Team - Reflection Letter

Farah Andani

Feels like yesterday was my first day working at The Guild. But now I’m writting this reflection letter, knowing that I already finish my internship for 3 months. I thought it’s going to be a long time for internship, but it’s not. Many good and bitter sweet events that happened to me left many great and unforgettable memories. I really have a good time working at The Guild. Meet many good peoples from different regions and totally strangers to me.

The first day I’m working, contains many feels like excited, nervous, stiff and very afraid to make mistakes in my first day. My first project was residential project with Kak Ellena. She briefed the project while showing me working drawing in computer and she operate the apps with her fast handed I was like, wow she’s so good! I’m so impressed with her, since I don’t using computer since third semester so I can’t use computer smoothly. From that day, I started use computer again for a long time and learned many commends that I don’t learn in college. Until now and for the future, I always use computer and will use this for my final thesis.
I got another residential project with Kak Asep and Kak Damar. My job was making 3d exterior modelling, using computer . Thanks for this project, I can use computer better than before and learned new commends that I never use. I also learned the technical part of this house, like roof details, floor details, what kind of materials are usually used and the standardizations, technical names in the fields, and more.

I’m learning more about what’s the first thing to do before designing, it is searching many studies and precedences for design’s references and it’s ease me to start designing. Kak Miftah taught me the right steps and it is easier than I learned in college, very simple but infomative. He taught me how to present nicely the references into ppt for meeting with client. And he taught how rendering and touch up perspective drawing with computer . As usual, he impressed me. I was wondering is he took some computer courses or just watching on youtube. Briefly, I learned a lot from him.

I got a job for designing drawer, and of course made me excited! I used all the knowledge during work in The Guild. Working hard to designing and presenting the drawer, I called it pigeon hall. One day, Kak Rich want to review my job with me. I immediately get nervous! Kak Rich told me to relax and don’t too stiff, just talk usually but seriously. What I like about him is he commented my design clearly and advised me the better design option with nice and structural sentences. And ease my nervousness feeling. But sometimes, he commented my design assertively when I made some mistakes. Even tough it’s scared me a bit, I understand that he tested my mental to facing the intense moments when Principal Architect scold his employees because thier job is less satisfactory. It is for my preparation to facing the intense moments at another architect firm where I am working for in the future. And I really love the moment Kak Rich reviews all projects in OMAH Library with everybody. He always sharing his thoughts, slide jokes in the middle of review and never forget motivated us to become the better designer. He is really a good teacher.

And most of all, all the Associates Team members, Architectural Designer members and other employees are really nice people, open to each others, and showing their uniqueness side. I never forget deadline moments when everybody are losing their minds and joking around because too tired working, especially people on the mezzanine. At the same time, their jokes and their weird laughs made everyone enjoy the work even facing the deadline.

I realized I’m gonna missed all those unforgettable moments in the office. No more weirds laughs and jokes from the mezzanine. No more food predators, no more seeing people swimming when the weather is hot, no more teasing each other, no more bulutangkis, warung, salat berjamaah, running in the evening, and more. Thank you so much to all Associates Team members, Architectural Designer members, DOT Workshop members, other employees, my fellow interns, and especially Kak Rich who always guide us and never stop sharing your thoughts to everybody. Thank you for this precious 3 months. Forever best office in the world!

Best Regards,
Farah Andani – Universitas Bina Nusantara

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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