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DSCN0716Team :

Principal Architect. Realrich Sjarief

Advisors. Ir. Singgih Suryanto, Sudjatmiko, Moel Soemadi

Head Technical Design and Services. Bambang Priyono

Associate. Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Tatyana Kusumo

Architectural Designer.  Jovita Lisyani Halim, Rofianisa Nurdin, Rio Triwardhana, Hendrick Tanuwihardja, Putut Trianggana, Hardiyanto Agung Dwinugroho, Galuh Pramesti

Technical Executive. Hawandi Wijaya, Kafi Pangestu

Internship. Daniel Tantama Putro

Administration. Caroline Muljawan, Yuliana Putri, Chindi Arini


The history of R A W :

R A W has a long history, and different phase of redefinition in its period by Realrich Sjarief since its establishment. At the beginning R A W  was Established by Realrich Sjarief in a different name which  was Dot Design in 2010, in a time when he has just  finished working for Foster and Partners London. Soon  after that he won UGM Teaching Hospital  at Yogyakarta, followed by winning Vocational university which both of those are national competition in 2010.  Upon the first year of the celebration, the company changed its name to Fa. D O T Workshop and  continue its reputation by winning more competitions and finishing high quality work of architecture.In its third year, Realrich established RAW’s philosophy focussing in architecture mastery and redefined the practice to R A W, while DOT Workshop transformed into laboratory of builders and perfection in construction, then the new studio, R A W enhancing more reputation on winning even more competitions, getting published in several national and international magazine, books, and article. Recently RAW just won 1st prize of National Gallery of Indonesia and Bare Minimalist was in finalist of Institute Indonesian Architect Jakarta Award 2012.

The Team