motivation Letter

Jodi Roudho Prayogo – Sriwijaya University

I write this letter to express my desire for this internship program. My name is Jodi Roudho Praygo, most people called me jojo, i’m 19 years old, i was born in Jambi, December 18th 1998. Well, i’m optimistic and love crazy things, that’s why i a little bit cocky. I love to tell a joke and take something not to seriously. i’m also don’t care about people, and always self confident. But i know it’s wrong to only care about yourself and ignoring your surounding. Since i met new people in unversity, especialy in organisation, and i participate in some architecture competition. It made me felt like i was nothing, that listen to your ego and ignore your surounding is wrong. That’s why i’m willing to change my life.

And when i went to jakarta with my friend, and i got invited to go to Omah library with my friend, kak Ade, Kak olvi, and mas Bobby. It changed my mind, i felt that i this, this is my motivation, my kiblat. At first, i thought Omah Library is just a library,but in fact it is a library though…. and also an office, and a house. It’s like the building is care to everyone. And since then, me and my friend willing to go back to Omah Library for our intrenship program. I want to learn from RAW about how to solve a problem in design. How to push down my ego to make a beautiful design. How to interact to my surounding. At first time i meet mr. Realrich, my first impression is that he is a good personality kind of man, he is kind, always smile, smart, humble. That’s yhe first time i know about RAW architect, and after that i’m begiining to search all about RAW architect in the internet.

Every architecture student always wanted to be a great architect, but it’s not about that, it’s about what kind of architect you wanted to be. And i want to be an architect, that care about my surounding, care about the people, buildings, and environment. Because i belive that architecture more than a building. It’s about living space, because we work, we play, we rest, we sick, and any activity is in a space, and that place need to be organize well and also comfort to feel and to look at. That space is a symbol. I remember the story that my lecture told me, why soekarno put city development first instead of public needs. It’s because to show the other country that indonesia is exist. But focusing in city development only is just not fair because city isn’t just about buildings, it’s also about all the living things in the city that we cannot ignore. And what is the meaning of design if it just solve problem for the people who have so much money. Design should solve every people’s problem, that’s why design should be humble.

And as a new generation of architect i want to be so big, i want to be so powerfull, so i can help people, help this country, and halp this world. To achiev that, i need to learn from the good architect. I really wish that i could make it to RAW architect in this intrenship program. I want to be part of RAW architect, to learn about problem, solution, and inovation.

Best regards,
Jodi Roudho Prayogo
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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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