Team - Reflection Letter

Irfan Hidayat – Bung Hatta University

First I would like to thank full to Mr. Realrich permit I intern at RAW. 4 months time I think is a very short period of time in I draw knowledge in RAW because it all outside suspected i. because many interesting things and unique events in addition to the knowledge that I get.

Why did I choose internship ?, because I taste before completing study learning in campus, I feel that there is something different if i immediately slumps from the know more down or get work experience before completing the lecture. because many factor that convinced me to intern, in Campus itself only teaches even though there are some practice. In fact in the work obtained make the largest experience because many things outside the suspected i obtained. I see the world that work is not easy and not as envisaged. I know how the architect profession, see and experience of learning given by Mr. Rich, he figure that teaches we should be able to survive despite the harsh the flow of life, besides things that make I was impressed with the paper and the building that makes me know how we should be in designing. In addition how do we face the client and how to overcome all its problem field and solutions that I watch itself is not easy. And from there I take the lesson.

Where I draw the science named with castle bamboo where in the castle Bamboo itself there are many people that have a role in the survival of i learned, many older sister funny and exclamation point that guide me in 4 months. I also would like to thank associate, the designer and the employees who participate help me during in RAW. In addition to the knowledge and experience of many interesting things that I feel at bamboo how daily routines that they do make something fun and not make me bored. I will yearn for the atmosphere like this. So also some traditions as I feel included in the pool held if there are members or employees who repeatedly years. And there are many things unique and interesting again, the conclusion of all that I get in the RAW is something that is very valuable because it might not i will get outside there. From that I did not know what the world of work in the field of i until I know how the working world.

Thank you very much I say to associate kak Mifta, Kak Asep, Kak Ali, guiding me and apologize when there is something that is less acceptable for i in RAW and I thank kasi also for older sister designer Regi, Dini, Aga, Memey, Fiona, Nida, Gomes, Tirta, Laras, Icul, Irul, Khafid, Haris, Bangkit, and all the admin that friendly to me. Hopefully my experience in RAW become a stepping stone me to work harder in achieving my dream to become an architect. Always so best office in the World RAW.

Best Regards,

Irfan Hidayat

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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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