Team - Reflection Letter

Neysa Difi -Northumbria University

“The experience of apprenticeship has become more enthusiastically more than I could ever imagine before”. Well, that’s the best line that could describe my experience here after all.

I never thought architecture, is more than imagining, creating spatial in term of its aesthetic and own desire. But however, architecture should be understood as a solution offer for a better living, solving any spatial issues that happened in the society. The art of designing is just a little part of creating a better solution to the society.

During my time in RAW, I am gaining skills that are not accommodated by the learning institution, but in the real industries. what we understood as an architect student is, completing all the design process and producing such killer visuals. However, the real industries says, completing them, is just the very first process of completion.

Here, I gain so many precious skills that university could not ever give. Understanding the management of all stages, one skill that i gained, toward the completion of particular spatial design until those ideas become the vivid solutions for any particular problems. This experience also helps me to discover the clear image how the industries will be. The clear images of the next step after designing, for instance creating technical drawings with all responsibility as it would be a core to a better human living. I am understand that creating a perfect, flawless technical drawing is just ever happened. Despite mistakes and flawless at field is often inevitable. That’s how important of surveillance of every stage of construction. This understanding continues to the deeper meaning in term of communication. Not only communication verbally, but the necessary of visual communication. It means that, as an architect, we have to create all the informations clear to everyone, to maintain the clear communication in every stages. All of the skills above and there are more that could mention if i got more space, are precious skills ad experience that money could not ever buy.

The studio itself, is a place to learn, there is no limit in impossibility. The process of designing is still the same thing in University. As you know, no pain no gain. Sometimes you have to be feel tortured as part of your learning. But at the end of the day, the satisfaction and pride of you are better than the yesterday you.

Referring back to the first statement that I wrote, RAW believes in us (even we are not) They are ENTHUSIASTICALLY believe on us to do everything. Literally, even all the crucial stages during construction which I think that is what make us learn a lot, RESPONSIBLE of what we are doing, and confident in taking future decision. I said it is so challenging yet it increases our enthusiast.

Thankyou so much for all the colleagues, and friends. For all the times that we spent together, for all our laughters and sharing.
precious time, precious experience.


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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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