RAW Won 1st Prize National Gallery of Indonesia

RAW won National Gallery of Indonesia.The design of the Galeri Nasional Indonesia ( Indonesian National Gallery ) complex is inspired by the beauty of the sky and the warmth of the earth with an intention similar to the heritage building of Galeri Nasional located right in the middle of the complex. The heritage building, built during the Dutch-Indies government era, will be framed with a gallery with an expression of greeneries representing the earth, and in the background will be the office or administrative building of the Galeri Nasional which represents the sky.

The lobby is located in the heritage building, making this building a hub for entrance and egress. A skybridge connects the heritage building with the gallery building that frames it. The reception plaza is located on the western side of the Galeri Nasional Indonesia, with a pedestrian path open to the banks of Ciliwung River. An art plaza concept will be built along the east-west axis, and art stores will be located on the north and south sides.

The design of the Galeri Nasional complex is based on the intention to maintain the image of the heritage building whose plot is only 70 meters wide; quite small when compared to the width of the heritage building itself, which is 22 meters. Therefore, the design intervention chosen for this site is landscape as the side architecture of the museum, flanking the heritage building. Connectivity is maintained through a public access from the Monumen Nasional (Monas) to the art shop in the central space of the gallery through underground tunnel. In the master plan, this connectivity issue is continued to the Ciliwung River, allowing art activities on its banks.

The master plan development is divided into two stages. The first stage is focused on the main area, the Galeri Nasional area. On this first stage, it is assumed that the land around the Galeri Nasional is in the acquisition process, thus the development is focused on the Galeri Nasional itself. The first stage, as the main function of the national gallery, can be run independently. The second stage will be conducted in the subsequent development, when the land is acquired. In the second stage, the supporting facilities of this gallery complex-convention center, auditorium, and a hotel located on the north side of the complex, facing the Monas and Gambir train station-will be built.

In general, the building masses of the Galeri Nasional Indonesia complex respond to two main axes. The Monas axis and the Galeri Nasional heritage building which was connected to the Gambir train station. The Monas axis is realized through the construction of an underground tunnel.The front and rear side of the Galeri Nasional complex hold interconnected open plazas as a response to the Monas area (at the front) and the Ciliwung River (at the rear).

The Galeri Nasional Indonesia depicts the simplicity of Indonesian architecture in harmony with nature where earth and sky merge.

Principal Architect : Realrich Sjarief

Team : Happy Marfianta, Apriani Sarashayu, Septrio Effendi, Tatyana Kusumo, Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Maria Vania, Muhammad Iqbal Zuchri, Christiandy Pradangga, Donald Aditya, dan Mukhamad Ilham.

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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture