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Hallo there, I am Realrich Sjarief, an architect, writer, and monumental artist live in Guha with my wife and kids. I work in my studio : Realrich Architecture Workshop (well known by the name of RAW Architecture)

Rahasia Kehidupan ?

Sama juga dengan kehidupan. Beberapa orang terpengaruh akan cinta akan harta dimana yang lain buta akan kekuasaan, dan keinginan untuk mendominasi. tetapi tipe manusia yang terbaik memberikan dirinya untuk menemukan arti dan tujuan kehidupan. Ia akan mencari untuk mengungkap rahasia kehidupan.

Eh baru tahu ya, makanya Jangan asyik sendiri.

Saya kemudian tersenyum, sontoloyo tenan. Pelan – pelan saya balik ke meja saya membuka referensi buku – buku untuk saya bagikan ke anak ini, salah-satunya adalah novel Romo Mangun mengenai burung – burung Manyar, kekuatan berproses bercinta di dalam arsitektur dan untuk tetap menjadi sontoloyo. Teruskan dik untuk meredefinisi Arsitekturmu ! Hal ini membuat saya tertarik untuk melihat diskursus identitas di dalam Arsitektur Indonesia.

Mengenal Arsitektur Indonesia

Ini adalah diskusi – diskusi sederhana mengenai politik identitas. Saya percaya bahwa hal – hal yang besar dirajut dari semangat – semangat kecil untuk menembus empati yang lebih dari sekedar mencari identitas, yaitu semangat persaudaraan.

Guha is in the 50 best-houses of 2020 so far

Thank you for Archdaily we’re in the article by Victor Delaqua Here is the link of the article We’ve recently passed the halfway point of 2020, and to date, we’ve published hundreds of residential projects featuring distinct ways of living on ArchDaily. In a year marked by the worst health crisis that humanity has experienced […]


Terjadi masalah. Harap segarkan halaman dan/atau coba lagi.

Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth.

I love to design architecture, read books about architecture and write books about it. I became an architect, writer, lecturer, and father of wonderful kids and a beloved wife. I spend most of my time with my kids and husband over at The Guild – Guha, and spending time to learn with another fellow amateur at Omah Library.

Rumah Buku adalah tempat anak – anak sekitar rumah kami bermain – main di dalam bentuk perpustakaan.
Ini adalah tempat belajar saya dan kawan – kawan yang menyukai arsitektur. Banyak diskusi yang terjadi di tempat ini.
Guha bertempat di Taman Villa Meruya. Tempat ini adalah tempat saya berkarya, tinggal bersama keluarga kecil kami.

The Roseto | Paguyuban’s Spirit

I had learned that architecture is sacred, and is all about collaboration process. Our team consists of dedicated craftsmen, young designer, many of them are brothers, sisters, friends for life.

None of these was of more use to me than the call for long lasting relationship. If any Outlier wished to be successful in his place, we helped them to rise, which all who were within hearing answered yes to the bright future of all of my fellow family.

Then the nature will call of reciprocal rules, that every kind people deserve to be succesful, effort should be noted, and thanked for. It will be appreciated. That is the beautiful side of monumental architecture, that is creating memories for all of the people’s in.



Craft is a tradition inherited by generations. It’s an ethos to elaborate yourself with tribes, past philosophy to contextualize with contemporary issues.



Architecture is all about art and building science. It’s a holistic view or combination between way of universe and integrative approach to combine the diciplines.



We don’t see them, we will never see them. To be successful you’ve got to work hard, to make history, simple, you’ve got to make it. At the end it’s not about you, it’s about collaborative works. Success is togetherness.



Look at the beautiful phrases to appreciate literacy. Surround yourself with angels of words, positive energy that is long lasted, beautiful people as actors, beautiful souls as networks, clean heart, angelic act as theories.

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