50 Indonesian architects + Emergings

Realrich Sjarief is in 50 Indonesian architects + Emergings book by Imelda Akmal Architecture Writer. Here is the description by Jakarta Post : Over the past decade, Indonesian architects have redefined and rediscovered Indonesian architecture. By consistently building and experimenting, they have created a new face for contemporary Indonesian architecture.

Their efforts have paid off. Now the world has begun to recognize the remarkable work of Indonesian architects, many of whom have won several contests.

Indonesians have also begun to acknowledge architecture by adoring tall buildings and skyscrapers that flourissh in cities across the country that have been designed by local architects.

No doubt Indonesian architects have shaped this country and its society. Through the distinctive character of Indonesian architecture that they have brought to the surface, they have changed the perspective about Indonesian architecture and changed society to be the part of architecture as well.

But who would care to write about the people who were in charge of constructing dreams in the concrete jungle? It could only be Imelda Akmal.

Local architects should give a toast to Imelda for publishing another architecture book, 50 Indonesian Architects + Emergings. Once again, she has proven her passion for architecture by publishing books. Earlier, she published Indonesian Architecture Now and Indonesian Architecture Now 2.

Imelda is one of a few architects who enjoy careers as architectural writers. With her team members at the Imelda Akmal Architectural Writers Studio (Studio IAAW), she has published over 70 architectural works, though she said that there were numerous Indonesian architects who had a tremendous amount of work experience who should write about architecture.

“It doesn’t mean that they can’t write. They just haven’t wanted to, though I think they are competent to write architectural reviews or probably architectural critiques. That’s why I always encourage my colleagues to start writing. I hope this book also can be a trigger,” Imelda said at the book’s launch at The Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta.

Her new book is comprised of 50 short profiles of well-known Indonesian architectural firms and 13 new architectural firms (the “emergings”), who are considered influential on Indonesian architecture these days.

Imelda and her team separated the groups based on their years of experience. The Indonesian Architects group was dominated by architectural firms that were formed at least five years ago, while the Emergings category has profiles of new firms established less than five years ago.

Those 13 young names on the Emergings list include 12akitek, Aboday, Avianti Armand, Boy Bhirawa, DX6, HMP Architects, Labo, Made Dharmendra, Parametr architecture, Realrich sjarief, SUB Studio, Suwardana Winata, and Zenin Adrian, while the 50 Architects category included big names such as Andra Matin, Baskoro Tedjo, Grahacipta Hadiprana, PTI Architects, Sardjono Sani, Urbane and Yori Antar.



Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture