RAW Architecture Nominated as Finalist in Masterplan of Sukabumi Official Center by IAI Jabar

The Competition was aimed by the intention of Sukabumi City Government intends to move the center of government activities to the southern region of the city which currently still has a lot of space with relatively less density. With this transfer, it is expected that growth in each City area will be more balanced, besides that the burden for the carrying capacity of the environment becomes divided and does not only become a burden on the region which is currently the center of the city

The purpose and objective of organizing the Sukabumi City Government Center Masterplan Design Competition is the creation of an open competition atmosphere about design ideas or ideas by involving and providing opportunities for the public to participate in producing the best and innovative designs.

RAW Architecture took finalist position in the aformentioned competition.

Read more at: http://sayembara.iaijabar.org/

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture