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Greetings, Long life-learner. I hope you are doing fabulous today. When 24 hours in a day is not enough, let’s remember this tale about the mayonnaise jar and 2 cups of coffee.” And this reflection started My Mayonnaise Jar. When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, tis is a way to gathering my life. It’s a way to remind ourselves that we can face the problem by telling ourselves everything will be ok, start controlling and leave the things we can’t control.

You can read the firm’s ecosystem, the collaborative team in the section of project stories, design method, and research in the link below about the section frontstage :

In the story section backstage, you can find a more detailed story about the initiation of the studio and all of its transformative years. It’s about the process and the lovely people behind the works.


Realrich Sjarief

Our Updates

Inside All 10 Houses From Season 2 of Apple’s Design Docuseries

Guha is in the review in series of Apple Tv. Cited from website : “The fantastical Indonesia home of Realrich Sjarief is defined from the exterior by its broad circular windows and draping plants, but inside, it’s much harder to define. Gohu means cave, and indeed the concrete structure feels like a place for discovery just like a cave. Age-old materials like bamboo are combined with steel and plastic to create a truly unique, 21st-century building.” Here […]

Guha is in Apple TV +

As an architect, I tried to control, experiment with, and try to fit into balance things. But this movie worked beyond the control as I can’t control of some of the aspect in my life with Laurensia. As a subject, I was prone to be able to open the question in my mind such as how can they touch my heart when I saw this movie? They made me cry and sad in one of the scenes and made me laugh and hold Laurensia’s hand, looking at her happy eyes. This movie is magical and touching with a simple script, but the technical and preparation aspects are not easy.

Pengembangan Keprofesian Arsitek

I will share compexity on managing the firm How to define success, how to have sustained practice, and how to be happy because the fundamental of the firm.

Is Architecture Part of Economy ?

Saya diundang ke dalam webinar yang diadakan oleh Universitas Negeri Semarang untuk membicarakan kaitan arsitektur dengan ekonomi. Mengkritisi Kebutuhan Manusia yang Tanpa Batas dan Tanpa Visi Manusia selalu memiliki keinginan tanpa batas, namun sayangnya SDM (Sumber Daya Manusia) dan SDA (Sumber Daya Alam) tidak tersebar secara merata, yang menyebabkan munculnya masalah kesenjangan di dalam pemenuhan kebutuhan manusia. SDM dan didalam arsitektur adalah aktornya seperti arsitek, klien, dsb. Sedangkan SDA adalah material bangunan, mesin dsb. Arsitektur […]

What’s Next After Surviving and Adapting to the New Life ? – IAI Jakarta

Andhi Priatmoko, currently He is director of Ong and Ong Indonesia, and the committee inside IAI (Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta Chapter) contacted me to contribute to sharing views about the next design approach after the pandemic. I summarized it into 5 cores which are vernacular, connectivity, design by research, informal economic sector, and materiality. Forum Group Discussion (FGD): Pendekatan Desain Arsitektur yang Nyaman dan Sehat di Era Pasca Pandemi: What’s Next After Surviving and […]


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Works | Karya

Hi All,

Here is our space where I put all of the hard work of RAW Architecture studio. I write and curate the information so that it’s easy to understand, that the studio tries to experiment to bring innovation and more understanding to the projects.

I credit the teamwork, noting that several beautiful people who are critical and creative craftsmen, designers, supervisors, and clients have contributed to the body of work. My grandfather and father started the builder’s ecosystem before, and I extended it and focused on architecture. Please have a look at the name and studio contributors below, and I appreciate the effort collaboratively. I am updating this story quite often, so please have a visit.

I established RAW Architecture | Realrich Architecture Workshop in 2011. We are actively designing a specific approach building interested in locality and craftmanship to define an architecture that is simple, humble, has no pretension, and has the quality of transcendence.

Our projects strive for the uniqueness and humble character of local material. The studio’s vision is about making basic architecture, and we call it raw in its look, the process to make artisanal quality. It’s the belief that experimentation of design methods developed wholeheartedly will create such a timeless, surreal, and mastering-grade in its simplest form, most straightforward approach.

We re-established the long history of craftsmanship in my builder’s family, lasting for three generations, 60 years of practice since Indonesia’s Independence. At that time, the practice has no name. The relationship between the supervisors and artisans was intimate and personal to the service ecosystem. It’s the phase in a noname, more common sense, and massive trust by clients and collaborators. It’s the world of colonials and post colonials culture.

The practice is well known for trust, quality, and its authentic and basic design innovation in the mastery of building construction. Our approach revived the harmonic relationship between the craftsman, designer, people, and buildings as a whole. The works have become the manifestation of this belief. Please have a look, and enjoy the process described below.

You can read the firm’s ecosystem, the collaborative team in the section of project stories, design method, and research in the link below about the section frontstage :

In the story section backstage, you can find a more detailed story about the initiation of the studio and all of its transformative years. It’s about the process and the lovely people behind the works.


Realrich Sjarief

Works | Karya

Project 18 – Otten Coffee Bandung

00-Otten Coffee Bandung.Otten Coffee bertempat di jalan pasir Kaliki Bandung, daerah pusat kuliner yang sudah sejak lama ada di Bandung. Otten Coffee ingin mengembangkan konsep dimana pengunjung mendapatkan pengalaman menikmati kopi, ruang pameran, gudang, kantor, dan kemungkinan pengembangan ke depannya… Bangunan 2 […]

Project 17 – Stupa

Stupa is a house like a Castle inspired by Stupa or tapered traditional masonry temple of Indonesian architecture. This form has been exercised in the Guha project and Istakagrha (meaning bricks house), marking the continuation of the experimentation process in the studio. Stupa also means stupa home, a space for meditation, forming a temple or sanctuary for the family.

Project 16 – Piyandeling (Sederhana)

Sederhana is another building from the whole of Piyandeling complex. This building is a one-floored building, just like its name, which is more simplistic than Sumarah and Kujang. The building is constructed with stone as a podium. Still using bamboo as its main materials, bamboo is used to construct its roofs.

Project 15 – Piyandeling (Kujang)

Kujang is another building from the whole of Piyandeling complex. This building is a two-floored building with a large open hall that is used for workshops or meetings. Upholding local vernacularity, Kujang is stretched out with its materials that consist of natural fiber or bamboo for its main structure and daun nipah as the coverage of its roof.

Project 14 – Piyandeling Artisan Residence and Workshop

Piyandeling is a new project consisting of The Residence and Artisan Workshop The concept is elaborated from the previously Realrich Architecture Workshop (well known by RAW Architecture)’s “Guha” project. Piyandeling is located in a tranquil area of Mekarwangi Village, North Bandung.  Piyandeling […]

Project 13 – Tresno

Located on the outskirts of Tangerang, Karawaci, one of the cities next to Jakarta, Tresno is the design of a simple tropical house in Jakarta. It’s simultaneously designed by the Geomancy principle creating 9 squares of the grid which forbids and allows […]

Project 12 – Guha Bambu

The new project, named Guha Bambu is on the east side. This building stands in the lot of 7.5 x 26 m size consisted of new 3 levels Bamboo structure, 2 levels of the basement. The technique to build the structure is […]

Project 11 – Guha

Guha is a combination of new and renovation projects based on previously “The Guild” located in Taman Villa Meruya. The Project consists of Omah Library, Dental Clinic, residence, and Realrich Sjarief’s studio named Guha Bambu, The studio is Realrich Architecture Workshop (well […]

Project 10 – National Gallery of Indonesia

Realrich Architecture Workshop is awarded the first place in a competition for the National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta. Seeking to form a connection with the 2 heritage building, their proposal for a Gallery complex, entitled “Nature + Sky,” derives its form from the […]

Project 09 – Dancer House

Located in The Green Precinct, Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang, Dancer House (well known by Kampono House) sited on the corner of the complex facing west and south. Its total area is 319 sqm, and having land shaped round. The design use this […]

Project 08 – Alfa Omega

Alpha Omega school is an educational building with the spirit of locality. Located on Tangerang city, it sat on 11700 sqm area with the prior condition of the swamp and paddy field. The design responded to this unstable soil condition by raising […]

Project 07 – The Guild

Located at the corner of the Street at Villa Meruya residential precinct, The guild shows its introvert side with the solid and high border wall, the solid fence without a gap to peek. As if to withdraw from the noisy Jakarta city […]

Project 06 – Wood Box

Located in Puri Indah, West Jakarta region, the tropical open house creates intimate space from entrance through void in the garden, in living room, library, and the roof top garden. “I want a house. A house to retreat, to relax with my […]

Project 05 – Parabolic Plywood

Located in Alam Sutera, Tangerang, as it completed in 2016, Puncak Keemasan Group Office occupies 2.450 sqm of built area. The building is intended as an office for several companies, which is a noticeable challenge in programming schemes. As part of a […]

Project 04 – Sumarah

Sumarah is inspired by an Indonesian form of meditation centered on the philosophy of life. Sumarah is defined as a “total surrender,” allowing the partial ego to give way to the universal self.The practice is based on developing sensitivity and acceptance through […]

Project 03 – Istakagrha

Located in Taman Meruya Ilir, West Jakarta region, Istakagrha meaning brick house, Situated in the increasingly crowded West Jakarta area, the 150 sqm house occupies a 150 sqm plot of land, 10m x 15m. Istakagrha is reflected by its name, brick House, […]

Project 02 – Akanaka

“Rumah kos akanaka merupakan satu contoh bagaimana passive design dieksekusi dengan metode yang sederhana mulai dari menyediakan bukaan yang maksimal untuk cahaya dan udara ke dalam bangunan dengan rekayasa material lokal”

Project 00 – Realrich Architecture Workshop First Office

Situated in the increasingly crowded gated community at West Jakarta, Indonesia, the 110 sqm design Realrich architecture Workshop first office “RAW architecture” occupies a 150 sqm in 375 sqm plot of land and built at the periphery and inside main house’s garage. […]

Project 01 – Bare Minimalist

Situated in the increasingly crowded West Jakarta area, the 159 sqm house occupies a 196 sqm plot of land. Reflected by its name, Bare Minimalist. Size-wise it is inconspicuous, but its exposed concrete façade gives it a distinctive look. The architecture of […]

Awards | Penghargaan

RAW Architecture is in Long List of Emerging Architecture Design Studio – Dezeen Award 2021

Our studio is in Long-Listed of Emerging Studio in the World 2021 by Dezeen. The studios selection is the fourth Dezeen Awards 2021 longlist to be unveiled. The architecture longlist, interiors longlist and design longlist were published earlier this week, and tomorrow the new media categories longlist will be announced. Longlisted projects and studios have been […]

Piyandeling is in Terra Fibre Award 2021

I have received the info ” The forty buildings, designed and built with raw earth, plant fibres or both, have just been named finalists in the 3rd TERRAFIBRA Award. Check the list on the new website. While waiting for the presentation in images of the 40 finalists of the 2021 edition which will […]

Alfa Omega School is Winner of IAI Jakarta 2020

Alfa Omega School is the winner of 2020 IAI Jakarta Award. I hope the award will bring good to the school. I must say the situation in Alfa Omega has ups and downs. The founder, Lisa Sanusi, has the vision to bring the genuinely of the how the giving mode, […]

Realrich Architecture Workshop is Short-Listed in INDE Award 2021

Founded in 2011, RAW Architecture (Realrich Architecture Workshop) is a ground-breaking design studio comprising of architects, thinkers, and craftsmen. Realrich Architecture Workshop serves at the core of the ecosystem of sustainable design and practice in Indonesia. The studio consists of collaboration and dialogue between three platforms that forms an ecosystem […]

Guha is in Short-Listed in Influencer Category in INDE Asia Pacific Award 2021

Guha is located in a high density urban area and has been designed to accommodate living, working space, and dental clinics. The design approach to the project balances three main aspects. Firstly the economy: referring to the use of local craftsmen and a local manufacturing industry. Secondly, through social interaction […]

Earthing Silaban – Finalist of Museum Silaban Design Open Competition

Desain dari konsep Silaban Membumi “Earthing Silaban” ini mendemonstrasikan kesederhanaan Silaban dengan reduksi arsitektur yang radikal, meredefinisikan museum sebagai ruang yang bermain dengan cahaya, kesederhanaan, ruang – ruang yang humanis namun monumental. Sayembara ini dikerjakan di dalam waktu sekitar 4 hari, waktu yang tidak lama karena kesibukan kami, di dalam proses pengerjaan terdapat saat – saat untuk merefleksikan kembali kejernihan metodologi desain. Dan pilihan – pilihan yang muncul dan disepakati di dalam proses diskusi membuat desain dari Museum ini memberikan titik yang baru di dalam proses perencanaan yang lebih solid dan radikal. 

RAW Architecture Announced in Emerging Studio Longlist by Deezen Awards 2019

Dezeen is the world’s most popular and influential architecture and design magazine, and the winner of numerous awards for journalism and publishing. It was launched at the end of November 2006 and has grown rapidly ever since. Our audience has grown each year and by February 2017 we were getting 2.5 million unique visitors per month, making us one of the 7,500 most popular websites on the planet according to Alexa, as well as the most popular website about design.

In this list, along with another 116 firm worldwide, RAW Architecture is announced as one of the candidate for 2019 Emerging Studio by Dezeen.


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Exhibition | Pameran

Realrich Sjarief in collaboration with Eka Osa Swadiansa and Andy Rahman is in conference, exhibition, and lecture for spirit 45 in Paris, Le Havre, and Lyon published in Sinar, French Journal

The Spirit 45 Indonesian movement, founded in 2017 by three young Javanese and Balinese architects, invites Sinar for an exhibition on March 11 at 5pm. “Contextual Making Form” explores the relativism between the influence of the context on the form of the project and the impact of this form on […]

Forum Archinesia #30; Current Projects of 5 Indonesian Architect

Archinesia (30/09): Speakers of #FAA30 who have just presented their Current Projects are onstage for a Q&A and Peer Review session. Among the questions asked were about “guest areas”, roofs, bamboo as a material, and a fellow architect’s impressive development in terms of design quality

99 Percent The Guild

99% The Guild : Open House We Glady invited you to come to 99 PercentThe Guild : Open house, new home of RAW, Omah Library, and Residence of realrich and family . There will be a lecture by Anas Hidayat titled 1 percent yang dinanti, about the death of the […]

Palapa Project 2015

Greetings All, We are delighted to announce that the curatorial judging has officially started and will run up to the next three weeks. Out of 203 Registration form we received, it appears that only 162 teams submitted their final products along with their product forms. So Congratulations for those 162 […]


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Press | Publikasi

RAW Architecture studio is in Wallpaper Magazine

Saya tidak pernah menyangka studio kami bisa masuk ke Wallpaper Magazine. Saya mengenal Wallpaper dari publikasi yang selalu mencari cerita / design yang avant garde. Proyek ini dinamakan direktori arsitek 2021. yang dimulai pada tahun 2000 yang berisi daftar bakat biro arsitek yang menjanjikan, Direktori Arsitek Wallpaper* adalah daftar tahunan tentang praktik “menjanjikan” dari seluruh dunia. Proyek dari Wallpaper ini telah, selama bertahun-tahun menampilkan gaya dan antar benua, sambil selalu memperjuangkan studio muda terbaik dan paling menarik. Proyek ini juga menampilkan karya inspiratif dengan penekanan pada tempat tinggal. Sekarang termasuk lebih dari 500 alumni dan terus bertambah, Direktori Arsitek kembali untuk edisi ke-21. Bergabunglah dengan kami saat kami meluncurkan survei tahun ini – 20 studio muda, dari Australia, Kanada, Cina, Kolombia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jepang, Malaysia, Meksiko, Belanda, Nigeria, Afrika Selatan, Korea Selatan, Spanyol, Swedia, AS, dan Inggris yang menjanjikan, penuh ide, dan arsitektur yang menarik.

Alfa Omega Featuring in Construction + Magazine for Issue No. 14

Construction+ presents extensive, in-depth B2B insights and updates from the industry, for the industry. From leading projects and key professionals to cutting-edge building technologies and important events, we highlight the country’s most significant architectural, construction and design companies, and their contributions to the local construction landscape. Through BCI Asia’s vast network of industry contacts, we are able to go deep and wide to extract and find out stories, projects, news and more.

In this issue, Alfa Omega School featuring the article about school and sustainability.

Realrich Sjarief’s profile featured in is the online brand extension of the renowned Indonesia Tatler magazine, producing exclusive online content. From the latest in lifestyle trends and the world’s leading luxury brands, to the city’s most influential personalities to the most glamorous soirees, is the one-stop lifestyle platform with daily updates on everything luxury. As the premier luxury lifestyle and high society website in Indonesia, they constantly strive to expand the reach and to showcase all things luxury in a wide range of topics, from design, arts, high-end fashion, watches and jewellery, travel, beauty to etiquette.

In this article reintroduce Realrich Sjarief profiles.

Alfa Omega Nominated as Finalist in Fibra Awards 2019

Realrich Architecture Workshop (RAW) happily took the position of finalist of Fibra Awards with 39 other colleagues around the world through Project Alfa Omega School Alfa Omega in Teluk Naga area, Salembaran, Tangerang.

The purpose of the World Prize for Contemporary Plant Fiber-Based Architecture is to showcase the aesthetic properties, construction benefits, and environmental benefits of bio-material architectural works. By identifying extraordinary buildings throughout the world so as to help the public to find them. The FIBRA award also aims to reward the courage of clients who choose to use bio-material based materials, as well as appreciation for the creativity of the architects, as well as the skills of craftsmen and contractors.


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Research | Pencarian dan Eksplorasi

Hi Restless Spirits, Hope you are doing great,

Research is essential as a design prefix with a conscious process (mudheng), critical, reviewing data, understanding the problem, and then iteration (implementation and experimentation).

For practitioners, research is helpful as a barrier and opens up boundaries so that these boundaries are easily understood and then adapted into new design realities. So that further discussions can be carried out contextually, critically, and creatively. Both are understood as a way to open the barriers of thought, thus bringing innovation and improving the quality of architectural processes and products in our practice and our contribution to architecture in Indonesia.

Contributors listed below collaboratively created and prepared This research. Omah Library prepared distance discourse, and RAW Architecture designed tactical and practical studies (direct discourse). We did with inspiration from so many intellectuals who contributed their thoughts on Omah Library and RAW Architecture directly and indirectly. Over a long time, they are our clients, teachers, writers, colleagues, brothers, sisters, parents, and friends.

These two poles become the poles of the brain balancing right and left brain. We are all still in the process of transforming and interpreting life as a temporary thing. Every point and second of meeting ignites the embers for process and progress.

Therefore, happy reading and transforming together. Come on!

You can read the firm’s ecosystem, the collaborative team in the section of project stories, design method, and research in the link below about the section frontstage :

  1. Research #1 Pandemic in Architecture
  2. Research #2 Sustainable Architecture
  3. Book order
  4. Catalogue

In the story section backstage, you can find a more detailed story about the initiation of the studio and all of its transformative years. It’s about the process and the lovely people behind the works.


Realrich Sjarief


Arsitektur Berkelanjutan

Tulisan ini adalah sebuah telaah mengenai Wacana arsitektur berkelanjutan. Arsitektur Berkelanjutan menjadi sangat penting untuk dibahas mengingat semakin tingginya degradasi lingkungan yang terjadi sebagai akibat dari manusia. Upaya-upaya meminimalkan dampak lingkungan ini disadari oleh banyak arsitek, yang dirumuskan sebagai kesadaran bersama-sama yang menjadi sebuah kesepakatan global. Arsitektur berkelanjutan disini dibahas dari lima titik kesadaran, yaitu pertama : kesadaran akan diri sendiri, kedua : kesadaran akan lingkungan sekitar, ketiga : kesadaran akan material, keempat : kesadaran akan strategi desain, dan ditutup di titik awal kelima yaitu : refleksi. Setiap titik awal tersebut diturunkan ke dalam 14 strategi arsitektur berkelanjutan dan akan dibahas satu demi satu.

Pandemi dan Pengaruhnya ke Arsitektur

Sepanjang sejarah, perkembangan peradaban dan persebaran manusia diiringi dengan perkembangan penyakit menular mematikan—yang disebabkan oleh bakteri, virus, jamur maupun parasit. Arus globalisasi dan urbanisasi yang menyebabkan perpindahan penduduk dari pedesaan ke perkotaan, juga pertumbuhan populasi menyebabkan imbas lingkungan yang juga tinggi. Ditambah dengan perjalanan antar wilayah melalui udara yang makin sering, penyebaran penyakit menular menjadi semakin cepat. Beberapa dari kasus-kasus ini memakan korban jiwa yang jumlahnya signifikan dibandingkan dengan total populasi, sehingga disebut pandemik. Hal ini tak jarang mempengaruhi jalannya sejarah, yang mengakibatkan perkembangan ilmu kesehatan (epidemiologi) dan sanitasi, termasuk juga teknologi bangunan dan perkotaan. Omah Library akan membahas linimasa […]

Tulisan | Refleksi Harian

Tulisan wacana ini saya tulis sebagai refleksi saya terhadap arsitektur dan kehidupan. Beberapa tulisan saya buat begitu bertemu dengan orang – orang / kejadian yang memantik rasa penasaran saya, sehingga saya perlu merenungkan apa sih sebenarnya yang terjadi. Terkadang hal tersebut bersifat reflektif, tempat saya bercermin untuk menghargai apa yang ada di sekitar saya.

Batas itu dimana ?

Saya seringkali berpikir, di dalam segala hal yang di sekitar kita yang penuh batasan. Bagaimana caranya mengetahui titik kelemahan diri kita sendiri ? Segala sesuatu yang jadi kekuatan biasanya adalah kelemahannya sendiri. Segala sesuatu yang jadi kekuatan bisa jadi kekuatannya. Lalu bagaimana caranya mengetahui kekuatan dan kelemahan, supaya keduanya bisa saling berdialog. Saya akan mulai dengan preposisi : If you care about only your name, the limit is in the name itself. If you care only about other people’s name the limit is in the other’s people name in your mind. If you care about only your workshop, the limit […]

Cangkirku, Kehidupan yang Kedua

Bangunan dengan atap meliuk – liuk ini adalah bangunan dengan struktur panggung yang terbuat dari konstruksi bambu, dengan grid 5.0 m dan 4.0 m untuk mengakomodasi fungsi ruang perpustakaan, kamar tidur, dan ruang pertemuan. Strukturnya seperti bentuk kupu – kupu atau kepakan sayap burung yang dielaborasi dari proyek Alfa Omega. Balok bambu dikakukan dengan dagu – dagu (pengkaku), sementara kolom duduk di atas umpak batu kali yang dihubungkan dengan konstruksi bambu sebagai pelataran di lantai dasar. Bentuk – bentuk melengkung ini sebenarnya pernah saya elaborasi di dalam Kampono (Dancer) House sebelumnya di dalam konstruksi beton dengan perhitungan terhadap sisi panas, […]

Autumn Strong

Dulu kira – kira 13 tahun yang lalu, bulan – bulan Agustus menuju Desember adalah bulan dimana autumn tiba, di saat itu saya ingat satu waktu saya menghabiskan waktu ke Cambridge, menyusuri sungai disana, naik sepeda bersama Laurensia. Kami mengambil gambar untuk mengabadikan bahwa kami pernah di situ. Perjalanan kami berdua di kota – kota di Inggris seperti St. Ives, Cambridge, London dan kota – kota kecil lainnya membekas di dalam musim autumn. Musim autumn memberikan suasanya jatuhnya daun – daun dan masuknya musim dingin, terbitnya bunga, dan datangnya musim panas. Hal ini adalah siklus berulang di dalam waktu yang […]

Forming the Gift Society

“Apa yang menjadi dasar kriteria untuk membuat buku ini untuk mahasiswa ?” Ini satu pertanyaan yang muncul dari peserta diskusi ketika ada acara Omah Library di Bandung, kira – kira dua tahun yang lalu ketika terdapat paparan mengenai bagaimana kerangka pemikiran buku Filsafat, Teori, dan Keprofesian di dalam 3 buku yang sudah diterbitkan. Pertanyaan ini adalah pertanyaan yang luar biasa bagus, yang biasa ditanyakan ketika ada pengujian. Di dalam assesment mengenai kualitas, ada penentuan parameter, kunci – kunci penentuan parameter ini sangatlah penting dan kritikal sebagai dasar apa yang menjadi pertimbangan, dan bagaimana menimbangnya. Pertanyaan ini menjadi dasar bahwa ada […]

Filosofi Donat di tahun 39

“Yang, besok ulang tahun mau dibuatin apa ?” Laurensia bertanya,  Saya tidak punya ekspektasi apa – apa untuk ulang tahun kali ini. Saya menyadari sudah diberikan begitu banyak berkat dari Tuhan di masa krisis karena pandemi ini dan saya selalu berdoa supaya kawan – kawan dilindungi selalu kesehatannya dan jangan lupa memakai masker. Berkat – berkat di masa pandemi ini mewujud pada kenangan – kenangan yang membekas berupa kedekatan kami sekeluarga. Seperti ketika Laurensia mempersiapkan donat pada hari ini. Kemarin ia bercerita bahwa Miracle ingin makan donat dan ia ingin mengajarkan Acle (panggilan sayang miracle) membuat donat bersama, hal yang […]

70 Tahun Pendidikan Arsitektur Indonesia – Suara dari Jiwa – Jiwa yang Tidak Kenal Lelah

Saya mengawali judul materi kali ini dengan sebuah judul “Melihat 70 tahun pendidikan arsitektur di Indonesia Suara dari jiwa – jiwa yang tidak kenal lelah.”Saya lulus di tahun 2005, mulai masuk ITB di tahun 2000. Pada waktu saya belajar arsitektur di tingkat dua, saya ingat oleh pak Eko Purwono diajak untuk mensketsa bangunan yang didesain oleh Henri Maclaine Pont, ada perasaan berbeda, yaitu penggunaan materialnya lokal, konstruksinya yang jujur, dan ada rekayasa teknik untuk mengaktualisasikan bentuk bentang lebar. Dari situ saya mulai jatuh cinta dengan arsitektur dan tidak pernah berpikir berhenti memikirkan arsitektur satu hari pun. Pertemuan dengan pak Eko […]

Rentang Asa dalam Ragam Rona Nusantara yang Terselubung

“…the man who regards his life as meaningless is not merely unhappy but hardly fit for life.” (Albert Einstein) Victor Frankl menghabiskan waktu 3 tahun di dalam kamp konsentrasi. Ia menyaksikan bagaimana anak dan istrinya dibunuh di dalam kamp konsentrasi tersebut. Ia sendiri menghabiskan waktunya dengan bercakap – cakap membuat simulasi mengenai ruang kelas, tempat ia sedang memaparkan sebuah materi ke murid – muridnya. Materi tersebut adalah sebuah terapi terhadap dirinya sendiri, namanya logotherapy. Logotherapy adalah Konsep yang didasarkan pada premis (apa yang dianggap benar sebagai landasan kesimpulan kemudian yang menjadi dasar pemikiran) bahwa kekuatan motivasi utama seorang individu adalah […]

Cermin Aku

Baru saja kemarin saya bertemu dengan teman saya Eric Dinardi, dan klien saya yang sudah seperti keluarga saya, Djonny Taslim. Pertemuan itu berlangsung karena rumah Djonny Taslim yang saya panggil om di Danau Biru, akan difoto oleh Eric Dinardi. Pagi itu Eric sudah melakukan sesi foto di pagi hari, dan saya baru datang. .Saya menyapa Eric dan Om Djonny, dan membuka jalan untuk masuk ke kamar beliau yang privat, Joan (istri Eric) menyemprotkan disinfektan, dan membantu menata, merapihkan perabot dibantu oleh asistennya. begitulah proses yang berlangsung ketika pemotretan, terlihat mudah tetapi membutuhkan persiapan. . Setelah pemotretan di kamar Om Djonny […]

Jalan yang Sepi

Minggu depan, kuliah S3 dimulai. Ada 3 mata kuliah yang saya ambil, pertama adalah mata kuliah wajib metodologi penelitian yang diampu oleh Professor Iwan Sudrajat, dan kolokium yang diampu oleh Professor Sugeng Triyadi, dan Dr. Ir. Himasari Hanan. Yang kedua adalah filsafat ilmu pengetahuan yang diampu Professor Bambang Sugiharto. Yang menarik adalah kenapa saya mengambil studi S3 ini, apakah ada waktunya ? lalu apa yang dicari ? Saya ingat satu kawan taruhlah namanya Abramovic menanyakan, atau bukan menanyakan tapi memberikan pernyataan yang cukup aneh mungkin terkesan punya presumsi tertentu, “elo niat banget sih – semua mau – kantor mau / […]

Belenggu Kultural

Di dalam acara Nusantara kemarin, saya teringat saya melemparkan anekdot ke Eka mengenai, “Ka itu Spirit 45 sebaiknya dibubarkan saja. Karena memang berbasis kepada acara tertentu, perjalanan ke Paris.” Saya sendiri sudah tidak memiliki kepentingan disitu. Mungkin yang tersisa adalah pengembangan ide mengenai Le Corbusier bahwa kami pernah berziarah bersama. Apabila ada ide tentang pengembangan buku dan sebagainya, saya melihatnya sebagai ajang romantisme bahwa sejujurnya saya dahulu ingin supaya kami bertiga (Eka Swadiansa dan Andy Rahman) tetap berdialog dan tidak saling meninggalkan, dimana ini adalah ranah personal, bukan bisnis dan juga bukan misi tertentu. Sebagai sebuah grup, secara personal dulu […]

Eh baru tahu ya, makanya Jangan asyik sendiri.

Baru beberapa minggu terakhir saya disibukkan dengan banyak pertanyaan tentang tradisi dan kekinian, kali ini tentang Arsitektur Nusantara. Ada satu mahasiswa lagi aneh – aneh saja nanya ke saya. Dari cara ia bertanya saya sudah bisa merasakan kadar kesontoloyoannya. .“Pak saya ngga suka sama arsitektur nusantara soalnya kok katro gitu sih pak ngga modern.” .Jawab saya “Lho kamu ngga boleh gitu dong masa prejudice gitu sih, memang kenapa sama arsitektur nusantara orang itu bukan bangunan desain kamu ya, silahkan saja kan kalau orang mau mendesain sebebas dia, masa kamu mau jadi polisi. “.Tapi kemudian saya pikir mungkin mahasiswa ini ada […]

Mengenal Arsitektur Indonesia

Suatu hari di saya bertemu dengan satu kawan saya, ia senior saya yang berumur beberapa tahun diatas saya. Saya belajar menulis, dan mendesain dari dia. Satu saat ia menelpon saya, nadanya gusar seakan – akan seperti baru kejambret di pasar atau seperti rumahnya baru saja kemalingan. “Bro lu ada waktu gue mau cerita” Kemudian berceritalah ia mengenai kejadian – kejadian disekitar dia melihat media dan perasaannya. Ia punya perhatian bahwa etalase arsitektur Indonesia hanya milik segelintir orang tertentu, orang yang dominan, orang yang itu – itu saja. Parahnya media juga menselebrasikan hal tersebut. Ia memberikan contoh mengenai beberapa pameran sebagai […]

Madeg Pandhito, Untuk Siapa, Untuk Apa ?

Beberapa hari terakhir ini saya ragu – ragu untuk menelisik satu terminologi Nusantara. Mengapa ? Sederhananya hal ini menjadi barang perebutan ketika terkait dengan masa depan arsitektur Indonesia. Nusantara sebenarnya adalah sebuah usaha untuk menemukan benang merah Arsitektur Indonesia. Andrea Peresthu di dalam diskusi soal bagaimana arsitek Indonesia bisa berjalan sejajar dengan arsitek luar negeri ia berkata “work! work! buktikan arsitek indo bisa mendunia spt arsitek irak ini” banyak hal yang perlu dilakukan. Lihat postingan Apakah perlu arsitek asing ? kita belum mampu ya ? – Discussion Dan hal tersebut bisa dimulai dengan memperhatikan suara anak – anak muda supaya […]

Hai kawan kita ini manusia biasa… catatan di penghujung tahun 2017

Satu orang di depan saya pada waktu itu adalah seseorang yang terkenal, ia adalah fresh graduate dari universitas ternama di Amerika, namanya Diastika ia terkenal karena kepiawaiannya menyanyi. “kak tau ngga dia itu artis” kalimat itu sudah saya dengar berkali – kali dari staff -staff yang bekerja di kantor , dan kehebohan satu kantor karena kedatangan orang di depan saya ini karena citranya atau Imagenya yang memang sudah terbentuk di dunia maya dan nyata. “Apaan sih kalian.” saya biasa menjawab seperti itu, karena menurut saya hal tersebut tidaklah penting sama sekali. Saya melihat anak ini antusias untuk belajar arsitektur melalui […]

Being Dominant ? phrasing cuala …

“you will never go wong in doing what is right,my young friend, never. if there is one thing I’ve learned about leadership siccess it’s that it lies at the intersection where excellence meets honor.” Robin Sharma is one phrase, “juara” meaning champion, some of my fellow staff named it as“cuala”, one of the phrase that they often mentioned.  I’m curious because It’s weird,  it’s like jokes when people want to mock chinese language they use that alphabet C instead of J to express the accent by chinese people. I’m also curious where did they get that phrase. But anyway, this phenomena […]

Dad Loves

161023 “Bagi seorang anak kecil, Ibu adalah cinta pertamanya, dan Ayah adalah pahlawannya.” Laurensia. “Yang, itu kata daddy basement bawah jangan dibuat, berbahaya nanti airnya bagaimana ?” pada waktu itu, Laurensia sedang bercerita ketika baru pulang dari rumah permata buana, kami biasa makan malam bersama setelah ia selesai praktek dan menjemput miracle di rumah opa, omanya. Diri ini menjawab “tenang saja, semua sudah direncanakan, soal air tinggal kita waterproofing dan pengecekan akan pengecoran.” Ayah saya sedang berusaha mengingatkan dengan caranya tersendiri, menyelidik dahulu, memberikan premise, tantangan, kemudian penyelesaian. Satu pagi ia bercerita mengenai gaya tekan air yang membuat beton kolam […]

My Garden of Dreams and Memory – Writings for Baccarat Indonesia

2010, Japan “Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.” – Rumi The writing for Baccarat Indonesia was just published, it was written when we had trip to  Japan few years ago during summer studio, by Professor James Weirick. The trip was about travelling to 4 different cities (Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo, some remote area such as Shirakawa, Mt. Gifu, and new site of Imperial Hotel by Frank Lloyd Wright). The brief from Editorial team was about telling story about garden. So the story is about  the zen garden, and story about beautiful garden […]

Building Nation Legacy through Architecture Fundametal – writing for Baccarat Indonesia

“I cannot believe that the purpose of life is to be “Happy.” I think the purpose of life us to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. It is, above all, to matter : to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you have lived at all.” Leo C. Rosten  Oscar Niemeyer,  Lucio Costa, seorang arsitek dan  perencana kota  mendesain kota Brasilia dan bangunan pemerintahan di pusat kota yang berbentuk lambang negara Brazil, dengan lambang burung Garuda,yang memiliki langgam yang modern dengan bentuk – bentuk geometris sebagai cara untuk meniciptakan citra kota brasilia yang maju. Brasilia […]

Traditional Home in Modernity – writing for Baccarat Indonesia

Di tahun 1990 Pameran AMI [Arsitek Muda Indonesia] menandai satu titik kritis dimana desain yang rasionalis ataupun yang sering disebut – sebut sebagai gaya minimalis menjadi sejarah di dalam arsitektur Indonesia. Desain rasionalis ditandai dengan garis – garis yang geometris, penuh pertimbangan untuk menjawab kebutuhan fungsional dan estetika yang tinggi. Hal ini menandai pergeseran nilai – nilai tentang apa yang dianggap baik oleh Arsitek Muda Indonesia sebagai reaksi terhadap menjamurnya rumah bergaya mediterania, klasik, ataupun tradisional yang menjamur pada waktu itu. 14 tahun kemudian, setelah pameran AMI tersebut, rumah – rumah yang rasionalis ini menjamur dimana – mana, gaya rasionalis […]


Jakarta 16 Maret 2014 “Someone secretly bury a berry in the side road and when a small sprout grows, the secret code is the passport, to the forest a wonderful journey will begin – Joe Hisaishi” Di awal tahun 2014 di bumi pertiwi ini, mengenai arsitektur, dunia yang semakin hiruk pikuk, responsif, dinamis dengan informasi yang begitu banyaknya membuat diri ini berpikir apakah diskursus yang terjadi dalam hati yang pribadi, tempat perenungan untuk berbuat, mendesain masih terjadi dengan dalam atau sungguh – sungguh sekarang ini, di masa yang serba cepat ini ? Loncatan – loncatan inovasi arsitektur menjadi suatu gerakan politis dimana kedalamannya dipertanyakan […]

Tumbuh perlahan – lahan

Lembang 3 November 2012 “The only way to be happy is to love. Unless you love, your life will flash by.” Mrs. O’Brien Pagi ini diriku ada dalam satu perjalanan ke Bandung, kota yang memiliki aura menyejukkan, sabtu ini diri ini bisa rileks sejenak dari kesibukan yang menerpa 5 hari kemarin. Hari ini udara sedikit berkabut dan sejuk, matahari seakan – akan menyembunyikan dirinya dibalik gugusan awan tebal yang menyelimuti perjalanan kami.’ Sambil diri ini tertawa membayangkan saat saat kecil kami. Diri ini berpikir, sebenarnya ada satu sisi dalam diri yang menyukai hal yang sama berulang – ulang, ingin itu […]

Perjalanan Membuka Mata

Tulisan ini dipublikasikan untuk Majalah Ruang edisi ke 4 Saya tiba di NewYork dengan kapal laut sebagai seorang remaja, imigran dan seperti orang orang yang lain, saya terkesan dengan patung liberti dan horizon gedung gedung kota manhattan. Saya tidak pernah melupakan kesan tersebut. Dan proyek ini adalah mengenai kesan saya yang tidak pernah saya lupakan. Itulah paragraph yang dibuat Daniel Liebeskind dalam narasi pembuka skema Word Trade Center yang dia menangkan dalam kompetisi Internasional yang diikuti oleh 5200 orang. Dalam perjalanan hidupnya, seorang arsitek belajar untuk merasakan, mengatur, ataupun mencipta ruang dimana kemampuan tersebut seiring berjalannya waktu akan semakin terasah. […]

The secret is … ? , catatan singkat #1

Diri ini teringat betapa sudah beberapa puluh anak – anak yang ada di studio, dari dahulu hingga sekarang menemani malam – malam pembuktian yang panjang dan jam – jam workshop yang melelahkan. Saya seringkali menanyakan apa saja yang akan membuat orang- orang terbaik untuk tinggal di studio.  Professor Danisworo membisikkan suatu waktu di acara archiworx, “Realrich, arsitek itu dasarnya adalah makhluk yang independen. “Pada saat itu pak Danis bercerita mengenai pengalamannya pada waktu membentuk Encona dan PDW dan dikelilingi oleh orang –orang terbaiknya yang datang dan pergi. Pada waktu itu diri ini diselimuti pertanyaan kira – kira apa yang membentuk […]

Shopping Mall story – Tulisan untuk majalah ruang edisi 3

“Yuk, hari ini kita ke shopping mall kata seorang ibu kepada anak perempuannya. Kemudian dia menjinjing tas hermes, tas dari gerai toko terkenal di dunia. Sang anak pun mengiyakan, sejenak kemudian, ibu tersebut menelpon suaminya, pa kita ketemu di mall ya, sambil makan siang, setelah itu ke kidzania, anak kita mau main di mall.” Kehidupan berkota di jakarta mau tidak mau memang diwarnai dari kehidupan satu mall ke mall yang lain. Ruang terbuka hijau yang semakin kecil dengan target yang bisa dipenuhi oleh pemerintah daerah DKI Jakarta sebesar 9,7 persen dari 13 persen yang ditargetkan (Antara 2009). Kehidupan berkota yang […]


Terjadi kendala. Silakan muat ulang halaman dan/atau coba kembali.

Writings | Menulis

Writing and Reading a book is about knowing and understand somebody’s heart. I read books as my daily routine. I learn from them, getting ideas, and It becomes my light or inspiration in my weekly practices. It’s a place for me to realize that the world of vision has unlimited boundaries.

Book 01

The Guild

The first book is The Guild (2018). The book uncovered why The Guild is an introverted architecture. It was designed when you look at it, it’s introvert but when you enter it, it’s full of possibilities. It’s open-ended and explosive transformations. In this book, I wrote the book collaboratively with Anas Hidayat while Bangkit Mandela help us to edit the book intensively. Anas Hidayat wrote an essay about how The Guild consists of ambiguity, the paradoxes, the transformation of many trial and errors. The book concluded that, in The Guild, the people’s character, design, and clients are shown in its architecture, to acknowledge that architecture is so fragile yet so powerful.

Book 02

Architecture Philosophy for students

The second book is Architecture Philosophy for students (2018). That book was based on a class that I taught on several occasions in UPH and Omah Library. The course is divided into quizzes and worksheets to get to know yourself. Then, I continued with discussing Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Gadamer, Heidegger, Foucault, Wittgenstein, Sokal, and so many exciting thoughts that form avant-garde, contemporary, and vernacular architecture.

Book 03

Tan Tjiang Ay – Begawan Tjiptaning

The third book is titled Tan Tjiang Ay – Begawan Tjiptaning (2019). A book that I wrote with Anas Hidayat. The term Of Begawan Tjiptaning or Arjuna was used in the book to describe the strength of Tan Tjiang Ay of function in his method of design. He worked precisely to execute detail based on position. The form is platonic and ordinary, but the active parti is spoken by the precision of maintenance, economy, and ease of make. His work is an inspiration for several generations.

Book 04

Dancer House

The fourth book is Dancer House (2019). I wrote the book again with Anas Hidayat about the home of Mirza and Adhisty Kampono. In this home, I designed a combination of bio and culture philia language with concrete as structure. This work brings the philosophy that architects have souls. It nurtures the people, souls, inside.

Book 05

Architecture Theory for Students

The fifth book is Architecture Theory for Students (2019). This book was based on my teaching in several universities about architecture theory.  It started with the nature of architecture theory which is fluid, complex, and beyond the form. It created an understanding with limitations on itself, that the idea was fragile and humane. The teaching includes: Archetypes, Urban Design, Development of substantive and normative theory, and Developing Extreme Anxiety for students.

Book 06

Becoming an Architect

The sixth book is Becoming an Architect (2019). It is a book that was based on my teaching in a class about profession. The book actually studies the progression of understanding the profession, including the difference with vocation. The profession of the architect must nurture knowledge and generation. It defines the distance and natural learning process of an architect. It’s continued by discussing the nature of architects and other disciplines such as design specialists (landscape, interior, lighting), engineers, management construction, contractor, builders, and clients. It also has relationships with the government and site. 

Book 07

Gunawan Tjahjono – Maharshi Bisma

The seventh book is Gunawan Tjahjono – Maharshi Bisma (2019). This book was result from my collaboration with Anas Hidayat about Gunawan Tjahjono, a profound professor, teacher, father for many prominent Indonesian Architects. He was well known for his critical, creative thinking pedagogy that was taught directly by Texas Ranger’s predecessor, Charles Moore. This pedagogy challenges the traditionalist technical mind view and deconstructs the mindset of questioning the free form based on the individual gesture. His perspective was changing from personalization to the GAIA approach. Tjahjono experience shows a rich, complex postcolonial personal response such as questioning and educating discourse in the Indonesian architecture pedagogy.

Book 08

Tectogram – Tectonic Grammar

The eighth book is Tectonic Grammar (2019), which I also wrote with Anas Hidayat. He wrote an essay about archeological architecture, shown in Realrich Architecture Workshop works. The writing brought me the idea of assembly language, the thinking of 9 materials brings grammar in the making. The materials are stone, concrete, metal, gypsum, plastic, wood, and bambo. Eventually, the tectonics become grammars. This book is interesting because, the diagrams is documented after the creating process finished. The diagram is combined with the construction photo progress, and finished photo progress. It’s actually the post evaluation diagram which is used to elaborate more details in the further experimentations.

Book 09

Fee – Creating a healthy ecosystem

The ninth book is Fee, creating a healthy ecosystem (2019). I wrote the book with Johannes Adiyanto. He wrote an essay about the philosophy of profession, the 3 categories of different architects from I to them, I to us or only them. I described the discourse of Fee in the architect’s profession. The lesson is shown by the book that Fee in Indonesia reflects the low appreciation of people in architecture as a profession. The percentage, at least, needs to make sense and be reasonable with other countries.

Book 10

Methodology Grammar

The tenth book is Methodology Grammar (2020), which I wrote with Anas Hidayat. in this book, He wrote the introduction about tacit knowledge informing methods. I broke down the layers for know-how from the classical period to contemporary by reflecting on building technology, way of thinking, and mapping of forms, patterns, and forces in architecture.

Book 11

How to Write Architecture History for Students

The eleventh book is How to Write Architecture History for Students (2020). I wrote this book with Johannes Adiyanto as a way to accentuate the importance of understanding history. The narration stated that students need to have narration by themselves, love history, context, and finally understand the other frames based on facts. It’s about writing the structure that students can understand by themselves.

Book 12

Craftgram – Craft Grammatology

Craft Grammatology is the book to open the relation between personal to traditions, nest and workshop place in the creation of architecture, and unveiling the trap of stylistic movement. I wrote this book with my friend Johannes Adiyanto. This is a book to unify two books before that focussed in social relations on creativity work. In craftmanthip, we investigated how the master architects works to find their creativity. There must be secrets to their creativity works.  

Book 13

Alvar Aalto – The Magic of an Architect’s life

The thirteenth book is Alvar Aalto – The Magic of an Architect’s life (2020). This book was based on my pilgrimage and my wife Laurensia to the Land of North Finland. The trip is to retrace Alvar Aalto’s journey and works. It combined with research in Omah Library about integrative disciplines from plumbing – building utility to design product. And interestingly, the theme connects architecture and pandemics as context and result of the Total Architecture movement. These layers bring back design philosophy in Indonesia as Taksu, design by heart. An act of totality in design.

Book 14

Sustainable Design Strategy for Students

The fourteenth book is Sustainable Design Strategy for Students (2021). This book is based on my experience teaching about design by a spirit of locality. The book starts with a narration of the awareness of thread in the world. It’s all about the material as resources, energy, and water. Then sustainable design could be defined as a way to manage the resources through design from massing, building utility to sustainable details. The book consists of research of Pritzker prize winners, from Philip Johnson to Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, to explain the context of the form which actually has conditions, architect in their needs, building technology to address the sustainable strategy for their own specific context.




Best Office in The World | Dream Team Work

I credit the teamwork, noting that several beautiful people such as craftsmen, supervisors, and clients have contributed to the body of work. My grandfather and father started the builder’s ecosystem before, and I extended it and focused on architecture. Please have a look at the name and studio dream team, and I appreciate the effort collaboratively. The current squad handles experimentation, controlling the design and crafts, and executing it wholeheartedly. That’s why I am proud of their progress, and all of the sincere talks, workshops, and experimentation make the ecosystem stronger.

Principal Architect | Founder

Realrich Sjarief


Ir. Singgih Suryanto, Sudjatmiko

Head of Administration, HRD, and Finance

Drg. Laurensia Yudith, Caroline Moeljono

Craftmanship Leader

Aep Saepulloh, Bonari, Dede Saputra, Edy Bahtiar, Endang Syamsudin, Iswanto, Muhammad Enoh, Nari, Nur Hidayat, Pidin Saepudin, Rudiyanto, Rudi Setiawan, Saepudin, Sakum, Saliman, Saniin Aindani, Sirin, Solehudin, Sukma Adi Prayitno, Tata Pirmansyah, Tohirin, Ujang Hamdani, Wisnu Wibowo

Founding Fathers

Asnawi Sjarief | Candra Tobeng

Design Architecture Team – Associate Designers

Agustin, Alvyan Adi Saputra, Andriyansyah Muhammad Ramadhan, Aqidon Noor Khafid, Aqmarina Badzlin, Alim Hanafi , Avinsa Haykal, Kirana Nandang Sadhani Bantilan, Melisa Akma Sari, Pandu Nazarrusadi, Prasetyo Adi Nugroho, Putra Khairus Sidqi, Rico Yohanes, Sharfina Nur Dini, Sofiana Estiningtyas, Timbul Arianto Simanjorang,

Omah Library – Associate Librarians + Researchers

Hanifah Sausan Nurfinaputri, Luluil Manun, Nirma Ayuni Setiasih

Administration, HRD, and Finance

Kiswanto, Nurul Septiawati, Novita Gunawan, Refi Nur Kusuma, Pepen Effendi, Yuliana Putri

Archiving + Visual Art

Muhammad Farhan Nasrullah


Badriyono (Executive Officer), Aldian Dwi Putra, Rodi, Redi

Dream Team | Kolaborasi Impian


Associate Designer Affiliation Universitas Katolik Musi Charitas Palembang

Rico Yohanes

Associate Designer Affiliation Bina Nusantara University

Alim Hanafi

Associate Designer Affiliation S1 : Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII)

Aqmarina Badzlin

Associate Designer Affiliation Master : Institut Teknologi Bandung Bachelor : Universitas Diponegoro

Nurul Septiawati

Administration Executive Affiliation Universitas Esa Unggul I graduated from DIII Midwifery in 2016, then continued my education for the undergraduate level of Hospital Management […]


Craftmanship Leader

Lu’luil Ma’nun

Associate Librarian and Researcher Affiliation Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII)


Craftmanship Leader

Avinsa Haykal

Designer Affiliation Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII)

Contributors | Para Kontributor

Some of the people who have worked with me and They have been bringing beautiful memories. I feel grateful for their presence. And, they are advancing to improve the architecture ecosystem in their life. Every life intersects between each other. I always remember the first moment when we started the studio in a garage. I spent most of my daily life there. It’s a state of being humble and always stays in progress. I experimented in the garage studio and changed some details, places, shapes, and ambiance. I had experience with the craftsmen for almost even days and weeks. It shows the positive energy of gradual improvement.

I want to say Thank you for all of the efforts, past serendipity, positive mindset, and I pray for the best of their progress.

Past Projects Team (2010) 2011 – 2021

Anastasia Widyaningsih, Alhamdamar Mudafiq, Alifian Kharisma Es, Andhang Trihamdhani, Apriani Kurnia Sarashayu, Amirul Farras, Arlene Dupe, Bambang Priyono, Bayu Prayudhi, Christiandy Pradangga, Cintya Meidina Lubis, Claudia Cynthia Javanny Jo, David Sampurna, Dicke Nazzary Akbar Lubis, Dini Aghnia Lukman, Donald Aditya Epiphanius, Erick Fei, Ellena Monica, Fakhriyyah Khairunnida, Fatima Chitra Setiawan, Fernando Cardoso Gomes, Fachrizal R. Pamungkas, Fadiah Nurannisa, Fiona Elochita, Galuh Pramesti, Hardiyanto Agung Nugroho, Hawandi Wijaya, Hendrick Tanuwidjaja, Horas Napitupulu, Indra Dwinugraha, Imam Setiawan, Iqbal Zuhri, Jovita Lisyani Halim, Larasati Ramadhina, Lia Kurniadewi Hariadi, Kafi Pangestu, Kanigara Ubaszti Putra, Maria Vania Pardede, Morian Saspriatnadi, Mukhammad Ilham, Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Michael Chen, Primaldi Perdana, Putut Trianggana, Randy Abimanyu, Refano Citra Puspita, Regi Kusnadi, Reinard Christiansen, Rifandi S. Nugroho, Rimba Harendana, Rofianisa Nurdin, Rudianto, Sapta Putra, Satria Triwardana, Scott Valentine, Septrio Effendi, Silvanus Prima, Soraya Khaerunissa, Suryanaga Tantora, Tatyana Kusumo, Tirta Budiman, Thomas Santoso, Tony Hartanto, Vivi Yani Santosa, Yusni Aziz, Yuliana K. Widjaja

Book Writing Team 2016 – 2021

Anas Hidayat, Amelia Widjaja, Bangkit Mandela, Dimas Dwimukti, Johannes Adiyanto, Jolanda Atmadja, Kirana Ardya Garini, Kumbang Bernaung, Regina Firda Amalia, Satria Agung Permana.

Past Craftsmen 2016 – 2021

Ari Komari (RIP), Jasno, Moel Soemadi, Yudi Atang, Saepudin

Past Book keeper 2016 – 2021

Asep (RIP)

Internship | Kerja Praktek

2021 – Maria Angela Rowa, Aulia Gema Alfaatihah, Gabriela Marcelina, Lu’luil Ma’nun, Joscelind Vallen Kawengian, Eubisius Vercelli Ocvanto Kuncoro, Nielsen Huang, Dheavindra Fara Ayesha, Joshi Situmeang, Panji Ugra. 2019 – Miftahurrahma Ridwan, Christine Gunawan, Rucha Vivek Jaykhedkar, Kristoforus Kevin. 2018 – Sanjida Amir Trina, Yoseph Duna, Gregorius Jasson, Bobby Naiggolan,
Irfan Hidayat, Nardi Kurniawan. 2017 – Aprilea S. Ariadi, Kurniawan Bayu Aji, Riza Larenahadi, Beatricia Bea, Yuki Fadilah, Humam Abdulloh, Lady Viona Yacup, Amelia Aussie, Dody Tansil, Ahmad Zabel Fachreza, Fahry Triza Nugraha, Aurelius Aaron, Ivan Fadhilah, Neysa Difi, Annisa Zakira Fillah, Natalia, Sigit Prayogo, Regina Chandra, Linton Sianturi, Ishani Dayal. 2016 – Yuramia Oksilasari, Dimas Hedito Rahardian, Veronika Selly, Clara Priskila Pranata, David Kharisma, Dio Asmandaru, Michael Funnggretio, Elisabeth Kathryn, Hendra Agustin Sugiarto, Novitasari Leonard Tanaya, Mohammad Irfan Andhikaputra, Ahndya Chita Sekar Anggriti, Devyna Pricilla, Sherika Permana, RR Anissa Larasati, Agnia Gama Priviyanti, Farah Andani. 2015 – Margaret Pranoto, Melina Santoso, Bernadette Hesty Prameswari, Edelyn Elpetina Ibrahim, Novia Oliviani Salim, Hansdika Agustinus, Harzha Syafarian Surya, Arabela Grania, Dwi Cahyo Husodo, Ruth Liana Fransisca, Pandu Tedja, Alya Yasmin, Nik Hazreen Nik Fauzi, Hendy Wu, Yono Ngalimin.

Realrich Sjarief ‘s Bio | Riwayat Hidup

I am just an ordinary person who likes to design, write, doing experimentation. I love to explore and meet many great people who are my inspirations. I live in Jakarta and Bandung, city and rural, in a beautiful country Indonesia. I believe that architecture can change people’s lives, human life. I came from a builder’s family. My family is a builder from a small city, my grandfather was from Samarinda, and my father was born in Lampung.

I was born in Surabaya, moved to Bali, Jakarta. Finally, I did my undergraduate studies at the Institute Technology of Bandung which I graduated in 2005, then worked for Urbane Indonesia, DP Architects, and Foster and Partners in London. I worked for many competitions when I was a fresh graduate, and sometimes I won, many times I lost. I continued my master’s in Urban Design Development at UNSW Sydney. I traveled to many countries, working on many projects to form my initial years.

In 2011, I started my office in the garage, we won several competitions, and some got built. We got several commissions, and some of them got made. Some of the build works earned nominations and winning some of them. Then, I realized that my grandfather and my father left a legacy in craftsmen’s hearts. I started to realize that there was something about the craftsmanship in the family. And I need to take care of the value. It’s a revelation of life.

My family has been a builder for three generations, 60 years of practice since Indonesia’s independence. At that time, the practice has no name. The relationship between the supervisors and laborers was intimate and personal to service some clients. The practice is well known for trust, quality, and its authentic design innovation in the mastery of building construction in Indonesia. 

Realrich Architecture Workshop | RAW Architecture revived the idea of harmonic relationship between the craftsman, designer, people, and buildings as a whole. The projects and the studio culture has become the manifestation of this belief. I put my heart into critical and creative thinking, trying to reflect what’s the best possible way to optimize the world of design.

I like to write several books with my friends, co-author, and Omah Library team. I found Omah Library as a part of the studio to bring discourse of theory and case study in public discussions and give discourse for Indonesian Architecture. There are some of publications that I put below, please have a look at it.

The studio is active in designing specific approach building that is interested in locality and craftmanship to define an architecture that is simple, humble, no pretension, and has a simple quality of transcendence. The design approach is that every building developed wholeheartedly will create a timeless, surreal, and mastery quality in its simplest form, most straightforward process with multiple perspectives.  

The achievement that I got was the collective effort from people around me. There are awards, publications, and lectures below that become our legacy that I am proud of and grateful for our current state.

In 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, Dezeen nominated Realrich Architecture Workshop as the world emerging architect in Long listed Dezeen award and won high commendation on the Alfa Omega project.

In 2018 and 2019 Recently Alfa Omega was nominated for two prestigious awards, World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam and Fibre Award led by Laetitia Fontaine and Dominique Gauzin-Muller. In 2021, Terra Fibre Award and architizer + Award also sets the Piyandeling Artisan workshop as one of its finalists.

INDE Asia pacific design award also nominated the Guha project in its influence in 2020 and the studio as its finalist category in 2021 and 2020. In 2012, RAW Architecture’s work, Bare Minimalist, was nominated for the Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta Award. In 2015, the Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta set for the first time, National Gallery of Indonesia for the Recognition Award category. Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta nominated Akanaka as a finalist in IAI Jakarta Award 2017, and Omah Library won the Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta Award 2017. Recently The studio won IAI Jakarta Award 2020 for the Alfa Omega school.

I also taught at several universities as adjunct professors or guest lecturers and did sharings or lectures on several occasions. I learn that to learn is to teach. To be a long-life learner is what makes me happy. Below is the picture of me and my team, I wish you happy life and can enjoy beautiful architecture around you.

You can read the firm’s ecosystem, the collaborative team in the section of project stories, design method, and research in the link below about the section frontstage :

In the story section backstage, you can find a more detailed story about the initiation of the studio and all of its transformative years. It’s about the process and the lovely people behind the works.


Realrich Sjarief

Realrich Sjarief

Realrich Architecture Workshop

Aries Utama H4 | A
West Jakarta

Responsible for the content:
Realrich Sjarief

Ahkamal Hakim, Eric Dinardi, Ernest Theofilus,
Jeffrey Hardianto, Ifran Nurdin

2021 Realrich Sjarief

k(c)ontak(ct) | See you on the other side

Hi, Thank you for the interest on contacting me. In case you have interest on my work please see some of the portfolio here

In case you are designers who seek for challenges and want to apply to the studio you can see some of the requirement, and fill in the form here, there are several positions available and we are constantly looking for new family.

Basically there are two ways of contacting me, and the first one is to contact by :


tel | wa : +62 816 164 4022.

The second one is meeting me in one of my talks. We will discuss in three ways, me-you-and objects. I talked about nature, art, and more architectonic theme in the talk. I interest not only in how the form looks but what the forces behind forms. The forms made the conceptual and produces patterns. Those are the traces of what’s inside the talks.

You can look at few links published below in title Talks | Seminar, and also connect to the the platform that initiated the discussions, I will see you there.

Talks | Seminar

You can look at few links published below in title Talks | Seminar, and also connect to the the platform that initiated the discussions, I will see you there.

Tracing The Dots

See the video in facebook Taylor University graduates invited me to share experience with dots in Realrich Architecture Workshop (RAW Architecture). I thought this […]

Practicing Design Philosophy

I was invited by Altrerosje Asri to share some how to practice philosophy in architecture. There are several questions that we can discuss in […]

Seri Seminar Theoritical Hybrid

Seri SeminarTHEORETICAL HYBRIDKelas Teori Arsitektur LanjutProgram Studi ArsitekturUniversitas Pelita Harapan Lingkungan fisik bagi kemanusiaan hari-hari ini dihadapkan pada fenomena baru yaitu bagaimana manusia menjalani […]

XYZ Project Podcast with Gary Yeow and Ryoga Dipowikoro

“Last Sunday, I had a discussion with Gary and Ryoga. They are the next generation of Malaysian and Indonesian designers who will color the future of regional architecture. It’s explicit that their questions and point of view are about how to come back to their homeland and improve the discussions, discourse, making further dialogue to deconstruct the post-colonial limitation. It appreciates what the region has and improves it along the way with more analysis and participation to enrich the current progress and revealing state of each architecture DNA.”

Phantom of Architecture

Architecture is sometimes interpreted as buildings or space in between, or body of theory. It’s a phantom, an unseen object of something apparent to sense but with no substantial existence. The Phantom actually greets and haunts us as traditions and technology. The sharing in here will focus on the paradoxes that creates bricolages of Architecture Fantasy in post modern era. It’s a way to use history for re-contextualizing the practice to be grounded or being radical to open unlimited possibilities of ideas.

Metode dan Pendekatan Perancangan Arsitektur

Program Studi Arsitektur Universitas Aisyiyah (UNISA) Yogyakarta mengadakan (kuliah umum Arsitektur Unisa) dengan tema : Metode dan Pendekatan Perancangan Arsitektur, terbuka untuk Umum

Inspirasi Nusantara

I was invited by UII (Universitas Islam Indonesia) to discuss the importance of theory in practice, it’s a way to redefine what the commitee […]

Reflection of the City

“Pandemik ini di arsitektur ini mencerminkan situasi yang sangat kontras, di satu pihak adalah realitas bencana dan di satu pihak membuka celah untuk berinovasi. Keadaan – keadaan ini kemudian dibingkai oleh sang pembawa cerita, salah satunya fotografer, arsitek, dan desainer kemudian membuat karyanya menjadi sebuah jalan cerita yang maha dahsyat soal kemungkinan positif di masa depan.”

The Sketch of Your Client Algorithm

Arsitek dan klien dimulai dari sebuah hubungan timbal balik. Lalu bagaimana memulai sebuah hubungan jangka panjang dengan klien. Apa saja yang harus dilakukan, judul […]


CIAAD’s FUTURE DIRECTION FOR GLOBAL EDUCATION The global definition of education is shifting due to technology, which is CIAAD’s primary tool for design pedagogy, […]

Awal Masa Depan Berhuni

DWELLING dan WAKTUKetika manusia mulai menghuni dunia, maka berbagai tingkatan hubungan antara manusia dan dunia akan terjadi. Christian Norberg-Schulz dalam bukunya The Concept of […]

Aurora – Itera Lampung

Terima kasih Himpunan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Swarnapada ITERA sudah mengundang untuk berbicara mengenai kejujuran di dalam arsitektur. Yang menarik adalah acara ini saatnya untuk menampilkan […]


Thank u @himarsunikom, I will share how to have fun, get inspiration, talking about passion, starting firm, facing failures, and servicing clients, then nurturing […]

Arsitek di Dalam Lingkungan Binaan

Pada 31 Agustus 2020, Arsitektur Pradita University mengadakan kuliah tamu bersama arsitek profesional Realrich Sjarief, IAI. Beliau merupakan founder dari RAW (Realrich Architecture Workshop). […]

Pendekatan dan Metode dalam Proses Merancang

Eksposisi #5Pendekatan dan Metode dalam Proses MerancangJumat, 19 Juni 202015.30-18.00 Narasi Ide desain merupakan buah pikiran setiap arsitek; output dari setiap proses kreatif yang […]

Shifting Paradigm In Architecture

READY FOR OUR NEXT #sundaysharing,DON’T FORGET TO SEND US DM TO GET THE LINK. …Come join us in a #sundaysharing session with @artriapratomo on…SHIFTING PARADIGM IN ARCHITECTURENew […]

Realrich Sjarief participate as one of the panelist in Nusantara Architecture roadshow initiated by Propan Raya

PT Propan Raya I.C.C is a manufacturing company engaged specifically in chemical coating, better known as “PAINT”. Founded by DR. Hendra Adidarma Dipl. Chemiker in 1979 with market concentration in the field of wood finishing for rattan and furniture crafts, making it the No. 1 paint company. 1 for wood finishing. With its vision “To Be the Most Innovative Surface Coating Company with World Class Quality” PT Propan Raya I.C.C successfully penetrated into other fields and mastered the decorative paint market so that it made it “The Paint Specialist”. This is evidenced by the success of achieving an ISO 9001 certificate that guarantees the quality and quality of its products.

Propan Raya initiated Architecture the 4th Nusantara Architecture Roadshow in Udayana Bali, with Prof. Dr. Ir. Josef Prijotomo, M. Arch, Yuwono Imanto, Realrich Sjarif, Putu Rumawan Salain, and Sunardi Liemantika

Realrich Sjarief participate as Jury in PARADESC 2019 “Kidtopia” competition

The need for child-friendly architecture in Indonesia feels less attention even though Indonesian architecture has recently developed rapidly. In fact, children need facilities that enable them to learn motorically for physical and mental development. PARADESC 2019: Kidtopia wants to invite architecture students from various universities throughout Indonesia to pour creativity into child-friendly architectural design works.

Along with Deddy Wahyudi and Yuswadi Saliya, Realrich Sjarief filled the role of Jury for the competition.

Realrich Sjarief invited in Archinesia Academy with Topic Managing Architecture Firm and Projects

ARCHINESIA Academy is coming back for the 8th time on 20-21 March 2019 in ICE BSD City. Realrich Sjarief was invited to give a lecture on how to manage architecture firm.

Good firm is the combination of positive theory, normative theory, team structure, and good attitude. The other things is depends on the context of each architecture firm. Realrich Sjarief, as a principal of RAW also said that managing architecture firm is about intellectual integrity, not only for internal team, but also for the clients. Beside that, playing of leadership, such as having a lot of discussion and dialogues, do not patronizing in each other, teaching and sharing knowledge, it also become one of the important things in the journey of the firm.

Realrich Sjarief Invited to Give Seminars on The Worldbex Seminars 2019, Philiphine

Realrich Sjarief invited to be part of The Worldbex Seminars 2019 Manila, Philippine. RAW (Realrich architecture Workshop) Architecture’s design director Ar. Realrich Sjarief will share talk on “Sustainable and Conscious Architecture, Exploration of Alpha Omega, and the Philosophy of Suwung.” The event is a sharing, presentation and discussion together with practicioners in Singapore, Philipines, Thailand. The 2019 Event Theme is “A World Built Bolder.”
Commencing the series of seminars at this year’s WORLDBEX is the vice president for Technical of the Philippine Green Building Initiative followed by 3 days session of Ar. Emelito Punsalan, Ar. Toon Virochpoka, Ar. Ramon Abiera, Engr. Gilbert Magbutay’s, Dr. Ma. Catalina Cabral, Ar. Realrich Sjarief, Ivy and Cynthia Almario, Ar. Dan Lichauco, Ar. Miguel Sousa, Engr. Abner Pahilanga, Ar. Ernesto Antonio Nasol.
Organized by Worldbex Services International, the WORLDBEX 2019 Seminars was held on March 14 to 16 in 2019, at the SMX Convention Center.

Membedah dan Membahas dari The Guild ke Omah Boto

Membedah dan Membahas dari The Guild ke Omah Boto, a sharing agenda managed by Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana on Saturday, February 9th, 2019. This agenda invited Realrich Sjarief, Andy Rahman, Eka Swadiansa, and Anas Hidayat to give some lectures about their story that bridging RAW’s The Guild to Andyrahman’s Omahboto.

The Guild is a “cave”, living place for family also working place for Realrich Sjarief with their colleagues: RAW, Omah Library, and so on. This book was written by Realrich Sjarief and Anas Hidayat. Meanwhile, the Omahboto, Andyrahman’s works was encouraged to exploring Nusantara’s craftsmanship by the art of brick that written in his book, Natabata.

SKETSA International Conference: Millenials Lifestyle Design

SKETSA resmi didirikan pada 19 Desember 1988, edisi perdananya terbit pada bulan Maret 1989. Secara keseluruhan, SKETSA dikelola oleh mahasiswa Arsitektur Universitas Tarumanagara dengan sistem kepengurusan yang berganti secara periodik setiap tahunnya.

Selama 28 tahun berdiri, SKETSA telah menerbitkan 30 majalah edisi reguler dan 4 edisi khusus. Untuk memperingati hari jadi setiap tahunnya, SKETSA secara aktif menyelenggarakan kegiatan-kegiatan non-penerbitan seperti gelar wicara, pameran dan seminar arsitektur, serta pelatihan-pelatihan lainnya.

Pada 14 Desember 2018, Majalah Sketsa akan memperingati dekade ketiganya dengan International Conference yang bertajuk: Millennial’s Lifestyle Design. Konferensi ini mengundang Realrich Sjarief sebagai moderator, Christ Precht, Budi Pradono, Ferry Ridwan, Hezby Riyandi, Revano Satria, dan Tiyok Prasetyoadi.

Register Here

Design for Life Highlights from the Singapore Institute of Architects Conference 2018

Last Tuesday (the 2nd of October), several hundred ticket holders convened at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre to hear some of Southeast Asia’s most interesting male* architects present their work. The occasion was the SIA’s annual conference, the professional core of Archifest, which this year took the overarching theme of ‘Design for Life’.

RE:Bamboo 2018 UNPAR, invited Realrich as Guest Speaker

Educate yourself on one of the most interesting material in the world—Bamboo! Explore the capabilities of bamboo and its craftmanship through the seminar and workshop brought to you by Indonesian renowned architects, EFF Studio and RAW Architecture. Sign up now!

Archifest 2018 Singapore, featuring Realrich Sjarief as speaker on topic Design for People

Archifest is an internationally-acclaimed festival which draws the interest of those both inside and outside of the Design industry. The theme that I envisioned for this year is “Design for Life”. It broadly encompasses the Architect’s vision to respond to the true needs of humanity. It is necessary for design to give back to the community and enrich human life as a whole.

Each year, Archifest hosts a series of events held in various locations in Singapore including the Archifest Pavilion under the categories of Archi-Interfaces, Conference, Conversations, Archicraft and Architours. These pillars of the festival work hand-in-hand to elaborate on the three sub-themes: Design for People, Design for Time and Design for Environment. Please find attached the text introducing the Theme of the Festival comprehensively.

Rabu(n) Senja sharing with Realrich Sjarief

Rabu(n) senja is a series of architectural lecture and profession sharing held by same named community that based at Kopi Manyar. On the occasion, Realrich Sjarief gave sharing titled Architecture of Happiness. The sharing were discussed topic of his brief life before entering profession, to the stories about client and hardship of the projects. He finalized his sharing with story of OMAH Library, as remark that happiness is a fruit of sharing.


IMARTA (Ikatan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Universitas Tarumanagara) held a discussion with topic “Research Project : Interactive Reading Space”, in order to find alternative approach in reading space design. The discussion that invited Realrich Sjarief (RAW Architecture) as a guest.

In this event, Realrich Sjarief giving lecture to Tarumanegara student about the importance of reading book in architectural carrier.

It’s Time For A Change, on Bravacasa

CASA indonesia is a branch edition of CASA Italy that has been around for many years amongst the best Italian interior design magazines. Bravacasa Indonesia is a magazine in constant evolution following the changes in their target reader’s need for information. A distinguished magazine that deals with all the themes of interior architecture design, all kinds of rooms, products, furnitures, the latest styles and inclusive of the hottest items from bathrooms and kitchens.

In this article, CASA planned a Designer’s showcase to celebrate its yearly achievement. Realrich Sjarief, along with Ines Katamso, Ayu Joddy, and Willis Kusuma are joined as main participant in this event.

99% The Guild : Open House

99% The Guild : Open House Sunday 12th June 2016   We Glady invited you to come to 99 Percent The Guild : Open […]

Diskusi Architectural Pedagogy: an Explorative Enquiry

Intimacy is a series fo exhibition held by ARA studio. As a discpline, architecture has grown in significant pace. Starting from technological innovation, global needs, tonew paradigm that influenced future practice. How academic and school responding this situation? Is there alternative to support this growth? This forum tries to resolve the questions.

Realrich Sjarief (RAW), Stephanus Evert Indrawan, S.T., M.A. (Universitas Ciputra), dan Eunike Kristi Julistiono, S.T., M.Des.SC. (UK Petra) is invited as guest speaker in this forum.

Anabata Series

Open Talk Architecture di Hotel Novotel, Jumat, 13 Mei 2016, pk 16.30-21.30 WIB. OTA menghadirkan pembicara Realrich Sjarief (RAW Architecture) dan Paulus Setyabudi (Stephanus […]

Archinesia Architecture Academy

Archinesia Architecture Academy or AAA is a panel discussion held by Archinesia, in which this time topic highlighted on how to start your own firm.

RAW Architecture, Edwin Nafarin, Paulus Setyabudi, Fenny Wati, and Bambang seomerdiono share their insight from architectural firm and how to prepare and survive in ASEAN MRA condition.

Realrich Sjarief invited in Forum Arsitektur Archinesia #11, discussing the importance of Architecture Exhibition

Forum Arsitektur Archinesia (FAA) is a monthly event that being held by Archinesia magazine. Beside architect, this forum also invited speakers that expert in built environment, art, culture, and design to contribute knowledge and develop architectural profession.

FAA #11 event questioning the importance of architectural exhibition. It is popular belief that huge name as FLW, were gaining benefit from such exhibition, but its reality and significance in our society is needed to be studied in closer look. Realrich Sjarief, Ayos Purwoaji, M. Chotob, and Imelda Akmal, is joined together discussing aforementioned issue.

Realrich is invited as speaker on CreativeMornings Jakarta

CreativeMornings is a lecture series that focus on local creative community. The event includes talks, discussions, coffee, and breakfast. Each friday, Creativemornings invited differing profiles from various professional and enthusiasm to share their stories and active discussion.

Realrich Sjarief is invited in one of the lecture due to his interest in disseminating knowledge towards younger people beside his practice as architect.

RAW attending Jakarta Design Week 3.1, held by IAI Jakarta chapter and Indobuildtech with topic “Membangun Rumah Pertama”

Jakarta design week 3.1 is series of event held by IAI Jakarta chapter in collaboration with Indobuildtech, in which the discussion took part.

Realrich, together with Deddy Wahjudi, and Mohammad B. Teguh will present Rumah Pertama : Strategi Design dan Investasi moderated by Priscillia Epifania. It is pointed the issue of land and material growing price in first-house building. Thus questioning the present issue to design according to one’s vision when its margin are dominated by developer.

Architecture Grand Festival 2013 : Urban Playground

[vc_column_text width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [/vc_column_text] [vc_column_text width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] Architecture Grand Festival (AGF) Merupakan suatu Program Kerja HIMARS untuk merealisasikan visi dan misi bersama […]

Talkshow: The Successful Architect

What is the meaning of success for an architect? How can an architect be successful? And the most important question, how can an architecture […]

Nafas Alam, Nafas Manusia, Nafas Desain

Tahun 2012, Prodi Arsitektur Universitas Atma JayaYogyakarta (UAJY) genap berusia 30 tahun. Untuk memperingati Lustrum ke VI Prodi Arsitektur, Panitia Reuni dan Pengabdian pada Masyarakat UAJY mengadakan […]


Archworx: “urban, human, architecture” January 16th-21st 2012 is presented by HIMARS Binus University. We presented workshops and expo that showing architecture binus student’s creation. […]

Internship Reflection Letter

Restless spirits that has been trained, and bringing sweet memories

Letter from Internship Students

Aulia Gema Alfaatihah – Universitas Pradita

Memiliki kesempatan untuk bekerja praktik di OMAH LIBRARY merupakan pengalaman yang sangat berharga, walau memang saya pun belum tahu pasti dan tidak dapat membandingkan dengan tempat-tempat lainnya, tetapi apa yang telah saya rasakan, keuntungan dan kelebihan yang didapat, hingga dapat menyadarkan saya atas kelemahan yang saya miliki lebih dari cukup untuk mengatakan ini adalah pengalaman berharga. Atmosfer kekeluargaan yang kuat, keceriaan, aura positif memberikan sebuah rumah yang harmonis. Membuat saya teringat sebuah perusahaan yang hampir bangkrut, alih alih merumahkan pekerjanya, malah membuat sistem cuti untuk dapat mempertahankan pekerjanya. Mengandalkan kekeluargaan dan saling toleran tidak disangka keuntungan yang didapat melampaui perkiraan […]

Maria Angela Rowa – Universitas Pradita

Mat pagi kak!””, ucapan wajib saya, Maria, memasuki Perpus Omah menyapa umi-umi Omah Library. Akhir semester 7, saya sempat bingung ingin mengajukan magang, selain karena saya mengulang Studio 6, saya juga meragukan apakah saya mencintai arsitektur, dan apakah saya bisa mengerjakannya. Beruntung dosen pembimbing mengizinkan saya untuk magang dibidang penulisan arsitektur. Selanjutnya adalah . . . cari tempat magang di mana? Waktu semakin mepet, saya baru mengirim surat lamaran magang terakhir tanggal 30 Desember 2021, dan sepertinya sudah tidak ada harapan untuk mendapat tempat magang. 2 Januari 2022 malam Kak Yudith menghubungi saya dan menawarkan apakah bisa mulai magang di […]

Angel Gabriella Kusuma – Universitas Kristen Petra

I’m Angel, a fellow learner and explorer who’s also currently studying architecture in Petra Christian University Surabaya. Was born and raised in Surabaya for 21 years. In my last year as an undergraduate student, I’ve decided to do an internship program in RAW to expand my exploration, get new experiences as well as new perspectives towards architecture and life. The 24th of November, 2021 is the day RAW offered me a chance to do the internship program which I had applied 3 months before. I still remember the feeling of waiting and how excited I got when Kak Yudith contacted […]

Evanjelicel Tamio – Universitas Pelita Harapan

Firstly, I really want to take a part and give my best strength to the amazing team and architecture that RAW’s built. Personally I am amazed and have studied some of RAW’s works through books, online publications and social media, especially when I visited and directly enjoyed The Guild and Alfa Omega schools. For me, studying architecture is about curiosity and questions, of course this is very fun and challenging, but it’s time for that challenge to no longer come from something fictitious like a problem in the studio. This thought arose because I felt that I really did not […]

Gabriela Marcelina – Universitas Kristen Petra

Hello! My name is Gabriela Marcelina, but everyone usually calls me Gaby. I’m in the seventh semester of my architecture studies at Petra Christian University. I come from Surabaya, who from birth to age 21 always “played” not far from Surabaya. Until in the middle of 2021, I, who had become interested in architecture, decided to step outside of my comfort zone to explore and learn more about architecture by doing an internship at RAW architecture. Long story short, when I first started studying architecture, I didn’t really understand what architecture was, “What did I learn? What brought me here?”. […]



This is the place where I put personal thoughts, and writings  about my journey on designing and understanding things. I believe that architecture is quite personal and so damn powerful. It starts with small universe of the context around us. 



Guha The Guild is the story of ecosystem in my residence, it’s a home where I experimented with people around me, designers, craftsmen, students. This journey brings an ecosystem, social relation. this is the archive of the social relations in our ecosystem.


realrich architecture workshop

Then we heard about architecture, it’s actually about protocol, method, theory, philosophy and imaginations. In this platform, I learn so much things to define what a rooted / radical methodology is. It’s complex combinations of disciplines.


omah library

This is my escape heaven, and I found my sincere friends, I called them intellectual to share their thoughts in this place. It’s run by sincere librarians who provide the connections between young and old people. The discourse happening in the library hopefully will start discourse on architecture in Indonesia.

Starting Journey | Long Life Learner

Starting Journey | Long Life Learner

Hi Restless Spirits, Hope you are doing great,

Hello there, I am Realrich Sjarief. I am an architect, writer, and teacher who lives in Guha with my beautiful wife and kids. I am the principal of the Realrich Architecture Workshop, an ordinary long-life learner.

Life is just so beautiful and so unique, if you imagine. The breath that we have, the magic of the moments, look up the bluish sky is so blue, trees are so green, the power of compassion as human show the incredible of what God has given to us. I love my family, family is the small universe that I cherish, and I love architecture so profoundly, and I can not stop thinking about it for even one day.

I, Realrich, was born on 16 January 1982, and my wife, Laurensia, was born on 22 May 1982. we have been together in our marriage since 2011.

At that time, we are the same age who are in our 30’s. Some people said, Life is just begun at 30, that’s like what I thought. Probably it’s just a coincidence, miracle, or incredible gift that Laurensia and I could be together. We believe it’s destiny. It’s the one that everybody will walk. Everybody has their future, so do you, and so do us. Here is our destiny to walk our life together. It’s not such a fairy tale that we live on but such an ordinary life with love. I learn to be a child again because of my family for unpretentiousness, curiosity and showing kindness to people around us.

I spent my time experimenting with new ways of doing architecture. I experiment with artisans in the studio’s Guild of artisans that focused on joinery details. We challenged the details to get higher performance, durability, buildability and economically feasible beyond aesthetics by using available material using field tactics and subtle strategy using common sense.

Then the nature will call of reciprocal rules, that every kind people deserve to be successful, effort should be noted, and thanked for. It will be appreciated. That is the beautiful side of monumental architecture, creating memories for all of the people.

When I was a volunteer in humanity and an activist in a student organization, I spent much time doing something without expecting anything in return. It is the moment of being grateful that I have hands, head, feet, and heart to help people, to carry a mission that I am here to give myself for people around me. Omah Library is the manifestation of that mission, the home for restless spirits, and the mission is to help students, young practitioners to get transfer knowledge by profound fellow intellectual, academic, and practitioners. They are willing to teach and learn from The restless spirit.

It’s the September that we try to remember, when life was so slow and so mellow, the grass was green and grain was yellow. It’s one magical song that I do love most. So this is the story not about me, but also my dearest wife, family, and friends around the world of architecture, and maybe it’s about you as a learner. Somehow we are connected.

Just like one cab driver said to me, “hey Realrich, do you know that good people meet good people, so don’t worry about life. Just do your best.” I sincerely look forward to seeing you, hear your story, know you, and wish you great happiness in life like what I always pray for you,

You can read the firm’s ecosystem, the collaborative team in the section of project stories, design method, and research in the link below about the section frontstage :

In the story section backstage, you can find a more detailed story about the initiation of the studio and all of its transformative years. It’s about the process and the lovely people behind the works.


Realrich Sjarief

I love to design architecture, read books about architecture and write books about it. I became an architect, writer, lecturer, and father of wonderful kids and a beloved wife. I spend most of my time with my kids and husband over at The Guild – Guha, and spending time to learn with another fellow restless spirits at Omah Library.
Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth.Guha is located in Taman Villa Meruya. This place is where I work, live with our little family.
Guha including the Book House is a place where children around our house play in the form of a residence + public library. They are creative, cheerful, and have unpretentious mind with curiosity to learn.

Long Life Learner | My Mayonaisse Jar

Long Life Learner | My Mayonaisse Jar

Greetings, Dear Readers

Young architect and Restless Spirits,

I have been writing and designing since 2005. I started in this blog to share my journey as a freshman and continued even after I become Architect. Since then, I got inspired by some stories from books, short articles, video clips, or even just a simple note from serendipity. I reshare some of the stories hoping that those stories can help you walk your life as they do to me. The tales start with a professor who taught their students about priorities in life. It begins from My Mayonaisse Jar. This writing is a way to contemplate, a way to respect, and a way to transform. I learn about the priority of life in his story. Family, Friends, Work.

When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, this space is a way to gathering my spirit. And when 24 hours in a day is not enough, I always remember this story about the mayonnaise jar and 2 cups of coffee.” It’s a way for me to remind myself that I can encounter the problem by telling myself everything will be ok, start control and leave the things I can’t control. And this thinking made me start My Mayonaisse Jar.

You can read the firm’s ecosystem, the collaborative team in the section of project stories, design method, and research in the link below about the section frontstage :

In the story section backstage, you can find a more detailed story about the initiation of the studio and all of its transformative years. It’s about the process and the lovely people behind the works.


Realrich Sjarief

Inspiring Story

Unconditional Love

Culture, which we have seen in our daily life sometimes is just taken with no granted. everybody should accept it, more people said that we have to remember our culture to avoid faceless community, one community without any culture. That is arguably true but sometimes we forget behind culture, there should be love that becomes signifier of what we’re doing. We’ve got so many problems in our life. Problems of relationship, your career, your dream. I believe in one truth,  which is …. give the unconditional love to everybody. The world is going to be more wonderful place and beautiful […]

a girl’s hope

This is beautiful movie clip showing a dream that everybody should look in their life. how about you ? watch it twice so you can enjoy it fully  and have a good weekend

Glenn Van Ekeren “tawarkan pundak anda untuk disandari”

Artikel dibawah ini sangat menarik, untuk oase di tengah – tengah kesibukan yang menghampiri. terkadang memang kita membutuhkan dorongan, terutama dari orang – orang terbaik di sekitar anda :) ” Tidak banyak yang lebih dahsyat di dunia ini selain dorongan yang positif. Sebuah senyum. Sepatah kata tentang optimisme dan pengharapan. Sebuah ungkapan “kamu bisa” ketika kesulitan sedang melanda. ” Richard M. Devos Olimpiade 1992 di Barcelona, Spanyol menampilkan banyak hal yang sangat menakjubkan bagi para pengamatnya. Tayangan ulang salah satu pertandingan atletik selalu hidup dalam kenangan saya. Atlet Derek Redmon dari inggris memiliki hasrat seumur hidup untuk memenangkan medali emas […]

Ciptakan Perubahan Dalam Hidup Sesama, one writing from Glenn Van Ekeren

Tidak Berbuat apapun bagi sesama berarti tidak berbuat apapun bagi diri sendiri. Kita harus dengan sengaja bersikap ramah dan murah hati kecuali bila kita ingin menyia – nyiakan bagian terbaik dari keberadaan kita. Hati yang direlakan berkarya akan mendapatkan kepenuhan dalam kebahagiaan. Inilah rahasia dari kehidupan di bawah permukaan Kita berbuat yang terbaik bagi diri sendiri dengan berbuat sesuatu bagi orang lain. Horace Mann Pada suatu masa, Tanah persia pernah diperintah oleh seorang syeh bijaksana dan sangat dicintai rakyatnya. Syeh ini peduli sekali kepada rakyatnya dan keinginannya hanya berbuat yang terbaik bagi mereka. Rakyat Persia tahu bahwa syeh mereka mau […]

Stanford Report, June 14, 2005 , ‘You’ve got to find what you love,’ Jobs says

I‘m always amazed by Steve Jobs with his speech at stanford, please enjoy your reading. I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college. Truth be told, this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a college graduation. Today I want to tell you three stories from my life. That’s it. No big deal. Just three stories. The first story is about connecting the dots. I dropped out of Reed College after the first 6 months, but then stayed around as a drop-in for […]

Live a Life That Matters

June 02, 2009, Sydney ” If there is anything I would like to be remembered for it is that I helped people understand that leadership is helping other people grow and succeed. To repeat myself, leadership is not just about you. It’s about them.” – Jack Welch New York Times bestselling author Mark Albion’s 3-minute animated movie Based on Mark’s book, More Than Money. “The Good Life” Ready or not, some day it will all come to an end. There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours, or days. All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten, will […]

The Professor and the Mayonaisse Jar

When things in your life seem almost too much to handle,When 24 hours in a day is not enough. Remember this story about the mayonnaise jar and 2 cups of coffee. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students, if the jar was full. They agreed that it was. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He […]

The Daffodil Principle by Jaroldeen Edwards

“There is a garden in every childhood,an enchanted placewhere colors are brighter, the air softer,and the morning more fragrant than ever.”~ Elizabeth Lawrence Several times my daughter had telephoned to say, “Mother, you must come to see the daffodils before they are over.” I wanted to go, but it was a two-hour drive from Laguna to Lake Arrowhead “I will come next Tuesday”, I promised a little reluctantly on her third call. Next Tuesday dawned cold and rainy. Still, I had promised, and reluctantly I drove there. When I finally walked into Carolyn’s house I was welcomed by the joyful […]

Formative Years | Getting to know myself better

Formative Years | Getting to know myself better

I divided the story into several chapters. The first chapter is my formation year. I came from a builder’s family, born in Surabaya. I spent some of my childhood in Bedugul, Bali accompanying my father that worked in the construction of Bali Handara project. I was astonished to see the culture of Bali, the island of God. When I was ten years old, I moved to Jakarta. Jakarta is a mixture of colonial, traditional, and ultra-modern cities. This juxtaposition shows the true potential of Indonesia, and this potential has its weakness in its infrastructure and integrative planning.

Since working in the architecture field, I was curious about what’s the limit of architecture. I was hungry for learning, and the first step is to get to know myself better. I moved to Bandung to study architecture in ITB. I worked in Ridwan Kamil + Partners’s studio, Urbane, for a year before working in Singapore in DP Architect, and finally accepted to work in Foster and Partners London. I put some understanding that The studio selected me, not me choose them. I did send many applications, and many got rejected. Few were accepted.

The second step was understanding that the studio has goals, and I do have plans. How to put both goals in harmony is the key. I need to care about the studio’s goals. By doing that, I have responsibility for the studio. The story then continued when I studied again in Sydney, continuing my master’s degree in Urban Design and Development under Jon Lang and James Weirick. Then, I started my firm, Realrich Architecture Workshop. This chapter is the formation year, year before I met Laurensia.

You can read the firm’s ecosystem, the collaborative team in the section of project stories, design method, and research in the link below about the section frontstage :

In the story section backstage, you can find a more detailed story about the initiation of the studio and all of its transformative years. It’s about the process and the lovely people behind the works.


Realrich Sjarief

Formative Year

Surabaya – In Father’s Workshop

Looking back, I was born in Surabaya, near the poor slum area where there were crazy people, prostitutes, and the gap between rich and poor. Our family lived on Jalan Dukuh Kupang Timur gang 13 no. 75. I grew up and played in several alleys adjacent to Dolly’s Gang, which signifies the gap between a paradoxical iceberg phenomenon related to the necessities of life and the city’s identity. I met one kid named Hamid every day, and he is a crazy toddler. Every time I pass him, I look at his genuine behavior such as running while showing arm-pit, laughing […]

Jepang dan Sebuah Pelajaran Tentang Rasa

Kyoto, 091128 , Japan, a country with endless story about culture, history, and nature. Tinggalkan pikiran – pikiran dunia, merunduklah. Dengarlah suara teko air teh yang mendidih, dengarlah suara alam, burung – burung yang berkicau, suara air yang menetes, suara kaki orang yang berjalan, alam sesungguhnya berbicara, rasakan kesempurnaan dalam ketidak sempurnaan, mata ini menatap ke arah huruf kaligrafi jepang yang ada di depanku, kemudian wanita di depan ku berkata, prinsip ini melandasi budaya Jepang pada upacara minum teh, yaitu Simple dan Rustic. Tak heran semua yang ada di Jepang terlihat begitu sederhana dalam kesehariannya meskipun jejak – jejak modernisasinya juga […]

Kerja Keras

170909, Sydney.. 4 am ” Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard. Theodore Roosevelt (1858 – 1919)                     Mata ini terasa sakit, ingin untuk menutup, lidah ini terasa kelu, mungkin aku hanya butuh memejamkan mata sejenak. Tanganku kembali menulis satu paragraf demi satu paragraf. Sekarang sudah jam 4 pagi, baru saja satu pekerjaan dari Indonesia selesai dikerjakan, di antara pekerjaan – pekerjaan yang masih menunggu dan artikel – artikel tugas kuliah yang tertumpuk di kasur. Aku bergumam, besok mungkin aku harus ke perpustakaan dan […]

Perhentian sesaat di Seoul, Korea

Incheon, Korea 020809 “Nothing is as simple as we hope it will be.” Jim Horning Free your mind like butterfly flying Jari ini menari – nari, seiring dengan pikiran ini yang tidak kunjung berhenti untuk berpikir. Tanpa disadari Tubuh ini terasa penat, total perjalanan ke Korea berlangsung selama 36 jam, berada di dalam pesawat dalam perjalanan Jakarta, Perth, Sydney, Singapore,Korea – Incheon. Perjalanan yang penat namun memberikan waktu untuk kembali berpikir. Cuaca kali ini sedang kurang bersahabat, terlihat dari jendela pesawat. Kemudian aku teringat akan sebuah cerita pada saat masa kecil dulu. Waktu itu guru agama kami memberikan sebuah soal, […]

1st Prize Winner – Vokasi Universitas Indonesia Competition – Depok, Jakarta, Indonesia

national design competition. ” We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.” Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005) Konsep desain kompleks vokasi UI ini didasarkan pertimbangan atas 3 aspek, pertama, desain bangunan yang sesuai dengan iklim tropis. Kedua, desain bangunan yang kontekstual dengan pencitraan ui, dan ketiga, desain bangunan yang mampu memanfaatkan potensi lahan semaksimal mungkin. Penataan masterplan didasarkan dari penempatan ‘learning promenade’ di axis utama lahan yang menghubungkan node potensial transit oriented development dari Universitas Indonesia di titik selatan dengan […]

Bronze Prize winner, South Korea – Hybrid City, Ubiquitous Community+Ecology

International Urban Design Student Competition of  Song do New City, Incheon, South Korea   This scheme for Sector 11 in Song do new city is an unprecedented hybrid neighborhood which combine ubiquitous core to afford ubiquitous life in Song do. It is built entirely on a section of previously reclaimed land on East Song do waterfront immediately at the corner of Song do development. Korea’s commercial and business-driven information technology legacy has generated a rich creative energy. Hybrid City defines Ubiquitous design as cores, linkages, and hybrid neighborhood. Ecology defines this project to be sustainable as its part to cycle […]

Hidupku Hidup Satu Kali

18 Mei 2009, Sydney “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” Walter Bagehot (1826 – 1877) Sudah kira – kira setengah tahun, diri ini urung untuk menulis, entah kenapa pikiran ini melayang terus tanpa bisa berhenti untuk kemudian bernafas. Apa karena derap waktu Jakarta dan London yang berubah menjadi begitu cepat ? atau diri ini yang memang berasumsi kalau waktu ini tidak bisa dihentikan. Baru saat ini, badan ini duduk dan mulai menulis, satu kata demi satu kata mulai mengalir… Apa yang bisa diuraikan di tulisan 6 bulan terakhir ini. kalau ada kata – […]

1st Prize Winner – UGM Teaching Hospital

20 Desember 2008 MENSANA IN CORPORE SANO (Di dalam tubuh yang sehat, tersimpan jiwa yang kuat) “Ini adalah sayembara yang sempet diikuti sewaktu pulang dari London, selesai berkerja dari Foster and Partners di bulan Desember 2008 sebelum berangkat lagi ke Australia bulan February 2009. Memang hidup selalu penuh kejutan, pada waktu itu aku termenung, dan sadar bahwa jalan ini memang sudah benar,… .“Radisson Hotel, Jogjakarta 20 December 2009 Design dari Rumah Sakit Akademik UGM ini terinspirasi dari analogi peredaran darah dalam tubuh manusia, dimana pusat dari site diibaratkan sebagai jantung yang merupakan pusat kegiatan rumah sakit Universitas Gadjah Mada dan […]

Satu Jentikkan Jari

01 June 2008 – London “di pagi yang sepi, ditemani secangkir teh manis hangat” Aku akan mulai banyak menggunakan kata – kata aku, karena mungkin egoisitas diriku mulai timbul. Dimana keinginan untuk tidak menggunakan kata subjek pada tulisan – tulisan yang sebelumnya sama sekali tidak mempertanggungjawabkan apa yang kutulis. Itulah hal yang akan kusampaikan pada beberapa kalimat kedepan. Aku dan aku dan aku mulai menemukan diriku kembali setelah 3 tahun ini.. Penggunaan kata aku ini berasal dari keberanian untuk bisa mempertanggungjawabkan apa yang kita bicarakan maupun apa yang kita pikirkan dengan hati yang jujur. Baru kali ini, seakan – akan […]

Cerita di Tahun Ketiga

29 April 2008 “Di dalam satu cerita, satu paragraph, satu skenario. Semua menunjukkan satu keterkaitan dalam ritme yang berbeda “ Adakalanya terdapat beberapa kata dan ada kalanya juga terdapat beberapa titik, beberapa perhentian, beberapa jeda dan beberapa koma.. Semua terbagi menjadi 3 bagian. Saat kata itu ada, saat jeda itu ada dan saat titik itu ada.  Saat titik itu ada menandakan kita akan berhenti untuk kemudian ada jeda dan memulai kembali dengan kata yang baru. Ada kalanya waktu mengajarkan kita kesabaran dan ketidakpastian. Seperti proses penulisan kata – kata yang terlihat sederhana dan dan diulang – ulang. Lihatlah Pandai besi […]

Langkah Melangkah…

6 January 2008, Angel, London Memang benar keadaan disini memang luar biasa menariknya, untuk dipelajari, dan dipahami.. Sudah 6 bulan di sini, di kota yang baru, dimana matahari terkadang ada disini hanya untuk mengedipkan mata dan kemudian bersembunyi kembali. ½ tahun disini , setiap hari waktu berpacu dengan rutinitas yang lama – lama terlihat semakin nampak. Semua terasa begitu lambat dalam kenangan namun terlalu cepat ketika ada dalam langkah – langkah. Dimensi yang berbeda di kota yang berbeda. Cerita berbeda di tempat yang baru. Dimulai dengan saat – saat pertama datang dan ketidak tahuan kemana langkah ini mengarah. Ini seperti […]

Mimpi pemimpi

22 July 2007, Bali “Hiduplah seperti pohon, tumbuh perlahan – lahan dan tidak tergesa – gesa” Tisna Sanjaya Di hari – hari terakhir di Singapore, akhirnya ada kesempatan  juga untuk Melihat Hongkong, berkesempatan juga jalan2 ke kota ini , bersama Iyok, Koes . Melihat, menyentuh, merasakan karya2 terbaik yang ada di sini. Thanks Arie, Dowel, Anis for your hospitality. “Diri yang pemimpi “ saat menuju 2 tahunan kemarin. Banyak pelajaran yang terjadi, mengenai karir, hidup, cinta dan harapan. tiap2 peristiwa mempunyai arti tersendiri. Kembali ke  perkataan pak Tisna untuk tetap “ hidup tidak tergesa – gesa“.  Keinginan  ada karena diri […]

Welcome to England – Working at Foster and Partners

I worked under my senior partners in Foster and Partners London, and his name is Gerard Evenden. I never imagined that I was accepted to work in London. At that time, I prepared my portfolio. I sent the portfolio to several studios. Many of them got rejected. I was anxious at that moment because I spent so much time preparing the portfolio. It’s six months in total. I printed 10 Copies in the Geylang area. It’s the place when there is one printing company that can print double-sided paper in outstanding quality. So far, I was proud of the portfolio […]

Perspektif 4 titik

06 01 2007, Singapore “di Backstage ada semangat untuk salah, ada juga semangat untuk belajar, apalagi semangat untuk mencoba benar ,…terkadang mungkin kita lupa dengan ini.” Suatu waktu di tanggal 22 Desember, melintas di kawasan Little india, Bugis, dalam perjalanan ke tekka mall. Opera Cina Tidak terasa 1 tahun 3/4 bulan selepas bebasnya diri dari kukungan akademik untuk kembali masuk ke tantangan yang lebih bergolak. Tepat di angka 3/4 zona aman sudah mulai merasuk di diri, menenangkan hati, kenyamanan, rasa aman yang membuat kita bisa mulai berbuat, zona sekitar mulai masuk ‘tuk mendukung segala jalan, angka 1/4 adalah saat dimana […]

Rantai Ketika

September 3, 2006, Singapore “Ketika ”berbeda dengan dimensi sebelum dan sesudah, ia ada di antara awang – awang masa kini dan masa lalu, “ketika” berbicara mengenai saat sesudah aksi diberikan, ketika, seperti pada suatu ketika, Louis kahn dan Peter Zumthor lah inspirasi bulan ini.Adalah benar apabila semuanya ada dalam keteraturan sendiri, seperti, temukanlah aturan alam semesta maka kamu akan mengerti segalanya, mengenai keindahan bentuk dan proporsi terbaik. Sulit untuk menyelami dimensi keindahan yang ada, yang kutahu hanya ada sedikit orang dari banyak orang yang mampu bergulat dengannya dan belajar darinya, semua akan kebingungan ketika berbicara tentang ruang dan keindahan, adalah […]

Thinking of the games

3 July 2006, Singapore Suatu kalimat ‘ Belajar dari kekalahan, ..sama seperti permainan akan hidup …   Credit to : Liza Susanto, Budhi Hermawan Ada menang ada juga kalah, mungkin saat2 mengalami kegagalan itulah justru saat yang terbaik, saat dimana kita bisa mensyukuri segalanya. sadar akan kesalahan. sama ketika kuterlempar dalam sinusoidal terbawah di tahun 2002, terimbas oleh cepatnya waktu kerjaan – kerjaan dan kegilaan yang mengalir di tingkat 3, akhirnya dapet nilai E untuk studio perancangan, akhirnya dikeplak juga buat sadar, syukur ada saat2 itu , lagi,   masa menjadi gila, belajar untuk menahan diri. Setiap kita ada di bawah […]

the 13 th post

03 May 2006, Singapore The World is moving so fast, here, beginning all the learning Process with quoting from a pen’s pall that always starts all of the paragraph by word ‘hmmpff.. The Process to find the objectivity is already beginning. The fingers that always dance just stop to mesmerize. Right now, is it right path? And how to the life our life? Do we just have to start from the beginning? Until Now, I enjoy live, and questioning the entire question, now I think is the time to answer. From this place I learn the best essential study that […]

Menggenggam Kesempatan

26 March 2006, Bandung, Indonesia Grab your opportunity Kesempatan dan masalah itu seperti peruntungan, ada kalanya sekeras – kerasnya kita berusaha, kesempatan dan masalah tidak kunjung datang, datang tiba – tiba, tidak menentu kapan, dimana, bagaimana sama waktu hujan turun.. Ada yang meneduh.. ada yang jalan terus, [memang semuanya akan kembali dengan seberapa derasnya hujan itu turun] kalo kita mau jalan.. kemudian [ada yang bilang wah tunggu saja sebentar lagi ajah mas, pasti hujannya akan reda] kemudian ada yang membalas [siapa tau ujannya makin deres] kuputuskan saat itu juga, tutup kuping, langsung gas, hadapi hujan. mungkin ini juga peruntungan, namun […]

Satu Tahun

Jumat 030306, 12 bulan – Genap, Bandung, Indonesia Dari pengalaman lama, ada sesuatu yang baru untuk dipelajari. Menanti untuk dimulai, dari pengalaman itu sudah berbuah kembali, namun untuk dipetik, masih harus terus berpikir apakah itu sudah pantas diambil. Ataukah memang aku masih harus terus memulai. Ada orang yang bilang ” begitu kita juga jatuh cinta pada sesuatu, justru kitaharus melepaskannya, hanya dengan sikap seperti itu kita akan terus meningkatkan diri. Seperti pada waktu masa mahasiswa dimana kegilaan beraktivitas masih menerpa, pada akhirnya waktu harus berjalan menyadarkan, tongkat estafet itu harus diberikan pada generasi berikutnya. Alasannya ada sesuatu yang lebih menantang […]

8 Bulan

September 23, 2005, Bandung, Indonesia “Dunia seakan – akan bergerak sangat cepat, deadline yang terus menerjang” 1 hari tiada terasa,Dead line dan deadline, hidup seorang arsitek. Mungkin inilah beda antara dunia kampus dengan dunia kerja yang dulu waktu masih di kuliah tingkat 1 masih ada di awang – awang. Keterkungkungan dalam dunia praktek arsitektur, 100 % rutinitas. idealisme harus sedikit diturunkan, menjadi seseorang yang belajar ternyata sangat menyenangkan, ya kerja lembur 1 malam 2 malam, 1 x 24 jam, menjadi seorang manusia pembelajar berarti mampu untuk belajar dari setiap momen, setiap kepahitan, kesulitan, mungkin ga akan mendapat apa2 dari kegampangan, […]

Final Project at Institute Technology of Bandung – Special Prayer For The Death

Tugas Akhir adalah saat yang paling berkesan karena hal ini adalah rekonsiliasi dari kegagalan saya sendiri di tingkat 3, mendapatkan nilai E dan mendapatkan pelajaran mengenai transformasi dari kerja keras, dan membiarkan orang lain mengisi transformasi tersebut dengan tantangan – tantangan, sampai saya merubah tampilan, baju yang saya pakai supaya lebih formal setiap harinya supaya ada kedisiplinan, dan titik fokus dalam membuat karya arsitektur.

Harapan saya supaya umpan balik, proses, dan hal yang indah yang saya dapatkan bisa dibagikan dan dialami oleh adik – adik mahasiswa.

Saya adalah orang yang berusaha menjadi kakak yang bisa membantu adik – adik saya untuk menjalani proses kelahiran mereka. Terkadang saya mengalami gelap gulita di dalam transformasi saya sendiri. Dengan berdialog dengan masa lalu dan adik – adik saya, suasana menjadi damai. Konstruksi dialog, rekonsiliasi, dan kecerdasan transformatif adalah hal – hal yang saya cintai dan saya perjuangkan melalui arsitektur.

Inspiring People | Orang – orang Inspiratif

Inspiring People | Orang – orang Inspiratif

The few years when I was a student in ITB, I was a more socially active person, I was in student organization then I become secretary-general and some of the technical coordinator, and planning team who were in discussion about the central theme, vision, and executing the plan into the schedule. I was involved in training new organization members for one year and two years below. The training is ongoing for one year per batch led by the leader of the student organization. The training is about personal and communal on getting to know yourself and how to be collaborative such as knowing your responsibility and practicing leadership.

My role was at backstage; we learn, prepare, and evaluate the implementation of the training. I knew that we are never alone in performing the ideas, and understanding that the picture needs to be pushed, pushing myself to be active unpretentiously while not expecting anything in return is profound to my attitude towards making an effort from concept to execution. I met with many inspiring people during my formative years, few notable one is Ridwan Kamil, Baskoro Tedjo, the Hermit of Atelier 6 Architects, and Eko Purwono and all of the fellow lecturers.

You can read the firm’s ecosystem, the collaborative team in the section of project stories, design method, and research in the link below about the section frontstage :

In the story section backstage, you can find a more detailed story about the initiation of the studio and all of its transformative years. It’s about the process and the lovely people behind the works.


Realrich Sjarief

Inspiring People

Wance Tobeng – Etos Ibu

There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on.”-Leo Christopher Ibu saya selalu menemani ayah saya ketika bekerja. Saya ingat ayah saya bercerita ketika ibu dan ayah saya menghadap ke Teddy Boen di pagi – pagi justru ketika Pak Teddy belum ke kantor. Pak Teddy pun terkejut melihat ayah ibu saya disana, intinya mereka ingin mendiskusikan beberapa tagihan tambahan karena memang diperlukan. Dan benar saja Pak Teddy selalu mengingat ibu dan ayah saya. Mereka selalu berpesan bahwa bangun pagi – pagi, selalu ada rejeki untuk orang yang bersiap – siap dan tak kenal […]

Asnawi Sjarief – My father, Teluk Betung Eagle

Ini ayah saya, namanya Asnawi Sjarief, opa kami, yang ngga segesit ibu saya tapi matanya tajam seperti elang. Ia adalah seorang pemain bulutangkis yang sempat jadi Elang Teluk Betung, meskipun badannya kecil ia terkenal dengan jumping smashnya. Ia menyaksikan kehebatan satu legenda pelatih Indonesia Tong Sin Fu dalam melatih reflek, teknik bermain dengan etos berlatih tinggi sampai berkelahi ketika harus mempertahankan prinsip hidupnya. Tong Sin Fu sekarang melatih Lin Dan, dan kaliber dunia lainnya menjadi juara dunia. Dulu om Tong sempat melatih Icuk Sugiarto, Alan Budikusuma, Ardy Wiranata, Hariyanto Arbi, Hendrawan. Ia melatih murid2nya untuk meraih puluhan gelar juara termasuk […]

Boonserm Premthada – Sang Penjaga Gajah

Beberapa bulan ini saya berusaha mencari teman untuk bisa berdiskusi mengenai arsitektur. Arsitektur di dalam pikiran saya adalah sebuah disiplin yang perlu untuk diperjuangkan dan dihayati yang dimulai dari hal yang kecil yang kemudian menjadi besar, merubah orang yang menempatinya termasuk merubah arsiteknya sendiri. satu karya menuju satu karya yang lainnya. Kualitas ditentukan bukan oleh berapa banyaknya kuantitas yang dikerjakan, kualitas diatas kuantitas. Kualitas pun tidak berbanding lurus dengan kepopuleran satu karya tersebut, penilaian satu karya terhadap yang lain muncul dari kekuatan proses pembuatannya. Hal tersebut yang seringkali membuat saya berdecak kagum karena semangat perubahan, semangat kejujuran, semangat untuk tampil […]

Kandalama, Geoffrey Bawa’s later masterpiece and content of being honest

“A building can only be understood by moving around and through it and by experiencing the modulation of the spaces one moves through from outside verandahs, the rooms, passages, courtyards the view from these spaces into othersm,… equally important, the play of light in both garden and innerroom – from shaded inner space to the celebration of light in a courtyard.” Geoffrey Bawa Several Weeks later I saw one image, a hotel with full of greeneries looks like the building is attached to nature. The Name of the Hotel is Kandalama. Robson stated If Norman Foster works with hundreds of […]

Kengo Kuma – Craftmanship Process

161016  Jakarta,”Totality of architectural design includes textures, the soft and hardness of the material, the smell of the material, and the acoustic effect of the material.” Kengo Kuma Di satu pagi Albert salah satu klien yang sudah saya anggap seperti adik sendiri, mengingatkan, “ko jangan lupa untuk meeting tanggal 9 Oktober ya, Kengo Kuma akan datang ke Belitung, nanti kita diskusi. apa koko bisa ?” Kira – kira 4 bulan yang lalu, Albert memiliki ide untuk mengunjungi Kengo Kuma ke Jepang, Kengo Kuma pun tertarik dengan proyek yang sedang kita kerjakan. Dalam hati, diri ini bertanya – tanya, apakah ini […]

Ahmad Rida Soemardi – Sincere Leaner and Teacher

“Learn from me, for as I teach, I learn from you as well! Always be accountable to yourself and take complete responsibility for your own life. No one can do as much for you, as you can do for yourself…” ― James A. Murphy Beliau datang di sidang ke 3 di masa – masa tugas akhir hampir 10 tahun yang lalu , di pertengahan jalan proses di tugas akhir, di tengah perjalanannya untuk menempuh PHD di Australia, ia pulang. Kita sendiri ada ber 4 dengan teman – teman satu kelompok yang lain, ada Nisa, Gamma, dan Herman dengan Pembimbing pribadi diri […]

Seniman Sunaryo, Matahari dari Priangan

Langit, langit, dirimu begitu biru, satu saat dirimu begitu mendung, apa pesanmu, kucoba menangkap satu orang berbisik, dunia tidak sama lagi Bumi, bumi, dirimu begitu hangat, satu saat dirimu begitu dingin, apa pesanmu, kucoba menangkap satu orang berbisik, dunia tidak sama lagi Satu saat kutangkap pesan langitan, dan pesan tanah ini, katanya jaman sudah berubah tidak seperti dulu ketika satu dekade lalu begitu hangat di bumi priangan teman seperjalananku dalam menatap langit dan menapak bumi berkata,  mungkin ini pesan langitan, arahan bumi, mengenai birunya langit, dan hangatnya tanah Ketika jaman silih berganti, ketika sang gunadharma menua, muncul pertanyaannya apa yang […]

Jon Lang, Greatest Professor in Urban Design

I met this man few months ago when I just started MUDD course in University of New South Wales Sydney. it was memorable moment. He gave us quiz and I couldn’t answer any of them. Then I laughed over loud to this old man. and he said, I don’t like people laughing at me and then he smile and said, “but I like people who try to answer the question.” Every time I laughed and this man got even angrier at me, but at the end he is always smiling. what he taught is about how to create place for […]

Ridwan Kamil – Professional Professor

At the elevator in the architecture department ITB, I met one guy wearing a nice suit. His looks were quite different than ordinary people at ITB. He was pretty neat, professional, and corporate looked with vest and suit. I managed to meet this man several times. I heard from my friends, “that is the new lecturer from Hong Kong, his name is Emil. The one who won Kota Baru Parahyangan Competition.” I hear his name because, in the second year, my three friends and I entered that competition and found out that we could not finish it because the scale […]

Baskoro Tedjo – Meaning Giver

I met Baskoro Tedjo, one of the initiators of Arsitek Muda Indonesia. His work in Selasar Sunaryo was one that is a substantial body of work. He taught me to use simple planar/mass to define space, bring solid void to the area. He has sensitive personalization on things he admires. And from now on, I can assure myself to personalize architecture, and there are parameters such as mass, planar shapes, void, light, and simplicity. It’s another way of mind. Meeting with both two inspiring people is a memorable time. He is a lecturer, architect, and singer. I look at him, […]

Loving Years | Getting know My Love

Getting know My Love | Laurensia

Greetings, Dear Readers

Young architect and Restless Spirits,

Her name is Laurensia, She has the same age of me. She went to the same elementary school with me, the same senior high school with me, but we went to different university. She went to university in Jakarta while I went for my bachelor degree in Bandung. Bandung and Jakarta is 2 different cities, has different life style, different climate, but same solstice as the location approximately in same latitude. I had not much time to know her, since that time.  8 years after that, she is a Dentist and I am an Architect.

My life was so fast at that time, “a lonely ranger”, I would say. After I graduated, I worked in Bandung, Singapore, London, while sometime fly to Banjarmasin to help my brother’s business. It had been a wicked time for work alcoholic time with almost 40 design competitions and design built works across South East Asia, Middle East and China. I spent a year in one place and another year in another place.

You can read the firm’s ecosystem, the collaborative team in the section of project stories, design method, and research in the link below about the section frontstage :

In the story section backstage, you can find a more detailed story about the initiation of the studio and all of its transformative years. It’s about the process and the lovely people behind the works.


Realrich Sjarief

Getting Know My Love | Laurensia


June 11 2009, Sydney “Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit”- Khalil Gibran Do you believe in faith ? Love? Good will? I don’t know if you do, but I really do. Today is Thursday. The day almost ends today’s  scenario. It’s winter time in the middle of the night. I was wondering about what love might be in people opinion, how about you? Sometimes I have seen the sincerity between people eyes in between strangers and friends in relationship, how would you determine love? I will  tell story about my experience of love and sincerity. […]

I Love You

When I came back for a holiday to Jakarta, we had dinner several times, until a week before I went back to London. I felt that I wanted to spend time with her as a couple, not a friend anymore. Because my time is limited, only a week before going back to England. I love her because I can see my life in the future with her. I love her because of how she appreciates her family, her friends, her staff, her colleagues. I love her because she has passion and care for her job and spending time with me, […]

Meeting Old Geek High School Friend

London, January 2009 Every time I went home from Overseas, I always send a text to Laurensia, called her. I did that because I like to share things with her. She was an indifferent world to me, and I had been friends since I was ten years old. We were friends because I knew that she had a boyfriend. But in London, I was single, and I did not care about relations, one thing that I am sure that I am pretty lonely. One time I got the reply email from Laurensia that I sent years before. We conversed by […]

Di Gunadharma Awal Titik Pertama

“Pak, si *** susah diatur, anaknya keras kepala, kordinasi pekerjaan tidak jalan ditangan dia, bapak tidak tau sih bagaimana kerja bersama dia.” Celoteh satu mahasiswa tempat diri ini mengajar kepada satu dosennya, teman sejawat saya. Diri ini tersenyum sesembari menimpali celotehan anak tersebut. Seraya menarik nafas panjang, pikiran ini terbawa dan teringat celotehan yang sama mungkin 10 tahun yang lalu di saat saya masih menjadi mahasiswa, celotehan yang selalu sama, setiap tahun berulang selama 5 tahun diri ini ada di kampus gajah. Ya, pada waktu itu diri ini sangat menikmati berkerja bersama demi sebuah idealisme komunal yang kadang kala diri […]

Kumpulan Manusia Absurd

18 Agustus 2000, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Dunia di ITB itu berbeda dengan dunia SMA saya yang homogen. Dunia SMA saya dimana saya dibesarkan di lingkungan gereja katolik, dan daerah Jakarta Barat. Sebagian kawan – kawan saya tinggal di daerah yang sama, dengan radius sampai 5 kilometer. Saya suka duduk – duduk di sepulang sekolah di tukang gorengan yang kurang populer. Ada dua tukang gorengan, yang satu kurang populer karena tempatnya di dekat SMP yang lebih populer lokasinya lebih strategis, dengan dengan toko minuman. Saya menghabiskan waktu setengah jam setiap pulang sekolah untuk bertegur sapa, menanyakan keseharian tukang gorengan tersebut. Sampai […]

Geek | Non Mainstream High School Group

2004, Sekolah Menengah Umum Katolik Sang Timur – Jakarta Waktu saya masih belajar di sekolah menengah atas saya memiliki guru les fisika yang sama dengan Laurensia, namanya pak Harry. Saya ingat pada waktu saya suka sekali bermain tenis meja setiap dua minggu satu kali saya menghabiskan waktu untuk pulang lebih sore. Terkadang, saya terlambat mengikuti les tersebut ataupun malah saya absen mengikuti kelas tersebut. Akibatnya Laurensia harus mengikuti tes tersebut selama hampir empat jam. Ia masih terkadang mengingat hal tersebut. Meski demikian, saya tidak terlalu ambil pusing dengan les tersebut asal saya masih bisa bermain tennis meja sampai – sampai […]

Long Distance Relationship | Love Birds

Long Distance Relationship | Love Birds

Every time I went home from Overseas, I always send a text to Laurensia, called her. I did that because I like to share things with her. She was an indifferent world to me, and I had been friends since I was ten years old. We were friends because I knew that she had a boyfriend. But in London, I was single, and I did not care about relations, one thing that I am sure that I am pretty lonely. One time I got the reply email from Laurensia that I sent years before.

We conversed by email, and I knew that she was single, she broke up with her boyfriend. We shared life around us, and I knew that she worked so hard. She went to the rural areas in the mountain to practice, serving the government every day. In Indonesia, to obtain a license, a young dentist needs to fulfill the service to the government. It took three years for her to do things like that. It took hours to travel, and the need to change transport several times, from cars, mini can, and motorcycles. Her life was tough, and she was consistent in fulfilling her service to the government.

We conversed by emails and texts several times, noting that when I went back to Jakarta, I wanted to ask her for dinner. I wanted to see her in person. My curiosity grew because She lived in two routines, in the morning, she did service to the government in the rural area, and in the evening, she worked in her dental clinic. She worked so hard, and I can see that I am in love with her hard work. I did my hard work as well as an architect, working overtime and living morning and evening work. I saw her hard work as reflection of my life, how we are different but her story fill my heart.

You can read the firm’s ecosystem, the collaborative team in the section of project stories, design method, and research in the link below about the section frontstage :

In the story section backstage, you can find a more detailed story about the initiation of the studio and all of its transformative years. It’s about the process and the lovely people behind the works.


Realrich Sjarief

Moments | with Laurensia before Marriage

Berbuat dengan Hati dan Etika

Michael kamu, anak muda jaman sekarang, berbisnis, tanpa etika, tanpa nilai … Kalimat ini terlontar dari nada bicara diri ini  yang meninggi di suatu malam jam 11 di minggu pertama di bulan agustus tahun ini. Klinik gigi laurensia sedang ada masalah. Ibaratnya… ada seorang tukang mie, ia merintis dari awal, di daerah yang kosong tanpa ada tukang mie sedikitpun. Ia mengurus ijin dengan preman setempat kemudian meracik mie khas buatannya sendiri. Resep diolahnya dari pengalaman bertahun – tahun dengan keringat dan resiko. Setelah beberapa tahun, lapak mie itu menuntut untuk diperbesar ia pun menambah orang dan menambah stok bahan dasar […]

Resolusi Tahun baru 2010

Keinginan dan kenyataan, 08 January 2010, Bali Di akhir tahun ini aku berpikir mengenai apa yang sudah terjadi di tahun 2009 dan apa yang ingin diraih di 2010. Ada orang – orang yang punya mimpi , cita – cita, dan resolusi tahun baru, ada juga yang menganggap ini hal yang biasa – biasa saja, dan berjuang sehari – harinya. Namun kita semua selalu mengharapkan hidup yang lebih baik di tahun yang baru ini, tahun 2010. Apa arti 2010 ini ? Apa mimpimu ? Kehidupan Pikiran ini melayang ke rencana di bulan Maret tahun depan, sekolahku akan berakhir, gelar akan diraih. […]

Why Carrying Flower for Your Loved One is so Strange ?

Finally, my waiting day is over. I can meet my lovely Laurensia. She was in tour to Europe and ended in London. She traveled to Netherland before, before joining the Europe tour. So the plan was, her coming to London and coming back to Netherlands to do her tour. I prepare flower for her, I bought the flower at the battersea road, where I usually eat vietnamese food there. The stall was very beautiful, and so is the flower. My co-workers surprised when I brought the flower to the office. I asked my senior for 1/2 day off, because I […]

Starting the Family Years | Being Grateful

Starting the Family Years | Being Grateful

Greetings, Dear Readers

Young architect and Restless Spirits,

On 25 September 2011, we were married. Our marriage is the marriage between families, so we leave the preparation to our parents. They like to be responsible for food tasting, choosing the place for receptions. What we focused on concerning us, Laurensia picked her gown and asked me about her opinion. She liked the simple one, and it was a perfect fit for her. We took a picture on our pre-wedding day in place of our daily activities, her dental clinic, the garage office, and the street, including empty land near my parent’s house. Our preparation was straightforward and modest. I love the moment that captured our life because it shows the real us in daily routines.

She cared about the studio; because that was the thing that I loved. We took the pictures in our architecture studio, showing time-lapse that doing architecture is a marathon, and she is waiting for all of the time bu patience and love. In the dental clinic, I let her take care of my teeth, and it’s an act of me accepting her condition gratefully.

We spent the evening playing with balloons and folded bicycle from my mother. The setting was to catch the dream and to give harmony, she will take me to the ground, and I drive the bike together, only both of us; it’s our world.

We set the picnic at the treetop in front of the studio; it was a lovely and timeless moment. We have beautiful pictures; what made it enjoyable was the moment captured in our parents, including her very close dog. One is a heartwarming experience. We want to experience it repeatedly, and it feels like I know her from the past life.

We had the Holy Matrimony and reception in one day. Our big family, my grand
Mother, fellow friends, my students, and some long friend from Malaysia, UK, universities, brothers from architecture studios, high school friends, relatives, clients came to greet us. We feel grateful for their prayer.

That day was unimaginable, like a dream come true. And we have planned to Visit London for our honeymoon. We went to York, Edinburgh, Paris, Italia – 3 cities: Venice, Verona, Treviso, Spain-3 cities: Barcelona, Bilbao, and Seville, then returned to Paris and traveled home. I studied Jean Nouvel, Carlo Scarpa’s works, Gaudi’s Works, visiting Frank Gehry’s exhibition at Pompidou Centre, revisited Foster and Partner’s studio, including meeting old friends and looked at Metropole Parasol by Jurgen Mayer. It’s one of the pilgrimage trips that I started to understand the world of tectonics, the alchemy of materials, the critical of the guild, and the sublimation of poetic objects. I will share the pilgrimage trip below.

Laurensia accompanies me on the trip while I was learning at architecture. I always wait for her comments. I feel grateful to have her supporting the journey, and we can have fun while learning a new universe of architecture. I, as Narayana finally found my Radha.

You can read the firm’s ecosystem, the collaborative team in the section of project stories, design method, and research in the link below about the section frontstage :

In the story section backstage, you can find a more detailed story about the initiation of the studio and all of its transformative years. It’s about the process and the lovely people behind the works.


Realrich Sjarief

Preparing the Marriage | Together with Laurensia

Cerita di tahun kelima – Pelajaran terbaik

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language andnd next year’s words await another voice…And to make an end is to make a beginning. TS Eliot Diri ini akan membagi – bagi cerita ini menjadi beberapa cerita kecil, sebagai refleksi kehidupan yang begitu indah untuk dijalani, dan menyimpan banyak hal untuk dipelajari. Malam ini … Malam ini sunyi sepi, waktu tertera pukul 10. 30 malam, baru saat ini aku bisa menarik nafas untuk melegakan diri dari segala macam aktifitas yang ada di kota Jakarta ini, hari ini hari terakhir tanggal 31, bulan Desember, tahun 2011. kira – kira sudah […]

It’s Pre-Wedding Day Today !

Our marriage is the marriage between families, so we leave the preparation to our parents. They like to be responsible for the trial, such as food tasting, choosing the place for receptions what Laurensia and I focused on things that were close to us. Laurensia searched the bridal house that she liked, and she chose the one which is a simple and professional designer. It does not need to be a famous bridal house. She picked her gown and asked me about her opinion. She liked the simple one, and it was a perfect fit for her. I spent days […]

Lonely Path | Retrospective’s Spirit

I learned on critical and creative thinking that both of the worlds need iterations of things. That’s architecture. Its fluid, it’s complex, and full of surprises. If you learn one brilliant architect’s journey, you will get amazed. I understand that my dad and granddad, they are a builder. It makes a massive leap as my understanding that architecture can use what available material around us. It forms a positive attitude, to absorb that is profound to open unlimited learning from context.

I traveled quite often after I had a marriage with Laurensia. We do learn from pilgrimage with her to explore new ways of looking at things. We went to places around Indonesia and London to retracing some exciting works by Norman Foster or even by Enric Miralles, and many great architects or even architecture without architects.

In this trip, the journey is varied from learning from many great – great architects. There are few names such as Y.B. Mangun Wijaya, Le Corbusier, Laurie Baker, Carlo Scarpa, Maclaine Pont, Antonin Raymond, Alvar Aalto, and others still living. All of those architects fight their vision and do their mission by what they have done. I am inspired by them, and I read autobiographies about their work every time I make the pilgrimage. I can cry and touch their effort to push their limit of humanity. They are complex. Their archetypes bring complexity to the current world.

Correa wrote that there two way of learning, direct and indirect learning. I think both of them actually needs a compass of retrospective, way to know that we are part of bigger picture. Actually this journey is about to understand our own shadows, personas, animas, animus, heroes, and so many archetypes that defines us. Jung probably right that there must me something magical that becoming background of the human’s mind and I think this is about transformation, and understanding that Architecture is so damn powerful.

You can read the firm’s ecosystem, the collaborative team in the section of project stories, design method, and research in the link below about the section frontstage :

In the story section backstage, you can find a more detailed story about the initiation of the studio and all of its transformative years. It’s about the process and the lovely people behind the works.


Realrich Sjarief

Moments | Pilgrimage

Barcelona, To Architect with Blue Eyes, Tribute to Antoni Gaudi

140930 Barcelona “Learning from Gaudi is like praying to the Almighty who need devotion of our best energy knowing the most important of all.” If Norman Foster is truly a master of fundamental then Gehry is truly a master of deconstructivist. If Scarpa is truly a master on making orchestra of human’s rigidity rational mind then Gaudi is a noble man who has genius of nature in his genius of free workmanship in unlimited geometry in mimicking nature. If you are the player of the mind then he is the body of desire then we are creating spirit to fly […]

Paris and Bilbao, Encountering work of Frank Gehry

Bilbao, Spain 141030 ” …When the building is finished,…I worry that it is some kind of bizarre thing… I want to crawl under the blankets. When i saw Bilbao for the first time, I said,” oh my God, what have I done to these people?” I think that is a problem, but for better or worse, that is who I am.” – Frank Gehry In one bright afternoon at the edge of nervion river. My mind is wondering, Norman Foster is truly master in neo Modernist approach, a god of life, an apollo, he has been my favorite architect who […]

Bali, Ilusi dalam Realitas

Arsitek Muda Indonesia sudah memulai pada tahun 1990 untuk mencoba meredefinisikan kembali arsitektur yang lebih baik pada jamannya dengan pendekatan yang rasionalis. Jong Arsitek sebagai wadah arsitek muda mencoba menyambung eksistensialnya dengan media digital, mencoba mewadahi jembatan arsitek generasi selanjutnya dari AMI…Memang ada saja godaan untuk membuat eksistensial tiap – tiap kelompok menjadi lebih tinggi namun budaya untuk belajar ini yang baik untuk dipertahankan. Yang patut untuk selalu menjadi perenungan adalah, apa sumbangannya terhadap bidang keilmuan yang ada.

Hong Kong, Perjalanan hidup di tahun kedua, angka 30

The woods are lovely, bright and shallow. But I have beautiful promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep and I don’t want to sleep until I die. Realrich [taken from frost’s poem] Hongkong, Mengenai Cinta… Dalam perjalanan satu tahun ini, tidak disangka sudah satu tahun diri ini hidup berdua dengan wanita terbaikku, ya usia pernikahan kami sudah 1 tahun umurnya. Kami menikah tanggal 25 September 2011. Di kala – kala kesibukkan yang semakin menerpa, waktu yang semakin menuntut, kami belajar untuk menyelipkan waktu2 untuk terus menghargai kebersamaan kami. Pada waktu itu Diri ini sedang terjebak macet, terik matahari […]

Edinburgh, Enric Miralles, The World of the Others

London November 2011 We planned the trip to several cities in the United Kingdom. We traveled to Malaysia first before arrived at Stansted Airport. This airport is one of the magnificent works by Norman Foster that showed integrative architecture innovation. Foster and Partners-designed MEP structure was placed below the ground floor, so the idea opened the roof to be light and exposed. It was constructed as a modular umbrella. This tree-like module is well integrated with the MEP system from water plumbing, HVAC, and electric piping. I saw the structure reminded me this approach of architecture over and over needs […]

Moments | Family

Secretive – Guha

Setiap pojok di The Guild adalah cerita tentang proses yang terjadi, perubahan tempat, konstruksi, penambahan konstruksi yang seringkali ditandai dengan mutilasi terhadap bentuk – bentuk yang terjadi dengan tujuan eksperimentasi untuk membuat teknik yang semakin ringan, mudah dan murah.

2014 – Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Baku, Azarbaijan. City of Winds. “The wind represent the force of change, the matter of change is nothing compare to the matter of love” Laurensia mengatakan bahwa kami sedang mendapatkan anugerah yang terindah dari Tuhan. Saya berpikir bagaimana bisa ia bisa sedemikian sabarnya menghadapi apa yang sudah terjadi. Laurensia, satu orang yang merupakan anugrah yang terbaik yang diri ini temui, dari titik pertemuan kembali dirinya sejak diri ini ada di London sampai sekarang ini. Kami sudah beberapa kali mengalami kesedihan, janin tidak berkembang selama waktu yang singkat ataupun yang paling lama hamil selama 7 bulan di masa kehamilan pertama. Kehamilan kedua dan […]

2014 – Paris – Calf, Farmer, and Swallow to Slaughter House – One lesson in year of 9th

“I like the thought that what we are to do on this earth is embellish it for its greater beauty, so that oncoming generations can look back to the shapes we leave here and get the same thrill that I get in looking back at theirs – at the Parthenon, at Chartres Cathedral.” –  Philip Johnson I recognised Phillipe Johnson,an architect, Scholar with big glasses who truly easy satisfied being small and enjoyed being at the centre of architecture history. He was under rated by some architect because he couldn’t draw. In his figure, we could see multiple layers which […]

2014 – Garis Tangan, sepinya hari – hari tanpa kehadiran anak yang kami dambakan

Teman terbaik membaca garis tangan, ia bergumam, “berat, perjalanan ke depan akanlah berat, suatu saat akan bisa mencapai mimpi tapi jalannya tidak akan mudah.” Satu saat itu adalah satu saat sore – sore di Bandung. “baiklah kalau begitu, mau bagaimana lagi.” Berpetak – petak sawah terbentang begitu indahnya lengkap dengan arsitektur rumah – rumah yang terbuat dari bata. Sekelebat siluet semak semak itu berlalu dalam perjalanan ke Pekalongan sebegitu cepatnya, suara derap kereta terdengar jelas dengan pintu yang terbuka dan tertutup dengan hilir mudik orang yang lalu lalang dalam perjalanan kali ini. Badan ini terasa penat sekali, capai dengan perjalanan […]

2013 – Craftsmen Guild, Murakabi

“Believe in this world – that there is meaning behind everything.” Vivekananda Malam ini sunyi senyap, hari ini pun hari biasa, dengan kicauan suara burung – burung yang ada di taman sebelah rumah. yang berbeda adalah diri ini bangun lebih pagi dari biasanya, sekarang jam 3 pagi. Diri ini pun merenung terdiam mengenai apa saja yang sudah terjadi dalam hidup sampai hari ini. Sejenak diri ini bersyukur, bahwa sudah dikaruniai  nafas kegagalan, nafas keberhasilan,  dan nafas yang diberikan untuk bisa merenungi inti dari kehidupan ini. Untuk apa kita ada disini. Melalui kerja nyata romo mangunwijaya membantu masyarakat, ada satu renungan […]

Dengan Laurensia Selama 1 Tahun

130120 “Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity, Khalil Gibran ”  Bandung, Diri ini merenung sejenak. Tahun ini, tahun yang penuh kebahagiaan, sekaligus menyimpan cerita kesedihannya. Malam itu serasa sendu,sunyi, sepi. Wanita terbaikku sudah tidur di sampingku, dan pikiran ini terbang melayang untuk memaknai apa yang sudah ada sekarang di tahun 2012 ini … Ada rasa ketidakpastian dalam karir selama 1 tahun terakhir ini, ketidak pastian dalam masa depan, dengan sejuta alasannya. Masih belia, masih muda, ketidak pastian antar-rentang usia. Rantai ketika sedang berputar dalam ketidakpastiannya. Hal – hal yang penuh ketidakpastian terus terjadi, bagaimana sulitnya […]

2012 – Losing Cherry

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all… Hari itu hari Jumat malam jam 23.30. setelah diri ini berdoa untuk bayi kami, aku pun tersenyum, karena ia begitu cantik, ingin kubawa bayi ini  ke Laurensia. Namun petugas sudah akan membawanya pergi untuk memandikannya. Rambutnya ikal, hidungnya mancung, perawakannya mungil,jemarinya lentik dan kulitnya putih bersih. Kukecup keningnya, dan setelah itu diriku pun bergegas untuk menunggu di depan ruang operasi, pintu kamar operasi pun belum terbuka. Diri ini sudah menunggu 1 jam namun operasi belum juga selesai. […]

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