Realrich Sjarief – RAW Architecture

Born and brought up in Surabaya,a city of hidden gem and many beautiful architecture presevation. I am a Jakarta based architect, lecturer and writer, writing on architecture. After completing my Bachelors in Architecture from Institute Technology of Bandung, I worked for Norman Foster in London. In 2010, I obtained a master degree in Urban Design and Development from University of New South Wales and being the recipient of Planning Workshop International Award in 2011.

I have been practicing as architect in Realrich Architecture Workshop since 2011. The practice has reestablished the long history of craftsmanship in my builder’s family that has been lasted for 3 generations, 60 years of practice since Indonesia Independence. At that time the practice has no name. The relationship between the supervisors and staffs was intimate and personal to service some clients. The practice is well known on trust, quality, and its authentic design innovation in the mastery of building construction in Indonesia. We has grown reputations on winning several International and National Architecture design awards including prestigious National Gallery of Indonesia. My intent was clear, preserving what’s good that we have, and innovating in current practice context. We have also worked for more interesting, and beautiful projects, open and limited competitions ranged from small scale product design to large scale mixed use development and master planning.RAW is active on designing residential building which has interest on locality and craftmanship to define architecture which is simple, humble, no pretention and has quality of transcendence. RAW Architecture projects strive for uniqueness and humble character of local material.  The idea of RAW is that every building which developed wholeheartedly will create such a timeless, surreal, and mastery quality in its simplest form, simplest approach.

In 2012, our work, Bare Minimalist was nominated for IAI Jakarta Award 2012. In 2015, National Gallery of Indonesia was nominated for IAI Jakarta Recognition Award 2015. in 2017, Akanaka and The guild are nominated as IAI Jakarta Award 2017 which finally, The Guild is the winner IAI Jakarta Award 2017.Recently Alfa Omega is nominated in two prestigious award, World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam, and Fibre Award led by Laetitia Fontaine and Dominique Gauzin-Muller.  RAW architecture which stands for Realrich Architecture Workshop recently is also nominated as world emerging architect in Dezeen award.

In my various pursuits of promoting why architecture matters in the country, I have  worked as the Co Author with Spirit 45 for a conference  on the ‘Rise of Asia in 2018 in Le Havre France‘. My work towards promoting architecture in the country also includes my work as the writer, and editor for  The book, Alpha: Never-Ending Discussion in Strange Library of Architecture, conveys the message that there are multiple layers for architecture making and appreciation which have been shaping architecture. I have also been responsible on directing the courses, lectures, and book archiving in Omah Library since 2012 and have been responsible for spearheading and conceptualizing the first exhibition namely Titik Awal showcasing 19 prominent Indonesia architects exhibition about their final project in university,  and have been the recipient of the Honorable Mention in category exhibition in IAI Jakarta Award  2017, instituted by the Indonesian Institute of Architect Jakarta.

Presently, I work as a full time curious personLearner and teacher, collaborate with students in University of Pelita Harapan, other national, and international university, my studio, library  and organisations in Singapore and Indonesia, to design, to write and to discuss about architecture.  I am currently running fellowship which has been attracting 50 people per year in South East Asia to learn architecture from basic to more layers of architecture craftsmanship.

Through my passion, I have strives to cover a range of topics related to architecture, and tried to bring forth ingenious architecture that makes a  unique and needs to be appreciated. My hobbies include plantings, reading, travelling, sketching, painting, and exploring new places . I am very passionate about art, philosophy, literary activities and ecology,

Realrich Sjarief