RAW is in Archinesia 4th Edition : Cross Border Architecture

Archinesia published Akanaka in its 4th edition

The countries in this region seem to have been overlooked, whereas they have distinctive characteristics resulting from their similarities, which, among others, are similarity in historical background as some of the countries were colonized by the same colonizers (Portuguese, British, Dutch, and Japanese); identical climate condition as the countries lie near the equator; and closeness in ethnicity, ways of life, culture, and even foods. All these influence the region’s architectural development.

Then, two coincidences happened: first, we were preparing ARCHINESIA Volume 4 on the theme of “Cross-Border”, and, second, Association Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) apparently has prepared the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Architectural Services which will take effect next two years. Therefore, in this edition we discuss the theme of “Cross-Border” with a particular context of Southeast Asia. We interviewed some sources to collect the agreement-related information that Southeast Asian architects must know about.

Moreover, this edition also covered a special report on the World Architecture Festival 2013 (WAF 2013), which took place recently in Singapore from 2 to 4 October. This year’s festival was more vibrant from that of last year, especially with the presence of architects’ latest creations, which include the winner or Building of the Year category from New Zealand.

As you would expect the ARCHINESIA Volume 4 also presents architecture creations from ASEAN architects, news, agenda, and many more reports that will broaden horizons of readers and architecture enthusiasts in Southeast Asia.

Bibliography from Archinesia Official Website : http://archinesia.com/backissue/1

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture