Alfa Omega School is Winner of IAI Jakarta 2020

Alfa Omega School is the winner of 2020 IAI Jakarta Award. I hope the award will bring good to the school. I must say the situation in Alfa Omega has ups and downs. The founder, Lisa Sanusi, has the vision to bring the genuinely of the how the giving mode, or education should be feasible for young people. The problem is, how the cost is managed if the school if for free / subsidized. Then many programs has been executed such as being a parent that help the school fee for the kids. Me and Laurensia are also in the program of what Lisa Sanusi started.

Then there are necessity for the school to survive as daily business, that is why the school is executing it’s own chicken farm’s business. I have written the story of how the chicken coop could be model for sustaining this school model. The road is bumpy, and Lisa and her team are also fighting.

Lisa Sanusi Explaining her vision about Alfa Omega School. Her noble view somehow contaminated me to be a better human being.

Her vision support the approach of our design studio, and it has relations of many layers of craftsmanship’s, story of architect – clients. It’s beyond only form, or normative things. They are continuing the progress, and my prayer is with them.

Thank you IAI Jakarta for the opportunity and all of the jurors.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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