99 Percent The Guild originally is designed for open house on 12th June 2016. It was a open house consisted Anas Hidayat’s lecture titled 1 persen yang dinanti. The event continued with tour in the house by arrangement on saturday and sunday. It was initiated by omah library. 99 Percent The guild is designed by RAW Architecture as the architecture consultant.

RAW Logo

RAW is an award winning architectural practice base in Jakarta with projects located in Indonesia and throughout the region. Since its formation in 2013, RAW has successfully undertaken and completed over 300 projects across Asia Pacific. Among its best known works are: National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta; UPH Medical School at Karawaci ; Bare Minimalist for Charles Wiriawan ; Akanaka, Jakarta.

In all our work we aim to address the challenge of the specific situation, creating innovative solutions which push the boundary of design. From our experience, we’ve learnt to workshop with clients, engineers, and specific consultants from beginning of the project through to the completion. A fully coordinated design approach leads to better design results and helps to lower costs though thoroughly exploring the design before construction starts. We use various tools to study and coordinate our design process including models, mock-ups, 3D design software like Rhino and Revit to help test and develop the proposed design concepts. We understand that the design process is not only about fulfilling the project brief, but taking the initial steps to ask the right questions, identify the core problems to be solved and test solutions to fully deliver on our promise to create exception projects. Following these practices has shown to deliver the best results for the design and help reduce costs during construction. The quality of RAW’s work has been recognised by over 16 design competitions, including finalist of Indonesian Institute of Architect Jakarta Award (IAI) and winning several open and limited competitions.

The studio has the skills and specialists to take on
projects in:
• Hospitality Architecture
• Hospitality Interior Design
• Low to High Density Residential
• Retirement Living
• Institutional and Civic Architecture
RAW can also provide services in:
• Town planning
• Urban Design
• Landscape Design
• Exhibition Design

RAW Architecture Design Team :
Principal Architect. Realrich Sjarief
Advisors. Ir. Singgih Suryanto, Sudjatmiko, Moel Soemadi
Chief Technical. Bambang Priyono
Design Associate. Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Tatyana Kusumo, Satria Triwardana, Septrio Effendi
Design Project Team. Hardiyanto Agung Nugroho, Alifian Kharisma, Rifandi S Nugroho, Rimba Harendana, Ellena Monica, Tirta Budiman
Head of Carpentry Workshop. Pudin
Project Manager and Field Manager : Bonari, Septrio Effendi
Administration. Caroline Muljawan, Yuliana Putri, Chindi Arini, Effendi Pepen, Henriyanto Lie
Internship Support : Veronika Selly, Laurencia Natalia, Eunike Nathalia, Alhamdamar Mudafiq, Teddie Gunawan Wijaya, Raden Roro Annisa Rarasati, Sherika Permana
Construction Team : Rudy, Rinto, Kiswanto, And team