Reviving The Dead. Experiencing the Fantasy

Today will talk about an event that took place at Kemang Arcade. It was by the people from Architect Universitas Indonesia (UI). The event was called Immortalitivity Reviving the Dead. Experiencing the Fantasy. Why is it called that is because we found a lot of empty space that is forgotten around us and we made this to make those empty spaces alive with fantasies.
There’s a lot of project here that is about those spaces that is forgotten. Wow! That’s a really sweet idea. The event was a seven day event with lecturers from Realrich Sjarief and Mohammad Nanda Widyarta. They also had a talkshow by Avianti Armand and Achmad Tardiyana. I was there at the last day of the event. There was snacks, drinks, and a lot of young crowds. If you love architect, art, and design this is event for you. Well, enough of the chitchat. Check out some of the projects and pictures below!

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Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture