Team - Reflection Letter

Ahmad Zabel Fachreza -UNPAR

2 months had been passed so fast since I came here as an Internship member. It was such a unique experience because unlike any other offices in Jakarta, in here I went home for like 8-10 pm (usually) and 3 am (twice while did floating café’s project), The working hour was pretty messed I must said, but that wasn’t the main point. The main point is I’ve learned so many things, I didn’t just drafting the project that has been planned by Mr. Rich, Associate and Designer, I was also included in the design process from the beginning until design development. At least, in every project I did contributed even if it was just a small part of the whole project. In here, I also learned that attitude is very crucial because in the real work, you can’t treat people wrong if you having a bad day / bad mood, you just have (and must) to be professional under any circumstances. This attitude lessons taught me that you must respected anyone despite of his / her age.

Back to architectural things, Mr. Rich directly told me that no matter what project you’re working on; 1. You must be based on standard, 2. Making some excercises that has multiple options, never stuck in one options, 3. Never lose your argument no matter who you talking with as long as you’re based on the proper source, 4. Enrich your knowledge by reading books, 5. Be responsible for any actions u would’ve made, 6. Always keep the communication and coordination going, cooperate with other crews to solve the problem together, 7. Always keep in touch and having good relation with your client.

Those words are deeply embedded inside my mind as I listen very carefully, for me Mr. Rich isn’t just a great architect, he is also a great inspirator who instill the guts to never give up on my dream and helped me in considering which professional path I should take in the near future. Mr. Rich is a figure that I would call a role model, an emphatic leader with a humble attitude, yet push us to do everything better. One thing I love from him is the sense of maintaining the craftsmanship so they can keep working and earn money, for me that attitude is priceless that not every architect have. He also concerned about every detail which simultaneously changed my mindset about how important the detail is when you’re in the real project and could be implemented because honestly before came here, I did paid less attention about details.

Therefore, I do feel grateful for having such a nice friends, mentors, co-workers, and considered me as a part of this big family. RAW, Thankyou so much for your kind guidance on this valuable times that I would never forget, I’ll see you guys on top!

Best Regards,

Ahmad Zabel

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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