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Alfa Omega Nominated as Finalist in Fibra Awards 2019

Realrich Architecture Workshop (RAW) happily took the position of finalist of Fibra Awards with 39 other colleagues around the world through Project Alfa Omega School Alfa Omega in Teluk Naga area, Salembaran, Tangerang.

The purpose of the World Prize for Contemporary Plant Fiber-Based Architecture is to showcase the aesthetic properties, construction benefits, and environmental benefits of bio-material architectural works. By identifying extraordinary buildings throughout the world so as to help the public to find them. The FIBRA award also aims to reward the courage of clients who choose to use bio-material based materials, as well as appreciation for the creativity of the architects, as well as the skills of craftsmen and contractors.


See more at: https://www.fibra-award.org/en/results/the-50-finalists/

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture