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Hi All,

Here is our space where I put all of the handwork, of RAW Architecture studio in. I curate the information in order so that it’s easy to understand, that the studio try to experiment to bring innovation and more understanding on the projects.

I put the credit for the team work noting that several beautiful people who are critical and creative craftsmen, designers, supervisor, and clients who has contributed to the body of work. My grand father and father started the builder’s ecosystem before, and I extended it, and focused on architecture.

Please have a look at the name and studio contributors below, I appreciate the effort collaboratively. I am updating this story quite often, so please have a visit.

I established Realrich Architecture Workshop wellknown by the name of RAW Architecture in 2011. We are active on designing specific approach building which has interest on locality and craftmanship to define architecture which is simple, humble, no pretention and has quality of transcendence.

Our projects strive for uniqueness and humble character of local material. The vision of the studio is about making architecture that is basic, we call it raw in it’s look, process to make artisanal quality. It’s the belief that experimentation of design methods which developed wholeheartly will create such a timeless, surreal, and mastering quality in its simplest form, simplest approach.

We re-established the long history of craftsmanship in my builder’s family that has been lasted for 3 generations, 60 years of practice since Indonesia Independence. Looking back at that time the practice has no name. The relationship between the supervisors and labors was intimate and personal in order to service ecosystem. It’s a phase that there is no-name, and more common sense and huge trust by clients and collaborators. It’s the world of colonials and post colonials culture.

The practice is well known on trust, quality, and its authentic and also basic design innovation in the mastery of building construction in our way. Our approach revived the idea of harmonic relationship between the craftsman, designer, people, and buildings as a whole. The works has become the manifestation of this belief. Please have a look, and enjoy the process described below.

Works | Karya

Project 13 – Piyandeling Artisan Residence and Workshop

Piyandeling is a new project consisting of The Residence and Artisan Workshop The concept is elaborated from the previously Realrich Architecture Workshop (well known by RAW Architecture)’s “Guha” project. Piyandeling is located in a tranquil area of Mekarwangi Village, North Bandung.  Piyandeling […]

Project 13 – Tresno

Located on the outskirts of Tangerang, Karawaci, one of the cities next to Jakarta, Tresno is the design of a simple tropical house in Jakarta. It’s simultaneously designed by the Geomancy principle creating 9 squares of the grid which forbids and allows […]

Project 12 – Guha Bambu

The new project, named Guha Bambu is on the east side. This building stands in the lot of 7.5 x 26 m size consisted of new 3 levels Bamboo structure, 2 levels of the basement. The technique to build the structure is […]

Project 11 – Guha

Guha is a combination of new and renovation projects based on previously “The Guild” located in Taman Villa Meruya. The Project consists of Omah Library, Dental Clinic, residence, and Realrich Sjarief’s studio named Guha Bambu, The studio is Realrich Architecture Workshop (well […]

Project 10 – National Gallery of Indonesia

Realrich Architecture Workshop is awarded the first place in a competition for the National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta. Seeking to form a connection with the 2 heritage building, their proposal for a Gallery complex, entitled “Nature + Sky,” derives its form from the […]

Project 09 – Dancer House

Located in The Green Precinct, Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang, Dancer House (well known by Kampono House) sited on the corner of the complex facing west and south. Its total area is 319 sqm, and having land shaped round. The design use this […]

Project 08 – Alfa Omega

Alpha Omega school is an educational building with the spirit of locality. Located on Tangerang city, it sat on 11700 sqm area with the prior condition of the swamp and paddy field. The design responded to this unstable soil condition by raising […]

Project 07 – The Guild

Located at the corner of the Street at Villa Meruya residential precinct, The guild shows its introvert side with the solid and high border wall, the solid fence without a gap to peek. As if to withdraw from the noisy Jakarta city […]

Project 06 – Wood Box

Located in Puri Indah, West Jakarta region, the tropical open house creates intimate space from entrance through void in the garden, in living room, library, and the roof top garden. “I want a house. A house to retreat, to relax with my […]

Project 05 – Parabolic Plywood

Located in Alam Sutera, Tangerang, as it completed in 2016, Puncak Keemasan Group Office occupies 2.450 sqm of built area. The building is intended as an office for several companies, which is a noticeable challenge in programming schemes. As part of a […]

Project 04 – Sumarah

Sumarah is inspired by an Indonesian form of meditation centered on the philosophy of life. Sumarah is defined as a “total surrender,” allowing the partial ego to give way to the universal self.The practice is based on developing sensitivity and acceptance through […]

Project 03 – Istakagrha

Located in Taman Meruya Ilir, West Jakarta region, Istakagrha meaning brick house, Situated in the increasingly crowded West Jakarta area, the 150 sqm house occupies a 150 sqm plot of land, 10m x 15m. Istakagrha is reflected by its name, brick House, […]

Project 02 – Akanaka

“Rumah kos akanaka merupakan satu contoh bagaimana passive design dieksekusi dengan metode yang sederhana mulai dari menyediakan bukaan yang maksimal untuk cahaya dan udara ke dalam bangunan dengan rekayasa material lokal”

Project 00 – Realrich Architecture Workshop First Office

Situated in the increasingly crowded gated community at West Jakarta, Indonesia, the 110 sqm design Realrich architecture Workshop first office “RAW architecture” occupies a 150 sqm in 375 sqm plot of land and built at the periphery and inside main house’s garage. […]

Project 01 – Bare Minimalist

Situated in the increasingly crowded West Jakarta area, the 159 sqm house occupies a 196 sqm plot of land. Reflected by its name, Bareminimalist. Size-wise it is inconspicuous, but its exposed concrete facade gives it a distinctive look. The architecture of Bare […]

Awards | Penghargaan

RAW Architecture is in Long List of Emerging Architecture Design Studio – Dezeen Award 2021

Our studio is in Long-Listed of Emerging Studio in the World 2021 by Dezeen. The studios selection is the fourth Dezeen Awards 2021 longlist to be unveiled. The architecture longlist, interiors longlist and design longlist were published earlier this week, and tomorrow the new media categories longlist will be announced. Longlisted projects and studios have been […]

Piyandeling is in Terra Fibre Award 2021

I have received the info ” The forty buildings, designed and built with raw earth, plant fibres or both, have just been named finalists in the 3rd TERRAFIBRA Award. Check the list on the new website. While waiting for the presentation in images of the 40 finalists of the 2021 edition which will […]

Alfa Omega School is Winner of IAI Jakarta 2020

Alfa Omega School is the winner of 2020 IAI Jakarta Award. I hope the award will bring good to the school. I must say the situation in Alfa Omega has ups and downs. The founder, Lisa Sanusi, has the vision to bring the genuinely of the how the giving mode, […]

Realrich Architecture Workshop is Short-Listed in INDE Award 2021

Founded in 2011, RAW Architecture (Realrich Architecture Workshop) is a ground-breaking design studio comprising of architects, thinkers, and craftsmen. Realrich Architecture Workshop serves at the core of the ecosystem of sustainable design and practice in Indonesia. The studio consists of collaboration and dialogue between three platforms that forms an ecosystem […]

Guha is in Short-Listed in Influencer Category in INDE Asia Pacific Award 2021

Guha is located in a high density urban area and has been designed to accommodate living, working space, and dental clinics. The design approach to the project balances three main aspects. Firstly the economy: referring to the use of local craftsmen and a local manufacturing industry. Secondly, through social interaction […]

Earthing Silaban – Finalist of Museum Silaban Design Open Competition

Desain dari konsep Silaban Membumi “Earthing Silaban” ini mendemonstrasikan kesederhanaan Silaban dengan reduksi arsitektur yang radikal, meredefinisikan museum sebagai ruang yang bermain dengan cahaya, kesederhanaan, ruang – ruang yang humanis namun monumental. Sayembara ini dikerjakan di dalam waktu sekitar 4 hari, waktu yang tidak lama karena kesibukan kami, di dalam proses pengerjaan terdapat saat – saat untuk merefleksikan kembali kejernihan metodologi desain. Dan pilihan – pilihan yang muncul dan disepakati di dalam proses diskusi membuat desain dari Museum ini memberikan titik yang baru di dalam proses perencanaan yang lebih solid dan radikal. 

RAW Architecture Announced in Emerging Studio Longlist by Deezen Awards 2019

Dezeen is the world’s most popular and influential architecture and design magazine, and the winner of numerous awards for journalism and publishing. It was launched at the end of November 2006 and has grown rapidly ever since. Our audience has grown each year and by February 2017 we were getting 2.5 million unique visitors per month, making us one of the 7,500 most popular websites on the planet according to Alexa, as well as the most popular website about design.

In this list, along with another 116 firm worldwide, RAW Architecture is announced as one of the candidate for 2019 Emerging Studio by Dezeen.


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Exhibition | Pameran

Realrich Sjarief in collaboration with Eka Osa Swadiansa and Andy Rahman is in conference, exhibition, and lecture for spirit 45 in Paris, Le Havre, and Lyon published in Sinar, French Journal

The Spirit 45 Indonesian movement, founded in 2017 by three young Javanese and Balinese architects, invites Sinar for an exhibition on March 11 at 5pm. “Contextual Making Form” explores the relativism between the influence of the context on the form of the project and the impact of this form on […]

Forum Archinesia #30; Current Projects of 5 Indonesian Architect

Archinesia (30/09): Speakers of #FAA30 who have just presented their Current Projects are onstage for a Q&A and Peer Review session. Among the questions asked were about “guest areas”, roofs, bamboo as a material, and a fellow architect’s impressive development in terms of design quality

99 Percent The Guild

99% The Guild : Open House We Glady invited you to come to 99 PercentThe Guild : Open house, new home of RAW, Omah Library, and Residence of realrich and family . There will be a lecture by Anas Hidayat titled 1 percent yang dinanti, about the death of the […]

Palapa Project 2015

Greetings All, We are delighted to announce that the curatorial judging has officially started and will run up to the next three weeks. Out of 203 Registration form we received, it appears that only 162 teams submitted their final products along with their product forms. So Congratulations for those 162 […]


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Press | Publikasi

RAW Architecture studio is in Wallpaper Magazine

Saya tidak pernah menyangka studio kami bisa masuk ke Wallpaper Magazine. Saya mengenal Wallpaper dari publikasi yang selalu mencari cerita / design yang avant garde. Proyek ini dinamakan direktori arsitek 2021. yang dimulai pada tahun 2000 yang berisi daftar bakat biro arsitek yang menjanjikan, Direktori Arsitek Wallpaper* adalah daftar tahunan tentang praktik “menjanjikan” dari seluruh dunia. Proyek dari Wallpaper ini telah, selama bertahun-tahun menampilkan gaya dan antar benua, sambil selalu memperjuangkan studio muda terbaik dan paling menarik. Proyek ini juga menampilkan karya inspiratif dengan penekanan pada tempat tinggal. Sekarang termasuk lebih dari 500 alumni dan terus bertambah, Direktori Arsitek kembali untuk edisi ke-21. Bergabunglah dengan kami saat kami meluncurkan survei tahun ini – 20 studio muda, dari Australia, Kanada, Cina, Kolombia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jepang, Malaysia, Meksiko, Belanda, Nigeria, Afrika Selatan, Korea Selatan, Spanyol, Swedia, AS, dan Inggris yang menjanjikan, penuh ide, dan arsitektur yang menarik.

Alfa Omega Featuring in Construction + Magazine for Issue No. 14

Construction+ presents extensive, in-depth B2B insights and updates from the industry, for the industry. From leading projects and key professionals to cutting-edge building technologies and important events, we highlight the country’s most significant architectural, construction and design companies, and their contributions to the local construction landscape. Through BCI Asia’s vast network of industry contacts, we are able to go deep and wide to extract and find out stories, projects, news and more.

In this issue, Alfa Omega School featuring the article about school and sustainability.

Realrich Sjarief’s profile featured in is the online brand extension of the renowned Indonesia Tatler magazine, producing exclusive online content. From the latest in lifestyle trends and the world’s leading luxury brands, to the city’s most influential personalities to the most glamorous soirees, is the one-stop lifestyle platform with daily updates on everything luxury. As the premier luxury lifestyle and high society website in Indonesia, they constantly strive to expand the reach and to showcase all things luxury in a wide range of topics, from design, arts, high-end fashion, watches and jewellery, travel, beauty to etiquette.

In this article reintroduce Realrich Sjarief profiles.

Alfa Omega Nominated as Finalist in Fibra Awards 2019

Realrich Architecture Workshop (RAW) happily took the position of finalist of Fibra Awards with 39 other colleagues around the world through Project Alfa Omega School Alfa Omega in Teluk Naga area, Salembaran, Tangerang.

The purpose of the World Prize for Contemporary Plant Fiber-Based Architecture is to showcase the aesthetic properties, construction benefits, and environmental benefits of bio-material architectural works. By identifying extraordinary buildings throughout the world so as to help the public to find them. The FIBRA award also aims to reward the courage of clients who choose to use bio-material based materials, as well as appreciation for the creativity of the architects, as well as the skills of craftsmen and contractors.


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Best Office in The World | Dream Team Work

I put the credit for the team work noting that several beautiful people such as craftsmen, supervisor, and clients who has contributed to the body of work. My grand father and started the builder’s ecosystem before, and I extended it, and focused on architecture. Please have a look at the name and studio dream team, I appreciate the effort collaboratively. The current team handles experimentation, controlling the design and crafts, and executing it wholeheartedly. That’s why I can proud of their progress, and all of the sincere-talks, workshops, and experimentation makes the ecosystem stronger.

Principal Architect | Founder

Realrich Sjarief


Ir. Singgih Suryanto, Sudjatmiko

Head of Administration, HRD, and Finance

Drg. Laurensia Yudith, Caroline Moeljono

Craftmanship Leader

Aep Syaifulloh, Bonari, Eddy Bahtiar, Endang Syamsuddin, Grandong, Misnu Wibowo, Mohammad Enoh, Nari, Nur, Rudy, Sirin, Syaipul, Tata, Tohirin, Ujang, Watno

Founding Fathers

Asnawi Sjarief | Candra Tobeng

Design Architecture Team – Associate Designers

Agustin, Alvyan Adi Saputra, Andriyansyah Muhammad Ramadhan, Aqidon Noor Khafid, Fadiah Nurannisa, M. Alim Hanafi , Pandu Nazarrusadi, Rico Yohanes, Sharfina Nur Dini, Thomas Andrean Santoso, Timbul Arianto, Vivi Yani Santosa

Omah Library – Librarians + Researchers

Satria Agung Permana, Hanifah Saussan

Probation Period Associate Designers

Farrel Ihsan Prahaditya, Avinsa Haykal, Prasetyo Adi Nugroho

Administration, HRD, and Finance

Pepen Effendi, Fatima Chitra Setiawan, Nurul Septiawati, Novita Gunawan, Refi Nur Kusuma, Yuliana Putri, Kiswanto


Aldian, Redi, Rodi, Yono

Contributors | Para Kontributor

Some of the people who has worked with me. The have been bringing beautiful memories. I feel grateful of their presence. And, they are advancing to improve architecture ecosystem in their life. Every life intersects between each other. I always remember the first moment, when we started the studio in garage. I spent most of my daily life there, it’s a state of being humble, and always stays on progress. I experimented in garage studio, and change some of the details, place, shapes, ambiance with the craftsmen almost even days, weeks. It shows the positive energy of gradual improvement.

I would like to say Thank you for all of the effrt, for all of the past serendipity, positive mindset, and I pray for the best of their progress.

Past Projects Team 2011 – 2021

Anastasia Widyaningsih, Alhamdamar Mudafiq, Alifian Kharisma Es, Andhang Trihamdhani, Apriani Kurnia Sarashayu, Amirul Farras, Arlene Dupe, Bambang Priyono, Bayu Prayudhi, Christiandy Pradangga, Cintya Meidina Lubis, Claudia Cynthia Javanny Jo, David Sampurna, Dicke Nazzary Akbar Lubis, Dini Aghnia Lukman, Donald Aditya Epiphanius, Ellena Monica, Fakhriyyah Khairunnida, Fernando Cardoso Gomes, Fiona Elochita, Galih Aditya, Galuh Pramesti, Hardiyanto Agung Nugroho, Hawandi Wijaya, Hendrick Tanuwidjaja, Horas Napitupulu, Indra Dwinugraha, Imam Setiawan, Iqbal Zuhri, Jovita Lisyani Halim, Larasati Ramadhina, Lia Kurniadewi Hariadi, Kafi Pangestu, Kanigara Ubaszti Putra, Maria Vania Pardede, Morian Saspriatnadi, Mukhammad Ilham, Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Michael Chen, Primaldi Perdana, Putut Trianggana,
Randy Abimanyu, Regi Kusnadi, Reinard Christiansen, Rifandi S. Nugroho, Rimba Harendana, Rofianisa Nurdin, Satria Triwardana, Scott Valentine, Septrio Effendi, Silvanus Prima, Suryanaga Tantora, Tatyana Kusumo, Tirta Budiman, Thomas Santoso, Yusni Aziz, Yuliana K. Widjaja

Past Book Writing Team 2016 – 2021

Anas Hidayat, Amelia Widjaja, Bangkit Mandela, Dimas Dwimukti, Johannes Adiyanto, Jolanda Atmadja, Kirana Ardya Garini, B Kumbang Bernaung, Regina.

Past Craftsmen 2016 – 2021

Ari Komari (RIP), Jasno, Moel Soemadi, Yudi Atang, Syaifuddin

Past Book keeper 2016 – 2021

Asep (RIP)

Internship Reflection Letter

Restless spirits that has been trained, and bringing sweet memories

Memories of Studio Culture

Restless spirits that has been trained, and bringing sweet memories