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Yoseph Duna Sihesa – Atma Jaya Yogyakarta

My Interest in the architecture began since I sat in the 3rd junior highschool where I get a chance to renovate my own bedroom and since then I am very happy to architecture and always sketching space and building on a piece of paper that is in front of me. Initially, what I think about architecture is just a matter of aesthetics so that the more more time passes I was distracted to major in Visual Communication Design. But after reconsidering and getting advice from experienced people then my choice back to architecture, my reason was looking for job is easier in archhitecture.

I must admit that in my school days I was not a good student. I’m just an ordinary student. But when I started my lecture, I remember very well the architect figure I first learned was Romo Mangun Wijaya. To me it is strange, why an architect whose building looks ordinary, not ‘wow’, not pretentious can be a great figure and role model for architects today. However, all of my negative views changed when I saw his work on Kali Code. To me like this should be an architect, not a person who feared the people down because of the high cost that is installed, but can touch all circles and improve their lives. Since then, I have become very excited about learning architecture. I want to someday become a great architect. Not a rich or known, but a ‘soul architect’. Architects whose buildings can change the lives of their users for the better, an architect who is able to provide a more viable life through his work to anyone indiscriminately. An architect who can improve the country and society in it becomes more prosperous.

RAW Architecture is my choice to take an internship program. I have seen a lot of RAW works, both in the internet and in print media, and my focus on why I want to study in RAW is because I see all the works designed by RAW have their own ‘meaning’. During this time in my design only focus on the function, aesthetics, and building structure, but forget the meaning contained in the architecture itself. I realize if I just focus on these three things, then the building that I designed will only be remembered but not last long. I want to be more than that, I want to learn to make architectural design work that gives new breath to the user and its environment through the meaning given into it. I see that RAW Architecture always apply these four aspects so that the design they create has won the hearts of their users and the environment.

I already taken a Practice Job course with a lecturer last semester, but I feel that my experience is still very less. Intellectually and experimentally, I am honest that I still do not know anything. But one thing is sure that I will try to learn more, give my all of all to achieve my life goal to become an Soul Architect, that is to be an architect whose work can become a new breath for the environment of the discourse That’s why I propose myself to be able to gain experience at RAW Architect , architectural bureau which is very experienced in the field of architecture. Compared to what I have in the field of architecture I am not worthy and not qualified enough. I know that dreams can be pretty crazy, but if by studying at RAW Architect I can develop myself and achieve my dreams so that my work can have a good influence on the environment, rather than damage, then I am ready to try and learn as best I can!


Yoseph Duna Sihesa
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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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