we have to work really hard for the fruition. I do believe that architecture is just so beautiful outside inside. We are all still young, still fresh, ready to bloom, the young at heart who are the restless spirits outside, inside. let’s go straight to the essence which I still think is the foundation of RAW architecture.

RAW architecture is a philoshophy based on culture of design excellence which captivates the beauty one’s project natural state. Thinking the best quality of one’s design is like a inside workshop of blacksmith or carpenter or painter or sculptor. All of them are built from culture of craftsmen, genius of ideas, and uncountable times of explorations, which make the building sparks with its beauty no matter, whatever the scale of the building is. Extra Big, Big, Small, Extra small does not really matter.

Our mind is a place of thoughtful exploration. Thoughtful which I called is a must be action for each unique design. It is a workshop of exploration of local material, wisdom of locality, and thoughtful design decision. We talk by the best design. The best design that speak to timeless way of building.

I must say we are inspired by ingenious of many architecture spirits locality of Mangunwijaya, tropical architecture of Silaban, philosophy of Robi Sularto, contextuality of Frank Llyod Wright, minimalism of Mies Van De Rohe, rationale of Norman foster, bowelism of Lord Rogers, craftsmen of Renzo Piano, sexiness of Zaha Hadid, humbleness of Chipperfield, lightness of Scarpa, collaborative form of Fumihiko Maki, wisdom of redefining functionalism by great professor Jon Lang and countless architects, people who color everyday life. there are more things to learn in nature in natural way of thinking, way of life.

We can feel how nature blends in harmony naturally. One site tell thousand stories like stories of wind, stories of water, stories of sun, stories of soil, and stories of social circumstances. It is our duty to bring the stories come alive, with passion and dreams. passion and dreams that the design will call responses to our architecture which we can then called it RAW Architecture.

Architecture Mastery in Natural State,

like what I always do, let’s go back to the beautiful daily life, and RAW will update you with our latest news, projects, and people. Hope you do great today.

Warmest Regards,


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