RAW featuring in Kompas.com article for Dezeen Awards 2018

Kompas.com was one of the pioneers of online media in Indonesia when it first arrived on the Internet on September 14, 1995 under the name Kompas Online. The goal is to provide services to readers of Kompas daily in places that are difficult to reach by the Kompas distribution network. With the presence of Kompas Online, readers of Kompas daily, especially in eastern Indonesia and abroad, can enjoy Kompas daily that day, no need to wait for the usual days.

Furthermore, in order to provide maximum service, in early 1996 Kompas Online’s address changed to http://www.kompas.com. With a new address, Kompas Online is becoming increasingly popular for loyal readers of Kompas daily abroad.

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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture