RAW featured in Arredamento Architecture Turkey Magazine Issue No. 316

Launched in February 1989 began Arredamento Architecture, Turkey’s term architectural magazines … Today’s line, more in-depth design and intellectual content of the magazine from tending to the arts district is located at the intersection of the intellectual so popular.

Launched by Binat İletişim ve Danışmanlık since September 2016, Arredamento Architecture offers its readers the opportunity to look at architectural and design culture from a broad perspective, sharing developments, innovations and pioneering events around the world. Arredamento Architecture, which has a content that can address not only the building and construction sectors, but also the different design, art and culture fields, is also published monthly with 11 issues per year, with the possibility of providing the interdisciplinary structure of architecture.



Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture