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Harzha Syafarian Surya – Institut Teknik Sepuluh Nopember

Approaching the end of my academic Study, I am in a place where i would have to choose what i would become in the future. I begin this Journey as a high school Grad unsure of the major that he is chosen, Architecture. I never really quite see myself as an engineer, i always imagine myself in the creative field. But as i took more step into the wilderness of Architecture, i am currently lost in a goodway. I see to many thing from the eyes of an Architect, questioning space , searching for beauty and form and human. But as much hole is left unfilled, to what is the purpose of it? what would mankind be without architects? far too many question unanswered. From this state, i quote one of my professor. That i am happy i am lost in the right Path for me.

The Third Year Holiday is where student usually find internship in professional Practice. Trying the actual Architecture outside of the ideal that academic life shield for us. But as a student of Architecture i am quite anxious to be a part of the professional life. Maybe an attraction from the unknown, but i really need the jump to the unknown of the reality of architecture practice. But most important of all, i am jumping to this unknown to actually find the questions that left holes in my understanding of Architecture. Improving the skills and knowledge that i have in design, construction knowledge, human aspect and hoping to get a grasp of a lot more that academic life could’nt grasp for me.

But i hope as i took the step in tasting a bit of the reality of Architecture practice trough this Internship Program, I hope i do not lose some of the naivety that i hold to see Architecture. In seeing that Questioning space and form may solve problems, not all of it but some of it. Well my simple naive dream is that architecture or at least my architecture could be those that make changes for the better, even for just a little bit.








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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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