Ministry of Public Work Learning Gateway

The meaning from ministry of Public Works (PU) symbol translated into the most primitive stability form “triangle” as a thesis and the inverted triangle form as antithesis to show the dynamic of this form.

In designing process, PU symbol become the main form that applied into all aspect in the design, not only the form of the gate but also the paving of the pedestrian.

This competition was held by ministry of Public Works (PU) to collect fresh idea for new improvement in future ministry of Public Works office area. There are several issues that considered in this competition, they are the gate character that can united with all building in the site and green design.

As the green design aspect we design main gate which have function as water collector and energy generator. For the pedestrian area we design shelter and public furniture which also based on PU symbol form. This pedestrian is designed with nodes which can accommodate event and activities around ministry of Public Works (PU) not only regular activities like jogging and biking but also annual event like bazar and festival.

Principal : Realrich Sjarief
Collaborator : Maria Pardede, Randy abimanyu, David Sampurna, Morian Suspriatnadi, Andhang Trihamdani, Suryanaga, Indra DN, Mukhammad Ilham, Septrio Effendy, Gavin Gunawan

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture