RAW supports OMAH Library

RAW supports OMAH Library. OMAH Architecture Library was established by Realrich Sjarief, sponsored by RAW Architecture at the end of 2014 to accomodate young people for accessible knowledge about architecture in Indonesia. We are working on part time basis to support the architecture community which is why the library is only open during saturday and sunday. Louis Kahn once shared about his wisdom, quotations from Kahn, one of which reads: “Schools began with a man under a tree who did not know he was a teacher, sharing his realization with a few others who did not know they were students.” It’s the beginning to from a society of education, an institution of man. It is simply like what we have been doing, we start with small things, one thing at a time. We do hope the positive mindset might improve architecture as a profession or as good culture basis in greater scale. At the end, while we do not know what will happen at the end our journey, let’s deepen our understanding about architecture and its beauty, the spirit which envelope our life, like it or not, it shapes our culture.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture