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Tiffany Ariana – Universitas Kristen Petra

Hi! My name is Tiffany Ariana and I am on my third year in Architecture Department at Petra Christian University Surabaya. At the beginning of this year I had an intention of having an internship at one of architecture firm. So I got some information from my friends about a few firms at Jakarta. Why didn’t I choose an architecture firm at Surabaya? First thing that came on my mind was Jakarta has a big growth of development and also has more firms than Surabaya. My second reason is that I would like to learn to live outside my city (I never lived a very long time outside my city without my parents). I got an information about having an internship at RAW from my senior. They told us about what they learned there and so I and some of my friends got interested and tried to email RAW. After a while they replied and accepted us.
I would like to have an internship because my mind says that having experiences as an intern is needed for the real work after graduating. As an architect, experience is very important such as how to communicate with client, how to perform at work, having ethic as an architect and so on. That’s why having an internship is a valuable experience to learn for the reality of work.
As an intern at RAW I want to learn many thing. After I entered Architecture as a freshman at 2012, I learned many thing. Architecture is not just about the exterior beauty but also its function inside can acommodate the user needs. How an architect designed the building can decide either the user comfortable or having difficulty inside the building. For example a building for people with motoric difficulty can’t have a same design with normal people. As an architect it is very important to design with the user need in mind and not just focused about his/her self satisfaction to just make a beautiful building.
So here I hope I can learn something that I didn’t got from my college through my intern at RAW. Through this internship I can get more knowledge and use every experience I get to apply through my last year of college and also after I graduate. Thank you
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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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