motivation Letter

Kristoforus Kevin – Tarumanagara University

First, I want to introduce myself, my name is Kristoforus Kevin and I’m from Tarumanagara University. I was graduated in October 2018. I’m writing to apply for the position of Fresh Graduate Internship at RAW Architecture. I know RAW Architecture since I was in University. I have no doubt RAW is known as an Architectural Firm who has hold a few awards as a nominee from National (Indonesia) and International.

In position I applied for I want to tell a little story about my Bachelor Degree Final Project. I held this degree by doing Building Design Project with the title is Stasiun Intermoda Kampung Bandan / Kampung Bandan Intermodal Station. I was accomplished this project in 3-4 months. This project is talking about an enhancement and revitalization in Transportation Infrastructure Sector. I was interested to took this topic because I saw Transportation is one of important things in many countries or cities in order to being developed. The purpose of develop the Transportation Sector is to fulfillment the People’s Mobility and Movement to accommodate the activities. I saw too the Government of Jakarta has start the Development in Jakarta, such as built a MRT, Re-Organize some district to be a Transit Oriented Development (TOD). From the facts above, I took this chance to think how to build an Infrastructure Project by escalate them better before. In the future also, Kampung Bandan will be develop as a TOD District. In this project, I learn a lot of things and knowledge, such as how to think in Urban Neighborhood Sector, how to think this project is belongs to Human Movement and Mobility. By compile these significant things in built the project triggered me to have a critical thinking, learn a new things and knowledge.

The main achievements that I had in my previous study was nominee and participants of Public Expose 8.25 (Annual Final Project Exibition in Tarumanagara University) with another 25 students. This is my greatest and highest award I ever get before. I feel my hard work in a few months paid off, but I don’t want to be too happy, because if we are feel too happy, we can be an arrogant. I don’t want to be a person like that, I assume this award as a booster for me to do more hard work to reach another achievement in the future.

In next September, I have a plan to continue my Master Degree in Architecture. I want to prepare myself in Architectural Knowledge. By doing the Internship at RAW architecture, I hope I can get plenty new useful knowledge outright train my skills and apply it in RAW Architecture. I’ve included my CV and Bachelor Degree Final Project a representation of me. Thank you for your time, chances, and consideration.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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