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Pengembangan Keprofesian Arsitek

I will share compexity on managing the firm

How to define success, how to have sustained practice, and how to be happy because the fundamental of the firm.


Is Architecture Part of Economy ?

Saya diundang ke dalam webinar yang diadakan oleh Universitas Negeri Semarang untuk membicarakan kaitan arsitektur dengan ekonomi.

Mengkritisi Kebutuhan Manusia yang Tanpa Batas dan Tanpa Visi

Manusia selalu memiliki keinginan tanpa batas, namun sayangnya SDM (Sumber Daya Manusia) dan SDA (Sumber Daya Alam) tidak tersebar secara merata, yang menyebabkan munculnya masalah kesenjangan di dalam pemenuhan kebutuhan manusia. SDM dan didalam arsitektur adalah aktornya seperti arsitek, klien, dsb.

Sedangkan SDA adalah material bangunan, mesin dsb. Arsitektur juga sangat dipengaruhi oleh krisis yang terjadi. Setelah adanya krisis, potensi pembangunan akan muncul dan bertumbuh beriringan dengan pertumbuhan SDM dan SDA yang ada. Oleh karena itu kesadaran bahwa ekonomi terkait erat dengan arsitektur menjadi penting.

Apa saja Ilmu ekonomi yang terkait arsitektur?

Di dalam arsitektur ekonomi terkait dengan brief klien dan tipologi proyek dan klien. Ada dua buah kutub tipe proyek,

yang pertama proyek yang sifatnya Eksistensial, personal, dekat klien (privat), ataupun memiliki misi khusus – Tipologi Residential, dan bangunan khusus seperti gereja, fasilitas publik, dsb.

Kutub kedua sifatnya proyek Komersial, dimana arsitektur terkait dengan cost of investment dan return of investment. Dimana, arsitektur harus mampu memperhitungkan bahwa bangunan yang di desainnya perlu untuk laku (memiliki bisnis plan) secara komersial. Dimana ada kontrol tentang biaya di dalamnya.

ETALASE 4.0 2022
Architecture, Economy and Space.

Is Architecture a Part Of Economy?

Webinar nasional ini membahas terkait bagaimana Arsitektur berperan dalam perkembangan perekonomian di Era Digital, dimana arsitektur dapat mewujudkan sebuah ruang publik yang hadir sebagai tempat para individu-individu yang memiliki Latar Belakang pekerjaan atau bisnis bekerja dalam satu tempat.

🗣Moderator :
*Sasurya Chandra* (Dosen di Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Cirebon)

🗣 Pemateri :
*Her Pramtama, ST. MT.IAI*
(PT US&P Architects)

*Ar. Realrich Sjarief, IAI* (Realrich Architecture Workshop)

🗓️ Sabtu, 7 Mei 2022
⏰ 09.00 WIB – Selesai
📍Via Zoom Meeting

📄 Link pendaftaran : https://bit.ly/webinaretalase4

🪪 Contact Person
Abidatu D K (0815-8075-423)

✨Free E-Certificate✨
✨Free Registration✨


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What’s Next After Surviving and Adapting to the New Life ? – IAI Jakarta

Andhi Priatmoko, currently He is director of Ong and Ong Indonesia, and the committee inside IAI (Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta Chapter) contacted me to contribute to sharing views about the next design approach after the pandemic. I summarized it into 5 cores which are vernacular, connectivity, design by research, informal economic sector, and materiality.

here is some view about the sharing inside

Forum Group Discussion (FGD): Pendekatan Desain Arsitektur yang Nyaman dan Sehat di Era Pasca Pandemi:

What’s Next After Surviving and Adapting to the New Life?”

(sebagai rangkaian kegiatan dengan webinar sebelumnya)

Masa pandemi merupakan masa sulit terutama dalam aspek kesehatan, tetapi dalam hal kenyamanan tipologi bangunan juga dipertanyakan akhir akhir ini. Lalu ruang tinggal seperti apa yang dapat mengakomodasi rasa aman dan nyaman bagi penggunanya dari sisi termal, visual, audial dan dari sisi ruang gerak yang leluasa?

Bagaimana tindak peningkatan kualitas udara yang harus dilakukan untuk ruang dalam dan lingkungan tempat tinggal?

Mari kita simak pada Forum Diskusi Grup Pendekatan Desain Arsitektur yang Nyaman dan Sehat di Era Pasca Pandemi.

Sabtu 16 April 2022 pukul 13.30 WIB.

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Tracing The Dots

See the video in facebook

Taylor University graduates invited me to share experience with dots in Realrich Architecture Workshop (RAW Architecture). I thought this presentation would be about not myself but the students and how they can trace their dots looking at the sharing. So I planned my presentation is about the unseen pathway and how to reconcile yourself if you face fear, failure, success, and further trauma. This presentation was the first time I tried to reconcile my experience, things that made me come back to Indonesia after working in London and studying in Sydney. My reason was my loved one, the willingness to make a family, and sacrifice by calculating the pros and cons. 1st that, obtaining an architect’s license for my with my b arch degree was not possible, I needed to extend my studies, took three different tests, and it cost five digits GBP. And it’s crossed with my ego. In the end, we discussed that Laurensia’s dentist license not be sacrificed. I can be more robust by practicing in Indonesia by winning competitions, and having a few projects run by developers and close relatives.

For me, architecture is very personal, which creates vital radiance to others as echoes, and the echoes represent other voices that might support and distract. The pathway to reconciling our own creates a more vital radiance that leads to the reality of our dream. By then, to build more vital radiance, I need to improve my resiliency by experiencing and maintaining my passion.

Ee Von tried to engage in discussions, which make deep talk in session and project the reality in our relationship with the client, not by saying yes or no, but by asking more profound questions that make me appreciate the options and ask the relevancy of the questions. In our journey in 2014, as a family, we got helped by Dhisti and Mirza as clients. They introduced some of the diagnoses and anticipation for my wife. By having that, Miracle was born 1.5 years after, and Heaven was born in 2020.

Life is unimaginable and an unexplored forest when I look back 20 years ago. Like many students will experience, but if I imagine now, I think everyone has their orbit and their rotation to get their purpose, contributing to others. My family is getting bigger, from Laurensia to Miracle, to Heaven, reconcile with my father, mother, brother and sisters, designers, librarians, colleagues, students, and clients. I am fulfilled and grateful for all of the blessings.

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Practicing Design Philosophy

I was invited by Altrerosje Asri to share some how to practice philosophy in architecture. There are several questions that we can discuss in the class such as : What is the current crisis in architecture students and academia, and practitioners ? What is the problem ? Is there any correlation to understanding philosophy ?

I tried to digest this over and over in my practice, there are several possibilities in this hybrid world, digital which is in hyper speed and our offline world which is slow pace like our heart beat. Maybe the question of what your purpose is , become quite fundamental to reorient ourselves in both world.

The session includes the discussion with students in the middle of presentation. My presentation is quite fortunate to be able to see the lecturers : Altre, Joyce, and Wira stood back and let the students explored their purposes. I felt that everybody was rough, including my self, and we are finding ourselves sharpen our thought, words, and feeling to be better person.

After the session I felt that this kind of sharing and discussion including presentation is more fulfilling as it provides not only one way or top – down, but allowing guidance and unpredictable sequence for the students to tell their own story.

At the end, what’s the meaning of our life ?

For myself, it’s the contribution for our memories, not sentimental, but building a deeper conversations that brings memories.


My tears drop and I felt touch of heaven.


Info from the event :

Kuliah Umum: “practicing design philosophy”
Realrich Sjarief, S.T., MUDD, IAI
Studio Merancang 6 & Teori Arsitektur Universitas Petra
Thursday, March 10 · 9:00 – 11:00am


Seri Seminar Theoritical Hybrid

Seri Seminar
Kelas Teori Arsitektur Lanjut
Program Studi Arsitektur
Universitas Pelita Harapan

Lingkungan fisik bagi kemanusiaan hari-hari ini dihadapkan pada fenomena baru yaitu bagaimana manusia menjalani dinamika secara hybrid antara yang fisik dan digital, antara yang buatan dan alami. Disrupsi ini menyebabkan interaksi antar manusia mengalami perubahan karena antar manusia tidak lagi bergantung pada yang fisik. Untuk menggiatkan peran arsitektur, kami mengangkat isu arsitektur sebagai sebuah relasi yang bersifat hibrid (hybrid). Bagaimana pengembangan pengetahuan dan metode perancangan yang dapat menanggapi relasi ini?

Berdasarkan latar belakang pemikiran di atas, Kelas Teori Arsitektur Lanjut 1212 Prodi Arsitektur yang diselenggarakan semester ini akan mengusung sebuah tema yang dapat merangkai berbagai fenomena yang berlangsung pada arsitektur, sebagai sebuah ilmu, praktek dan pemberi pengaruh pada kondisi sosial yang lebih luas. Terminologi bagi tema yang dianggap dapat memayungi latar belakang ini adalah: Theoretical Hybrid. Payung tema ini kemudian akan melalui proses penjelajahan dan pendalaman lebih lanjut dengan topik-topik seperti : Human Hybrid, Historical Hybrid, Digital Hybrid, Cultural Hybrid, Material Hybrid, dan Tectonic Hybrid.

(terbuka untuk umum, dengan bergabung WAG bagi keperluan reminder dan distribusi Zoom links seperti pada QR code)

Seri Seminar Arsitektur dengan rangkaian jadwal dan pembicara sbb:

Theoretical Hybrid : Dr. Undi Gunawan. S.T., M.T.
Human Hybrid : Altrerosje Asri, S.T, M.T
Historical Hybrid : Dr. Johanes Adiyanto, S.T, M.T
Cultural Hybrid : I Nyoman Gede Maha Putra, S.T., M. Sc., PhD.
Digital Hybrid : Rizal Muslimin S.T., M.Arch., PhD.
Tectonic Hybrid : Realrich Sjarief, ST. MUDD. IAI
Material Hybrid : Ir. Eko Prawoto. M.Arch, IAI.
Panel Discussion : Para Panelis

Berlangsung pada Senin pada tanggal yang ditentukan di atas; jam 13-00-15:30.
Kapasitas Zoom 100 orang. Terbuka untuk civitas akademia UPH-Arsitektur dan publik. Tidak disediakan sertifikat. Tidak tersedia live-stream.

Kelas Teori Arsitektur Lanjut 1212 UPH Arsitektur
is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Intro to Theoretical Hybrid – TAL1212 – UPH Arsitektur
Time: Jan 24, 2022 13:00 Jakarta

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 898 3510 5696
Passcode: TAL1212


Hybrid Indonesian Architecture by Realrich Sjarief | Principal Architect of RAW Architecture

When Yann Follain asked me to join him in Making of Architecture TAB Series 2, I looked at several other presenters such as Goy Architects, Ply Studio Architects, and Chat Architects. They discuss the discourse of making in their regions. Some of them have even done cross-regional lessons in their architectural project. I had in my mind to reinterpret the word discussed in LSAI (Lembaga Sejarah Arsitektur Indonesia) at the beginning of the year. That word is “decolonization architecture.” These complex layers that enrichen Indonesia’s Architecture resulted from a hybrid architecture.


Critical and creative analysis. It’s part of unitizing materials of projects, wisdom, knowledge, and an open attitude to become one language of hybridization in RAW Architecture as case studies. I started the presentation by discussing rhythm 0 by Marina Abramović, and she did the art performance of letting people do something without doing anything. She left the act almost naked. That shows what happens if we stay silent, give up, and remain passive. That includes the condition of the colonization era and how the political affects architecture.

It’s a reflection that will elaborate on the study and transformation of vernacular and traditional roots in creating a Hybrid Indonesian Architecture. I believe that architects, in this case, “we” have territory, cultures, political and economic systems built from vernacular tectonics, method (Design-Thinking), and craftmanship (Design Making). The hybridization of these systems can inform the development of a new approach to architecture, deep-rooted in the rich understanding of local crafts and contexts. This condition paves the way for a process of ‘Decolonisation,’ marking a “cultural, psychological, and economic freedom” practiced by humanity to achieve Indigenous Sovereignty — the right and ability of architects to practice self-determination through collaborations with society.

So this is an attempt to put RAW Architecture, DOT Workshop, Omah Library in the act of reflections as activists to move on our limitations in one short presentation and discussion with Yann Follain. He is the curator of this TAB series and principal of Wy -To architects.


Here are the list sent by Yann Follain,

Q3 #07, Goy Architects : 

  • Q3 #08, Ply Studio Architects :
  • Q3 #09, CHAT Architects :

Please look at the other talks done by such great intellects that I admire.

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Meeting Craftsmanship Hermit – A Tactical Architecture Design

I will give workshop and sharing in Taylor University Malaysia. It’s first session for my being adjunct associate professor in there. I received invitation by Veronica Ng for the vision to share similar / contextual inspirations in South East Asia Region to redefine our own asian heritage.

Here is the explanation for the session.

Craftsmanship is the art of making, which involves traditional and industrial techniques. It is implemented and synthesized by people from multidisciplinary fields such as makers, engineers, design specialists, or even master artisans. The boundary between what architects did and what the other discipline is precise. The next question is, Is the implementation of craftsmanship that clear? The presentation will share an unorthodox view about making architecture from the importance of the craftsman guild, a workshop area for experimenting, extending to an ecosystem of builders that support the architect. The guild in the project also has memories that became grammar. It’s designed for the experimentation itself and, last but not least, for the clients that support you.

For the executions, some preparations are needed, such as grammar, drawing, critical thinking, creativity on-site to achieve a healthy ecosystem for making architecture. It’s about know-how on joineries and deconstructing dimensional mind that using the available material and adaptive technique is the forefront runner for architecture ecosystems that create the diversity of architecture.

The sharing sesion will be 25th October 2021 at 02.30 pm

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Ruang Riung #05 : Modernism in Traditional Architecture Philosophy

Filsafat seringkali dianggap sebagai suatu ilmu yang tidak dipahami
peruntukkannya. Padahal bila ditilik lebih lanjut, filsafat memberikan banyak hal dan dampak bagi kehidupan sosial, budaya, maupun hal lainnya dapat memberikan suatu gambaran terhadap ilmu filsafat arsitektur yang memiliki hubungan dengan perkembangan gerakan arsitektur modern salah satu isu nya apakah di era modern mempengaruhi unsur nilai identitas arsitektur tradisional nusantara Ruang Riung #05 merupakan kegiatan diskusi seputar ke arsitektural, kegiatan ini dibuat sebagai wadah untuk kita mahasiswa yang ingin mendapatkan pengetahuan dan wawasan dunia arsitektur. Pada Kegiatan kali ini mengusung Tema “Modernisme Dalam Filosofi Arsitektur Tradisional”

Philosophy is often regarded as a science that is not understood allotment. In fact, when viewed further, philosophy provides many things and impacts on social life, culture, and other things can provide an overview of the philosophy of architecture that has a relationship with the development of the modern architectural movement. One of the issues is whether in the modern era it affects elements of architectural identity values the traditional archipelago of Ruang Riung #05 is a discussion activity about architecture, this activity was created as a forum for us students who want to gain knowledge and insight into the world of architecture. In this activity, the theme is “Modernism in Traditional Architectural Philosophy”

Realrich Sjarief (Arsitek, Pendiri RAW architect & Omah library)
Titieandy Lie S.Ars, MT. (Dosen Arsitektur, ITI)

Kegiatan ini akan dilaksanakan pada :
📆 : Sabtu, 11 September 2021
🕐 : 13.00 WIB – 15.00 WIB
📍 : Zoom Meeting & Live on Youtube Vhadyaswasti

Kegiatan ini terbuka untuk Mahasiswa, Dosen, Praktisi, Komunitas Lokal, Akademisi dan Masyarakat Umum.

Biaya pendaftaran Gratis!!!

📧E- sertifikat dikenakan biaya sebesar Rp. 15.000 yang dapat dibayar melalui :
💳Bank Mandiri 1640003517499 a.n. Aidah Nurul Hasanah.

Link Pendaftaran: http://bit.ly/ruangriung5

Untuk info lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi :
📞0896-5035-0278 (Sri)
📞 0858-8133-7141 (Aidah)


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Critical Thinking and Creative Design Process

Ronny Gunawan asked me to share design thinking on projects. How to be creative and critical. The studio in UAJY exercises Plowright as design method. In this diagram shows how to understand context from social cultural technical is the techne. That is the part of acquiring the skill of understanding things / topos / human character / programs and all of the basic things.

Then critical thinking is started on how to filter the information and synthesis the questions. It’s when we form the hypothesis and start the process of mapping. The mapping is the starting of deliberate creativity , the it’s going back and forth to propose and evaluate becoming a proposal.

The practice looks so easy, but the really it’s not easy, because each decision involving the creativity and critical design process and it’s actually involving actors in every decision. How to negotiate between the boundaries. That makes the design is wicked but it’s also proving why architecture is so damn complex and damn powerful. It’s powerful because the proposal is based of steps of process and the culture is not easy. Like my greatest professor said, in every lines, there are design decisions, creative thinking and critical thinking, its shows how good you are and how long you have trained so far.

see you this Friday 18 : 30


XYZ Project Podcast with Gary Yeow and Ryoga Dipowikoro

Last Sunday, I had a discussion with Gary and Ryoga. They are the next generation of Malaysian and Indonesian designers who will color the future of regional architecture. It’s explicit that their questions and point of view are about how to come back to their homeland and improve the discussions, discourse, making further dialogue to deconstruct the post-colonial limitation. It appreciates what the region has and improves it along the way with more analysis and participation to enrich the current progress and revealing state of each architecture DNA.


“Last Sunday, I had a discussion with Gary and Ryoga. They are the next generation of Malaysian and Indonesian designers who will color the future of regional architecture. It’s explicit that their questions and point of view are about how to come back to their homeland and improve the discussions, discourse, making further dialogue to deconstruct the post-colonial limitation. It appreciates what the region has and improves it along the way with more analysis and participation to enrich the current progress and revealing state of each architecture DNA.”

With the questions they raise in the session, I feel humbled and privileged to see their progress and curiosity. I shared about life around my practice, my library, the teaching, writing, and designing activity. The sharing is about to uncover the backstage of architecture practice, especially the relations with craftsmen, engineers, and my background as a builder. These realities unfold my consciousness and also remind me that the roots are just fundamental. It’s beyond form, beyond the collage of shapes. It’s a bricolage, a moment of growth.

“With the questions they raise in the session, I feel humbled and privileged to see their progress and curiosity. I shared about life around my practice, my library, the teaching, writing, and designing activity. The sharing is about to uncover the backstage of architecture practice, especially the relations with craftsmen, engineers, and my background as a builder. These realities unfold my consciousness and also remind me that the roots are just fundamental. It’s beyond form, beyond the collage of shapes. It’s a bricolage, a moment of growth.”

I met Gary from the last session in PAM (Malaysian Institute of Architect). At that moment, I can recall our discussion with Jan, Sarah, Joyee, and Haziq. I got this chance because of the session held by Design United in India, which I discuss with Jan and Anne Herringer, also Wendy Teoh at the event as panelists. Moments are stitched into another moment, I feel grateful to finally meet Gary and Ryoga, the promising architecture intellect.

Here is the conclusion from Gary, in the prologue of the Pod cast. He wrote

“ I have invited Realrich for a sharing session and discussion, along with Jan and Sarah to talk about other ways of doing architecture in PAM Event that I co-moderated with Joyee and Haziq. This topic comes even stronger in this second conversation, co-hosted with my friend Ryoga to further explore the architectural knowledge from both practical and pedagogical perspectives. In the end of this interview session, Realrich asked, ‘ what is the best ingredient of Indonesian architectural DNA?” – We wish to invite you to reflect and share with us as well! – Some might not think the cultural identity or locality is an important reference point in the design process, but it is, perhaps, subconsciously designing the thought and mentality of a designer to translate into produced works for the users. Maybe my take to answer Realrich, that the best ingredient is actually the awareness and actualisation with the materiality as a realistic composition… and most of the time this composition might be an incomplete collage of unpredictably beautiful pieces of time and memories… for more to come.” – garyeow, xyz

“ I have invited Realrich for a sharing session and discussion, along with Jan and Sarah to talk about other ways of doing architecture in PAM Event that I co-moderated with Joyee and Haziq. This topic comes even stronger in this second conversation, co-hosted with my friend Ryoga to further explore the architectural knowledge from both practical and pedagogical perspectives. In the end of this interview session, Realrich asked, ‘ what is the best ingredient of Indonesian architectural DNA?” – We wish to invite you to reflect and share with us as well! – Some might not think the cultural identity or locality is an important reference point in the design process, but it is, perhaps, subconsciously designing the thought and mentality of a designer to translate into produced works for the users. Maybe my take to answer Realrich, that the best ingredient is actually the awareness and actualisation with the materiality as a realistic composition… and most of the time this composition might be an incomplete collage of unpredictably beautiful pieces of time and memories… for more to come.” – garyeow, xyz

Gary and Ryoga brought the discussions in several milestone.

5:00 childhood : toy making and builder family

12:05 dynamics of practice bridging theory and practice

21:03 ‘life is heaven on earth’ : hardships and thought of giving up?

30:00 form making and transformation via fundamental complexity

38:08 taste : engagement with builder and general public + ornaments as crime?

49:30 architectural evolution and in search of identity

57:25 design process : experiment on imagination and reality

1:08:00 literacy, publication and discourse

1:11:08 throwback to final year project (tisna sanjaya)

1:16:38 strategised architectural practice : sharing economy + arts of war

1:37:20 carlo scarpa, alvar aalto, yb mangunwijaya, boonserm premthada

1:49:03 what is the best ingredient for indonesian architecture dna?

I wish all the best from them and I appreciate their hard-work and effort, the process will drive the best result. Kudos


Phantom of Architecture

Bu Titin mengkontak saya untuk mengisi kuliah di Universitas Tarumanagara, bagian sejarah dan pemugaran. Saya menggunakan literasi untuk mengkontekstualkan apa yang sedang saya baca, mengerti dan berguna untuk praktik dan refleksi. Sejarah berguna sebagai kompas dan referensi kreatifitas di dalam berkarya.

Saya menulis prolog di bawah untuk acara kuliah tersebut.

“Architecture is sometimes interpreted as buildings or space in between, or body of theory. It’s a phantom, an unseen object of something apparent to sense but with no substantial existence. The Phantom actually greets and haunts us as traditions and technology. The sharing in here will focus on the paradoxes that creates bricolages of Architecture Fantasy in post modern era. It’s a way to use history for re-contextualizing the practice to be grounded or being radical to open unlimited possibilities of ideas.”

Saya terinspirasi dari bayangan yang dibentuk oleh matahari. Setiap orang di dalam melangkah akan menghasilkan jejak dan bayangan. Sejarah sendiri adalah bayang – bayang yang terus ada ketika melangkah. seakang – akan kita semua di dalam hidup ada di dalam perjalanan untuk menemukan matahari kita sendiri, berteduh dari bayang – bayang pepohonan, ataupun melindungi anak – anak kita dengan bayang – bayang. Saya akan memulai kuliah dengan kejadian – kejadian traumatis yang mempengaruhi arsitektur, bagaimana menarik diri untuk merekonsiliasikan trauma tersebut menjadikan lompatan untuk majunya peradaban, dan hal itu ditandai oleh arsitektur. Dibalik seluruh bayangan yang diciptakan dari trauma masa lalu, potensi untuk membuka kemungkinan baru masih terbentang dan hal tersebut bisa dimulai dari satu hal yang sederhana yaitu jujur kepada diri sendiri.

Phantom of Architecture

15 April 14:00, on thursday.


Metode dan Pendekatan Perancangan Arsitektur

Program Studi Arsitektur Universitas Aisyiyah (UNISA) Yogyakarta mengadakan #KUAS-03 (kuliah umum Arsitektur Unisa)

Tema : Metode dan Pendekatan Perancangan Arsitektur
Pemateri : Realrich Sjarief, S.T.,MUDD @rawarchitecture_best (RAW Architect & Omah Library)
Senin, 22 Februari 2021
Pukul : 13.00-selesai
Media : Zoom
Terbuka untuk Umum

Link Registrasi :

Info lebih lanjut :
Contact Person : +62 895-3446-86900 atau
IG @arsitektur_unisayogya

Terima Kasih,
Wassalamu’alaikum. Wr. Wb



Inspirasi Nusantara

I was invited by UII (Universitas Islam Indonesia) to discuss the importance of theory in practice, it’s a way to redefine what the commitee called Nusantara as Inspiration. The content is about how the literature, body of work, and critical thinking will provide fundamental innovation in redefining discourse between practice and theory.

I was happy because my fellow librarian, Satria is presenting his view about how desa – kota, formal – non formal color the practice. It’s forming a reflection about how agency might affect the practice in architect.

Here is the information from the committee :

Webinar \ Alumni Arsitektur UII \ OUR FUTURE NUSANTARA

Ikuti diskusi pamungkas rangkaian webinar yang digelar dalam rangka #KenduriKampus​ JARS UII

Asosiasi Alumni Arsitektur UII, JARS UII bersama Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia DIY (IAI DIY) present…


Guest Speaker: Realrich Sjarief, IAI- RAW Architecture
Speaker: Satria AP (Alumni 2014)

Discussant: Assist. Prof. Dr. Revianto. B. Santosa, IAI.

Moderator: Erwin Maulana @emaulana (Alumni 1995)

19.00- 21.00 WIB

Registrasi di http://bit.ly/InspirasiNusantara-5

Here is the video of the discussion


Design United’s first Design Conference

I was invited by Design United, they are young and promising platform which curious about how architecture make a profound impact on humanity. In the venue there will be Anna Herringer and my fellow friend Wendy Teo, and many more architects that I look up to (you can scroll their name below).

Here is the news from the Design United’s Committee :

Design United’s first Design Conference

We are uber-excited to be hosting Design United’s first Design Conference on the 15th of November with talented designers & artists.
We will explore examples of small yet meaningful design efforts and their potential for lasting impact.

We are joined by Ar. Anna Heringer of Anna Heringer Architecture-Germany, Ar. Jan Glasmeier of Simple Architecture-Thailand, Ar. Khondaker Hasibul Kabir of Co.Creation.Architects-Bangladesh, Ar. Wendy Teo of Borneo Art Collective-Malaysia, Ar. Goy Zhenru of Goy Architects-Singapore, Ar. Realrich Sjarief of RAW Architecture-Indonesia, Compartment S4-India along with amazing designers, Dhiraj Manandhar of Manankaala Design Studio-Nepal and Ayaka Yamashita of

The session is moderated by young architects and architecture students: Vaissnavi Shukl, Tejaswini Krishna, Huzefah Haroon, Amrit Phull, Vrinda Kanvinde, Ayush Gangwal, Chinar Balsaraf and Priyanka Shelke.

When: 9AM onwards, Saturday, 15 November 2020
Registration: http://www.clayworks.space/webinars



Reflection of the City

1.20.00 – Photography for Architecture or Architecture for Photography ?

Di dalam acara bincang – bincang yang diadakan oleh Jayaboard ini, dengan judul “Reflection of the City”. Saya akan melanjutkan pembahasan fotografi dan desain dari dua kawan saya @mariowibowo_ dan @ryansalim mengenai Arsitektur ke dalam dualisme keadaan yaitu representasi, provokasi di dalam pembentukan sebuah wacana reflektif.
Seperti misalnya pandemik ini di arsitektur ini mencerminkan situasi yang sangat kontras, di satu pihak adalah realitas bencana dan di satu pihak membuka celah untuk berinovasi. Keadaan – keadaan ini kemudian dibingkai oleh sang pembawa cerita, salah satunya fotografer, arsitek, dan desainer kemudian membuat karyanya menjadi sebuah jalan cerita yang maha dahsyat soal kemungkinan positif di masa depan. Hal ini ditujukan untuk membingkai realitas pandemi yang ada, ataupun malah timbul fenomena untuk menutup realitas yang ada sebagai sebuah utopia yang kemudian bisa membuat momen untuk kita merefleksikan diri mengenai kekuatan sebuah citra.
Photography dan arsitektur merupakan dua dunia yang saling berkaitan. Arsitektur memiliki unsur seni dalam proses perancangan sebuah desain bangunan, dimana konsep bangunan tersebut akan menghasilkan nilai estetika tersendiri dalam setiap komponen desainnya. Sama hal-nya dengan dunia Photography, memadukan teknis pencahayaan dengan sebuah wujud fisik mengandung nilai seni tersendiri bagi penikmatnya. Jayaboard memberikan wadah untuk membentuk komunitas inspiratif bagi penikmat dunia arsitektur maupun photography dalam webinar Connecting Minds, Explore The Possibilities: Reflection of The City.

Jayaboard berkolaborasi dengan Mario Wibowo (Mario Wibowo Photography), Ryan Salim (Erreluce Lighting Consultant) dan Realrich Sjarief (RAW Architecture) akan membahas tips & trick hingga trend dalam dunia Architecture Photography dan pentingnya Photography dalam dunia arsitektur.
Rabu, 11 November 2020, Pk. 19.00 WIB (Zoom Webinar)
Lihat lanjutnya di ac @jayaboard_ig daftar di : http://bit.ly/connexrcsm


The Sketch of Your Client Algorithm

Arsitek dan klien dimulai dari sebuah hubungan timbal balik. Lalu bagaimana memulai sebuah hubungan jangka panjang dengan klien. Apa saja yang harus dilakukan, judul yang dipilih oleh panitia cukup menantang. Pertanyaan – pertanyaan seperti ada ngga sih karakter yang membentui satu klien ke klien satu lagi, tipe perusahaan misal, atau klien personal, atau bangunan publik ? Apa saja yang perlu dilakukan, apa yang perlu dijaga, dan apa yang perlu dihindari. Perhitungan atau formula – formula apa saja yang bisa dijadikan parameter yang bisa disepakati. Mungkin dari sinilah kecocokan akan bisa terjalin dan arsitekturnya pun bisa unik dan bisa saling “memberi” juga “menerima” di dalam algoritma yang kontributif.
Ini saya bantuin panitia, semoga sukses ya panitia acaranya. 🙏
Seminar Arsitektur “The Sketch of Your Client Algorithm”
🗓 4 November 2020, 17:00 – 18:30 WIB
Via Zoom
👉🏻 Pesan E-TICKET DISINI: loket.com/event/seminar-arsitektur
Atau klik link di bio kami!
Terbuka untuk umum
Instagram : @im.a.go
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100 + Techno Build | INTERNATIONAL FORUM AND EXHIBITION Ekaterinburg , Russia,20-22 October 2020

Thank you for the Organizing Committee of the VII International Construction Forum and Expo 100+ TechnoBuild 2020 for the invitation. I will present two topics about Craftmanship – the possibility to shape it to more critical identity and Methodology Grammar. The 100 + expo is a major Russian engineering and construction congress combining conference and exhibition of cutting-edge achievements in the industry that will take place in the city of Ekaterinburg on October 6–8, 2020

see more here :https://forum-100.com/about-forum/

Here is the more detail explanations of the topics,

First one: Redefining High Level of Craftmanship in Local and Global Identity

The issue of Architecture in Indonesia is still a political one. As a country with a history of colonization, the dichotomy of the past and the future is not only about the intervention of technology into the practice of craftsmanship, but also about making sense of our local identities in representing the nation as a whole. With a lot of different faces of local identities, we are still struggling in defining a collective identity in Architecture.
In response to this, the speaker will speak about case study in Realrich Architecture Workshop in the need to be aware of the various issue surrounding their work, which stems from a deeper level of understanding towards crafts and material cultures, and to be able to create a work that is relevant to those issues. Architects also need to be able to work collaboratively with other disciplines towards a solution. This critical approach in practice is what is called a high level of Architecture Craftsmanship. It means to go beyond just one generic architectural layer to the indigenous approach of design solutions.

I will discuss the difference in our practice on
1.Identity is formed over a long time?

  1. The identity is contemplative, the evaluative secret that resides in every personal soul.
  2. Identity is a unity between ideas and portraits.

4.Ethics is one of the identities, the bridge of conduct which has 3 aspects: good, correct and beautiful, which is shown by the resulting product as a means of self-actualization.

5.Social media becomes a distraction as well as a potential for recognition and identity integrity, where Literacy activities are important for building deep identity.

Methodology Grammar for Sustainable Design, A Reflection on Radical Practice.
  The practice of architecture is never separated from the study of methods. In each project, the design process includes numerous iterations from conceptual until the construction phase, in order to create a methodology to be devised in the future for better design performance. This does not always mean using better technology, but starting from the most simple method of obtaining available data and information available on site. From the various study, research, and design permutations, the most optimal design responding to the brief, site, programming, local environment, and material. The speaker proposed a grammar of methodology to create an optimum method of design which can contextualize design to be adaptable to specific design context. The Methodology is about phasing from conceptual to Implementation of the design, as well as details on site, also become important aspects. The study of the combination of local materials and tectonics with design technology is done in order to create better roots in design which forms radical practice.

I will discuss the difference in our practice on

  1. What is the difference between strategy and method?
  2. The method is a bridge of innovation from theory to practice in a logical way
  3. The Method is procedural (has a harmonious bridge between ideas and images)
  1. Methods may have biases, it should be noted that methods differ from stimuli. Art when separated from the building is a stimulus, as well as a building when separated from art, is a stimulus. Art and Building being separated from the building is a stimulus. Matters related to the origin of ideas are a stimulus.
  2. The method has specific, actual, tangible product limits that can be dissected based on the 7 elements of the design method.

see it other speaker, there is Tezuka as well :) : https://forum-100.com/speakers/



CIAAD’s FUTURE DIRECTION FOR GLOBAL EDUCATION The global definition of education is shifting due to technology, which is CIAAD’s primary tool for design pedagogy, aiding in the development of multi-disciplinary collaborative real-life projects in between continents, Project Boomerang by CIAAD. PBC uses omni-presence and tele-presence communication tools for students to travel abroad virtually in between cities while remaining in their physical space.




Awal Masa Depan Berhuni

Ketika manusia mulai menghuni dunia, maka berbagai tingkatan hubungan antara manusia dan dunia akan terjadi. Christian Norberg-Schulz dalam bukunya The Concept of Dwelling mengungkapkan bahwa, dwelling atau “hunian” mempunyai makna lebih mendalam dari sekadar atap yang menaungi di atas kepala kita dan sejumlah meter persegi ruang yang kita
miliki. Menurutnya, dwelling mempunyai tiga arti; Pertama, ruang di mana kita bertemu dengan orang lain untuk bertukar produk, ide, dan perasaan, pada makna ini kita akan mendapatkan pengalaman kehidupan sebanyak mungkin. Kedua, Dwelling mencapai kesepakatan dengan orang lain di mana kita akan dihadapkan untuk dapat menerima seperangkat nilai-nilai umum di masyarakat. Ketiga, mengandung arti ketika kita telah menjadi diri kita dengan memiliki dunia kecil pilihan kita sendiri. Kita dapat menyebut ketiga arti itu masing-masing sebagai dwelling / hunian secara kolektif, publik, dan pribadi. Ketiga tingkatan ini memiliki dimensi ke-ruangan yang kompleks dalam sebuah konsep dwelling, karena hunian dengan konsep berhuninya harus dapat memberikan kontribusi
menyeluruh dalam kehidupan manusia di bumi. Martin Heidegger menggunakan istilah dwelling sebagai sebuah konsep menghuni atau cara
khas ada (dasein) di dunia. Tinggal di rumah, tidak hanya berada di dalamnya secara spasial dalam arti hanya menyisir dan berputar dalam lingkungan rumah saja. Sebaliknya, rumah sebagai sesuatu yang ada adalah milik dunia, dan orang yang menghuni didalamnya harus keluar untuk melihat langit-langit dunia. Hunian pada awalnya tidak merujuk pada tinggal di suatu tempat, tetapi lebih pada berhenti dan berlama-lama di jalan, dengan keraguan tentang ke mana harus pergi. Kata dwelling dalam bahasa Inggris kunonya adalah dwellan yang berarti mengembara (to wander) dan bertahan hidup (to linger). Secara filosofis, kata dwelling memberikan makna bahwa :untuk bertahan hidup, tidak dapat dilakukan dengan berdiam diri atau menetap tetapi harus mengembara Maka dwelling sebagai konsepmenghuni dan ada di dunia berhubungan dengan menetap dan berkelana. Dengan menetap dan berkelana inilah manusia belajar tentang konsep menghuni (sebagai ada) di dunia. Dalam mengisi dunia dan berhuni atas dunia, maka sebuah dwelling akan dihadapkan dengan
konsep waktu, yang membungkus secara keseluruhan dalam cara hidup manusia di dunia. Seperti yang dikatakan Albert Einstein bahwa ruang bukanlah sesuatu yang biasa kita bicarakan seperti atas-bawah, kiri-kanan, depan- belakang dan terpisah dari waktu. Ruang dan Waktu adalah nyatanya, dan bukan hal yang terpisahkan. Ruang dan waktu saling erat
terhubung dan berpaut. Dalam melihat hubungan antara dwelling sebagai ruang berhuni dengan waktu, ada beberapa pertanyaan menarik dapat diajukan, seperti :

Berbasis pada Hari Ini
“ Hunian yang ada, dimaksudkan terutama untuk mendukung aktivitas “hidup”. Jadi, ketika gaya hidup berubah, desain hunian juga berubah. “
Stefan Junestrand & Konrad Tollmar

(1) “ Bagaimana
konsep dwelling menjawab tantangan waktu, dalam cara berhuni di dunia ?”

(2) “Bagaimana melihat hubungan antara dwelling dengan kondisi hari ini ? dan apakah ada konsep ke-ruangan yang berubah dalam perjalanan waktunya ?”

(3) “ Bila dwelling berkaitan dengan waktu, bagaimana arsitektur menjawab tantangan ini ?” Berbagai contoh ada di hadapan kita, misalnya perbedaan antara konsep dwelling pada masyarakat pada tahun 1980-an sebelum teknologi internet menjadi bagian hidup kita dengan tahun 2000an di mana internet telah mempengaruhi sebagian aktivitas manusia. Bahkan kini 40 tahun kemudian teknologi ini telah menyatu dengan kehidupan kita. Contoh lain, dalam drama Korea berjudul “Replay 1988” dan “Replay 1994, kita pun dapat merasakan perbedaan konsep kehidupan antar keluarga, tetangga, teknologi, komunikasi dalam konsep jarak dan waktu yang mempengaruhi perubahan suasana dwelling atau konsep berhuni
dalam kurun waktu 6 tahun di film tersebut, bahkan inipun berhubungan dengan kehidupan yang kita alami sekarang. Ketika pada Awal tahun 2020 dunia mulai diguncang dengan berita virus “Covid 19” aktifitas
manusia perlahan berubah, bahkan para ahli memprediksi keberadaan virus ini akan mempengaruhi seluruh aspek kehidupan manusia, dan akan berpengaruh dengan konsep dwelling dimasa depan. Dengan kejadian ini saja, kehidupan yang kita jalani sebelumnya berubah secara dramatis. Aktivitas rutin ke kantor, ke toko, belajar, merayakan ulang tahun
bersama teman-teman, liburan bersama keluarga, olahraga di gym, kelas olahraga, kunjungan keluarga, pelukan, dan berjabat tangan semuanya terhapuskan dari daftar harian kita. Meski pada awalnya kita masih mencoba mengelak, pada akhirnya kita dituntut untuk menyesuaikan dan hidup berdamai – berdampingan dengan virus ini, pada suatu babak kehidupan yang di sebut “New Normal COVID 19”. Kata COVID 19 sengaja dilekatkan, karena New Normal sendiri adalah tahap perubahan yang bisa kita alami berulang kali dalam satu siklus kehidupan. Berbagai kejadian penting lainnya, seperti pemanasan global, kemacetan dan segregasi, dan urbanisasi yang cepat juga merupakan tantangan terbesar yang dihadapi dunia di abad ke-21. Bagi kita dan kebanyakan orang, perubahan apa pun yang berkaitan dengan planet, manusia, dan tempat memiliki dampak besar terhadap konsep ke-ruangannya dan akan mempengaruhi cara manusia berhuni atas dunia ini. Dalam perkembangan arsitektur dwelling berkaitan erat dengan konsep waktu (time), konsep ruang (space), konsep tempat (place) dan konsep untuk hidup (to live). Konsep ruang dan waktu menjadi penting karena menandakan di mana (where), kapan (when), dan bagaimana (how) seseorang benar-benar melakukan sesuatu – dalam hal ini untuk ‘tinggal dan berhuni atas dunia’ . Dalam hal ini, Konsep ‘hidup‘ dalam perspektif arsitektur adalah suatu kondisi ke-ruangan di mana manusia harus dapat hidup dan berhuni dalam ruang dan
waktu yang ada serta yang dilaluinya.


Aurora – Itera Lampung

Terima kasih Himpunan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Swarnapada ITERA sudah mengundang untuk berbicara mengenai kejujuran di dalam arsitektur. Yang menarik adalah acara ini saatnya untuk menampilkan substansi yang otentik dengan dasar setiap arsitek perlu untuk berbuat radikal di dalam praktiknya. Lalu apa arti radikal di dalam praktik yang sebenarnya sifatnya situasional, bentang proyek terlihat dinamis di dalam hubungannya terhadap brief klien, perubahan metode – metode dan hasrat arsitek untuk melakukan inovasi.

Di dalam kuliah ini, saya akan mencoba membagi – bagi apa itu arti dari kejujuran, dan apa saja dampak positif yang timbul di dalam karya yang terdesain, hubungan antara dengan klien, tim, dan apresiasi dari publik terhadap karya arsitektur yang ditimbulkan.

Setiap momentum berbagi adalah sebuah saat untuk merefleksikan diri dengan kritis, berbagi adalah saat- saat membagi semangat kepada adik – adik kita, yang semoga bisa meneruskan tongkat estafet menjadi arsitek yang baik, juga jujur.

Himpunan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Swarnapada ITERA kembali hadir melanjutkan rangkaian acara Aurora 2.0, Webinar akan dilaksanakan dengan tema “Kejujuran dalam Arsitektur”.
Webinar kali ini kita mengundang praktisi arsitektur yang akan membahas topik menarik, bersama:
•Realrich Sjarif (RAW architecture)
•Andy Rahman (andyrahmanarchitect)
•I Ketut Dirgantara (DDAP architect)

Kami juga mengundang akademisi arsitektur dari ITERA yaitu Pak Rendy Perdana Khidmat yang akan mengisi seminar bertema “Kehidupan Berarsitektur: Studi di Luar Negeri”

📌Mark the date!📌
Webinar dilaksanakan pada:
22-25 September 2020

Early Bird 20k
Reguler 35k
segera daftar pada link berikut:

Informasi lebih lanjut silahkan hubungi:
WA: 0821 8048 4671 (era) | 0812 7825 3110 (nabila)
Line: 1234efforta | nabilanurulp02
IG: @aurora.itera
e-mail: aurora.itera@gmail.com, Himarswarnapada, Aurora3.0, Webinararsitekur



Thank u @himarsunikom, I will share how to have fun, get inspiration, talking about passion, starting firm, facing failures, and servicing clients, then nurturing next generation of avant garde architects wholeheartly
Haloo teman teman semua,
Sebagai penggiat arsitektur muda, kiranya kita harus dapat menelaah dan mengetahui seluk beluk dunia Arsitektur sedari awal hingga menjadi arsitek. Oleh sebab itu, maka HIMARS UNIKOM mewadahinya melalui sebuah webinar berdasarkan hal tersebut.
Free entry & limited slot.
Untuk pendaftaran webinar, dapat melalui link https://forms.gle/nnXXb7eJufB5f3CUA. (link tertera di bio @himarsunikom)
Free E-certificate
Untuk info lebih lanjut silakan hubungi :
Indra Hidayatullah = 081615482776
Muhammad Al Fariz = 082124618743
Via WhatsApp (Text only)
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Arsitek di Dalam Lingkungan Binaan

Pada 31 Agustus 2020, Arsitektur Pradita University mengadakan kuliah tamu bersama arsitek profesional Realrich Sjarief, IAI.

Beliau merupakan founder dari RAW (Realrich Architecture Workshop). Beliau lulusan dari Architecture Design Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) dan untuk gelar masternya di University of New South Wales (UNSW) dengan Urban Design and Development.



“Peran Konsep Dalam Perancangan” – Universitas Gunadarma (UG-TV)

Terima kasih kepada Pak Agus Dharma Tohjiwa dan Universitas Gunadarma untk mengundang di acara “proses perancangan arsitektur” tanggal 30/7/20. Ternyata Pak Agus Dharma adalah rekan kerja dari Bu Jolanda Atmadjaja, ternyata dunia kecil ya.

Acara ini diselenggarakan dengan tujuan memberi pengayaan materi kepada mahasiswa Prodi Arsitektur dalam rangka mengikuti proses sertifikasi Standar Kompentensi di bidang Arsitektur berbasis SKKNI no 164 thn 2016. Acara tersebut akan disiarkan secara langsung di UG-TV Universitas Gunadarma. Hal ini sejalan dengan program Kemendikbud yang baru yaitu Kampus Merdeka, untuk menyiapkan peserta didik (mahasiswa) agar menjadi lulusan yang berkompeten dan memiliki keahlian yang diperlukan dalam dunia kerja.


Unpredictable Event Throught Resilience Architecture

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with @rawarchitecture_best

A post shared by Arsitektur & Perencanaan UNTAR (@arch.plan_untar) on

Thank you the University of Tarumanagara for Hosting this dedicated for its students, I’ll be really grateful to discuss and share some of the recent issues about how the architecture profession can get opportunity from this crisis.

From the committee, the discussion will be casual. Bincang Senang Ala Arsitek Salah satu arsitek dari RAW Architecture Firm dan juga seorang akademisi yang menjadi sorotan beberapa tahun terakhir, karena karya dan “wadah” interaktif yang beliau ciptakan “OMAH” library menjadikan Pak Realrich sangat dikenal khususnya di kalangan mahasiswa.

Instagram live ini diadakan untuk menyediakan sebuah tayangan casual mendidik yang dapat diakses oleh mahasiswa-mahasiswa aktif atau bahkan calon mahasiswa yang juga tempat menampung pertanyaan dan keresahan isu kekinian. Mengingat dalam situasi pandemi ini Jurusan Arsitektur dan
Perencanaan mengajak bintang tamu berbincang santai mengenai topik tertentu dari sudut pandang bintang tamu. Juga adanya kumpulan pertanyaan dari mahasiswa yang di rangkum dan akan Host tanyakan.



In order to provide and facilitate a casual yet fun discussion of architecture in this current situation on social media, especially Instagram.

Department of Architecture and Planning Faculty of Engineering Tarumanagara University presents a series of interesting Casual Discussions on this Instagram.

“Unpredictable Event Throught Resilience Architecture”

With the speakers, of course you are waiting for. Don’t forget to join Instagram Live on the official Instagram account of the Department of Architecture and Planning:

Guest Star: Realrich Sjarief @rawarchitecture_best

Don’t miss it.



Pendekatan dan Metode dalam Proses Merancang

Eksposisi #5
Pendekatan dan Metode dalam Proses Merancang
Jumat, 19 Juni 2020


Hasil Rekaman Kuliah dari Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia Jawa Barat

Ide desain merupakan buah pikiran setiap arsitek; output dari setiap proses kreatif yang runut dan sistematis
dalam merespon konteks yang dihadapi. Dalam proses pengembangan sebuah ide, setiap arsitek merespon
limitasi, batas/batas (consraints) & potensi sebuah konteks, menggunakan Pendekatan dan Metode yang
secara kreatif berkembang menjadi visi dan diterapkan menjadi susunan strategi desain. Keunikan inilah yang
memberikan karakter sebuah karya arsitektur dan yang membedakan antara satu karya dengan karya lainnya.
Dari narasi tersebut, melalui #eksposisi 5: Pendekatan dan Metode dalam Proses Merancang, kita akan
menggali pemahaman karya arsitektur melalui sudut pandang bagaimana Ide Arsitektur diproduksi oleh sang
arsitek. Pendekatan apa yang dilakukan untuk memahami dengan spesifik realita sebuah proyek?, dan Metode
apa saja yang digunakan untuk menterjemahkan solusi dari realita yang dihadapinya?. Diskusi ini akan
mendalami proses kreatif perancangan desain arsitektur lebih dari sekedar tahapan Konsep, Skematik dan
Konstruksi. Sehingga, kesadaran dalam proses merancang terutama kesadaran dalam mengambil keputusan –
keputusan sebuah proses desain tidak hanya berdasar pada intuisi yang tak terukur atau bahkan berlandas
pada wangsit.

Jl. Brantas No. 23 Bandung

Member of :
International Union of Architects
Architects Regional Council Asia

Mobile &WA :
+62 8122123175
SMS center :
+62 857 2121 7559
e-Mail: sekretariat@iaijabar.org

Eksposisi #5
Pendekatan dan Metode dalam Proses Merancang
Jumat, 19 Juni 2020

10:00 Pendaftaran ditutup
15:10 Panitia, moderator dan pembicara standby di zoom
15:15 Admin membagikan link zoom di wa, partisipan menunggu di waiting room sambil membaca rules
15:25 Host memasukkan para partisipan dan memulai rekaman
15:30 Moderator membuka acara, narasi singkat tentang topik dan membacakan cv singkat setiap
15:35 Sambutan ketua IAI Jawa Barat
15:40 Pemaparan eksposisi
15:45 Pembicara 1 : Sonny Sutanto (45 menit)
16:30 Pembicara 2: Realrich Sjarief (45 menit)
17:15 Tanya jawab dipandu oleh moderator, host menyaring pertanyaan yang datang lewat chat.
17:50 Pembacaan kesimpulan oleh moderator dan foto bersama oleh host
18:00 Acara selesai


Shifting Paradigm In Architecture

READY FOR OUR NEXT #sundaysharing,
Come join us in a #sundaysharing session with @artriapratomo on
New Problem, New Demand, New Protocol
Sunday, June 14, 2020, at 16:00
We will have a discussion with Realrich Sjarief- RAW Architecture @rawarchitecture_best and Andesh Tomo-Andesh Tomo Desain @andeshtomo
@andesh.tomo.desain .
Due to a limited space, please send us DM for RSVP. We will send the zoom link on Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 14:00

If you have questions, kindly mention on the comment section of this post
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Realrich Sjarief participate as one of the panelist in Nusantara Architecture roadshow initiated by Propan Raya

Diambil dari http://news.propanraya.com

Bali terpilih menjadi tempat pertama diadakannya roadshow Arsitektur Nusantara yang diselenggarakan oleh Propan Raya, pada Rabu, 10 April 2019. Lokasi tepatnya berada di Aula Wicwakarma Jurusan Arsitektur Fakultas Teknik Universitas Udayana (UNUD), Bali. Antusias para peserta saat mendengarkan kuliah umum pun terlihat selama acara roadshow Arsitektur Nusantara berlangsung.

Pada acara perdana roadshow Arsitektur Nusantara 2019 dihadiri oleh Asisten 1 Walikota Denpasar, I Made Toya SH, MH; Kepala Dinas Pariwisata Pemerintah Kota Denpasar, Desiree Mulyani; Ketua Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia area Bali, I Kadek Prana Jaya; Wakil Dekan 1 FT UNUD, Prof Ir. Ngakan Putu Sueca, MT, PHD; Koprodi Arsitektur FT UNUD, Prof. Dr. Ir. A. A. Ayu Oka Saraswati, MT; para dosen arsitektur Universitas Udayama; komunitas arsitek; mahasiswa-mahasiswi arsitektur, dll.

Terselenggaranya acara roadshow Arsitektur Nusantara 2019, tak terlepas dari dukungan Himpunan Mahasiswa Arsitektur (HMA) Universitas Udayana, yang disebut dengan HMA Wicwakarma, serta Propan Raya cabang Bali. “Kami memang ingin melibatkan para generasi muda agar mereka lebih kreatif dan memiliki tanggung jawab, di luar belajar,” ucap Direktur PT Propan Raya, Yuwono Imanto.

Baca selengkapnya di: http://news.propanraya.com/news-event/perdana-di-2019-roadshow-arsitektur-nusantara-berlangsung-di-universitas-udayana-bali


Realrich Sjarief participate as Jury in PARADESC 2019 “Kidtopia” competition

Architectural Design Competition
[PARADESC 2019: Kidtopia]

The need for child-friendly architecture in Indonesia feels less attention even though Indonesian architecture has recently developed rapidly. In fact, children need facilities that enable them to learn motorically for physical and mental development. PARADESC 2019: Kidtopia wants to invite architecture students from various universities throughout Indonesia to pour creativity into child-friendly architectural design works.

1. Realrich Sjarief (Principal of RAW Architecture)
2. Deddy Wahjudi (Principal of LABO, IAI Jury)
3. Yuswadi Saliya (UNPAR Academician)


Realrich Sjarief invited in Archinesia Academy with Topic Managing Architecture Firm and Projects

 ARCHINESIA Academy is coming back for the 8th time on 20-21 March 2019 in ICE BSD City. Realrich Sjarief was invited to give a lecture on how to manage architecture firm.

Good firm is the combination of positive theory, normative theory, team structure, and good attitude. The other things is depends on the context of each architecture firm. Realrich Sjarief, as a principal of RAW also said that managing architecture firm is about intellectual integrity, not only for internal team, but also for the clients. Beside that, playing of leadership, such as having a lot of discussion and dialogues, do not patronizing in each other, teaching and sharing knowledge, it also become one of the important things in the journey of the firm.


Realrich Sjarief Invited to Give Seminars on The Worldbex Seminars 2019, Philiphine

Realrich Sjarief invited to be part of The Worldbex Seminars 2019 Manila, Philippine. RAW (Realrich architecture Workshop) Architecture’s design director Ar. Realrich Sjarief will share talk on “Sustainable and Conscious Architecture, Exploration of Alpha Omega, and the Philosophy of Suwung.” The event is a sharing, presentation and discussion together with practicioners in Singapore, Philipines, Thailand. The 2019 Event Theme is “A World Built Bolder.”


Membedah dan Membahas dari The Guild ke Omah Boto

Membedah dan Membahas dari The Guild ke Omah Boto, a sharing agenda managed by Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana on Saturday, February 9th, 2019. This agenda invited Realrich Sjarief, Andy Rahman, Eka Swadiansa, and Anas Hidayat to give some lectures about their story that bridging RAW’s The Guild to Andyrahman’s Omahboto.

The Guild is a “cave”, living place for family also working place for Realrich Sjarief with their colleagues: RAW, Omah Library, and so on. This book was written by Realrich Sjarief and Anas Hidayat. Meanwhile, the Omahboto, Andyrahman’s works was encouraged to exploring Nusantara’s craftsmanship by the art of brick that written in his book, Natabata.


SKETSA International Conference: Millenials Lifestyle Design

GET READY to be the part of:

Enrich your knowledge through the lecture, sharing & discussion, and exhibition.

Date : Friday, December 14, 2018
Time : 01.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Main Topic : Millennials’ Lifestyle Design
Main Event : Lecture, sharing and discussion
Place : Ciputra Artpreneur Theater, Kuningan, South Jakarta – 12940

• Budi Pradono – Budi Pradono Architect, Indonesia
• Chris Precht – Penda Architects, Austria
• Ferry Ridwan – Architect, Indonesia *to be confirmed
• Hezby Ryandi – Delution, Indonesia
• Revano Satria – MSSM Associates, Indonesia
• Tiyok Prasetyoadi – PDW Architect, Indonesia
• Yann Follain – WY-TO Architects, Singapore

• Realrich Sjarief – RAW Architect
• Priscilla Epifania, S.T., MA. – Universitas Tarumanagara

Early Bird: (until 25/11/2018)
Student – IDR 350K / USD 30 (BUY 10 GET 1 FREE)
Public – IDR 475K / USD 50 (SPECIAL PROMOTION IDR 425K, Only on November 22-23, 2018)

Student – IDR 400K / USD 35
Public – IDR 525K / USD 55

1. International Certificate
2. Seminar Kit
3. Food and Beverages
4. KUM IAI: 6

1. Please transfer according to the pricelist above. Payment via BCA 4830392365 (Ryan H.)
2. Click this link below.

3. Fill the form according to the instructions.
4. Don’t forget to upload your purchase invoice before submit your form.
5. Submit your form.
6. Get your confirmation message by 7x 24 hours.

For further information and special promotion, please kindly ask us through our line account ID :
LINE : @sketsainterconf
IG : @majalahsketsa / @imarta_untar
WA : +62 812 8252 0882

The most prestigious architecture event is coming to you!


– IMARTA-SKETSA 2018/2019 –


Design for Life Highlights from the Singapore Institute of Architects Conference 2018




RE:Bamboo 2018 UNPAR, invited Realrich as Guest Speaker


Archifest 2018 Singapore, featuring Realrich Sjarief as speaker on topic Design for People



Archifest is an internationally-acclaimed festival which draws the interest of those both inside and outside of the Design industry. The theme that Yann Folain from Wy-To Architect envisioned for this year is “Design for Life”. It broadly encompasses the Architect’s vision to respond to the true needs of humanity. It is necessary for design to give back to the community and enrich human life as a whole.

Each year, Archifest hosts a series of events held in various locations in Singapore including the Archifest Pavilion under the categories of Archi-Interfaces, Conference, Conversations, Archicraft and Architours. These pillars of the festival work hand-in-hand to elaborate on the three sub-themes: Design for People, Design for Time and Design for Environment. Please find attached the text introducing the Theme of the Festival comprehensively.

More information: http://www.archifest.sg


Bricks Stacking-UP – Seminar being held by Podomoro University with Realrich Sjarief as Speaker


Architect as Innovator – Seminar being held by Universitas Kristen Indonesia with Realrich Sjarief as Speaker



Biophilic Event – Tour & lecture by UNPAR, visitation to The Guild and Lecture by Realrich Sjarief

“Integrated green architecture” bersama Realrich Sjarief, praktisi arsitek sekaligus pendiri dari RAW Architecture. Diselenggarakan pada 7 April 2018 oleh Prodi Arsitektur Universitas Parahyangan. Bertempat di The Guild.

“Integrated green architecture” with Realrich Sjarief, who is principal of RAW architecture. Held 7 April 2018 by Parahyangan University. Housed in The Guild.




“Dialogue Architecture” with guest lecturer: Realrich Sjarief practitioners architect, principal of RAW Architecture in Trisakti University Jakarta, Indonesia

“Dialog Arsitektur” bersama dosen tamu: Realrich Sjarief praktisi arsitek sekaligus founder dari RAW Architecture. Diselenggarakan pd 2 Maret 2018 oleh Prodi Arsitektur Fakultas Teknik Sipil dan Perencanaan Universitas Trisakti. Bertempat di Auditorium Ged C lt 9 Kampus A Usakti.

“Dialogue Architecture” with guest lecturer: Realrich Sjarief practitioners architect, principal of RAW Architecture. Held 2 March 2018 by the  architecture faculty of civil engineering and planning University of Trisakti. Housed in the Auditorium Ged C lt 9 Campus.

exhibition lecture

Realrich Sjarief in collaboration with Eka Osa Swadiansa and Andy Rahman is in conference, exhibition, and lecture for spirit 45 in Paris, Le Havre, and Lyon published in Sinar, French Journal

The Spirit 45 Indonesian movement, founded in 2017 by three young Javanese and Balinese architects, invites Sinar for an exhibition on March 11 at 5pm. “Contextual Making Form” explores the relativism between the influence of the context on the form of the project and the impact of this form on its environment. “We tend to put art in the background of our architectural research to take the path of a contextual approach especially when it is linked to the history of a place going pragmatically to the reuse of building materials “. Eka Swadiansa The conference and exhibition presents a series of projects that explore how form is contextualized. The reuse of building materials creating visual contradictions between the old and the new, a geometric survey on the evolution of archetypes that reveals the historical roots of contemporary forms and finally the influence of the tropical context through vernacular forms. rendez-vous on March 11 to meet these architects from the end of the world

Le mouvement Indonésien Spirit 45 fondé en 2017 par 3 jeunes architectes Javanais et balinais, s’invite chez Sinar pour une expo-conférence le 11 mars à 17h. « Contextual Making Form » explore le relativisme entre l’influence du contexte sur la forme du projet et l’impact de cette forme sur son environnement.

« nous avons tendance à mettre l’art au second plan de notre recherche architecturale pour emprunter le chemin d’une approche contextuelle notamment lorsqu’elle est liée à l’histoire d’un lieu en allant pragmatiquement jusqu’au réemploi de matériaux de construction ». Eka Swadiansa

La conférence et l’exposition présente une série de projets qui explore comment la forme se contextualise. Le réemploi de matériaux de construction créant des contradictions visuelles entre l’ancien et le nouveau, une enquête géométrique sur l’évolution des archétypes qui révèle l’enracinement historique des formes contemporaines et enfin l’influence du contexte tropical  au travers de formes vernaculaires.

rendez-vous le 11 mars pour rencontrer ces architectes du bout du monde

here is the link https://sinar.fr/2018/02/23/spirit-45-sinvite-chez-sinar/

exhibition lecture

Forum Archinesia #30; Current Projects of 5 Indonesian Architect

Archinesia (30/09): Speakers of #FAA30 who have just presented their Current Projects are onstage for a Q&A and Peer Review session. Among the questions asked were about “guest areas”, roofs, bamboo as a material, and a fellow architect’s impressive development in terms of design quality


Rabu(n) Senja sharing with Realrich Sjarief

Rabu(n) senja is a series of architectural lecture and profession sharing held by same named community that based at Kopi Manyar. On the occasion, Realrich Sjarief gave sharing titled Architecture of Happiness. The sharing were discussed topic of his brief life before entering profession, to the stories about client and hardship of the projects. He finalized his sharing with story of OMAH Library, as remark that happiness is a fruit of sharing.



IMARTA: Seminar “Research Project : Interactive Reading Space” by Realrich Sjarief (RAW Architecture)

Realrich Sjarief giving lecture to Tarumanegara student about the importance of reading book in architectural carrier.

From study conducted by Central Connecticut State University in the US, the problem of lack of reading motivation in Indonesia has ranked us 59 out of 60 country in reading abilities. This risked to inability of critical thinking or even understanding new form of information. In architectural field, Realrich had given example of how reading might supports us in design process. He illustrate his point from historical perspective, that the dynamic of linguistic field has brought us to post-modern age, in which we have to be able to gain our own understanding, deliberately, without subjugated to institution of man. Then, he gave example of reading space, as one alternative solution to invoke reading habit to community. Reading space, he thought of, is not limited to traditional form of  library. It has to change, and moreover, becoming a place to wonder and discuss. It can no longer be only repository of book, but a hybrid program that based on any activities that trigger our curiosity to learn.

exhibition lecture

Podomoro University seminar: Architecture of Impact

An exhibition of Podomoro student work, finalized by several Indonesian architect to discuss the Impact of architecture for community.

7-21 Agustus 2017

11.00 s.d. 17.00

SEMINAR 16 Agustus 2017 13.00 s.d. 14.30

by Abimantra Pradhana, A+A Architects

19 Agustus 2017

13.00 s.d. 14.30

Discussion by Reza Nurtjahja, Urbane dan Realrich Sjarief, RAW Architects.


Seminar Nasional: Membedah Undang-undang Arsitek

National Seminar: Dissecting Architect’s Law, is a program that being held by Bandung Institute of Technology as forum that responded to recent Architecture Law that officially released few months ago. The seminar invites wide array of architect from multiple generation to analyze what comes after the law for their career, be it possibility or limitation.


Institute Technology Bandung Lecture Series

Institute Technology Bandung Lecture Series presented Realrich Sjarief from RAW architecture along with others speakers.

lecture publication

It’s Time For A Change, on Bravacasa



99% The Guild : Open House

99% The Guild : Open House

Sunday 12th June 2016


We Glady invited you to come to 99 Percent The Guild : Open house, new home of RAW, Omah Library, and Residence of realrich and family . Please RSVP, to book your schedule, in


There will be a lecture by Anas Hidayat titled 1 percent yang dinanti, about the death of the architect after the work is born and sharing of the craftsmanship process with the team involved to attract discussion and further response. We need you to RSVP because space is limited, there will be food for people who are fasting at 6 pm after the lecture.

The term 99 % is a process of almost finished which every work is always faced where 1% is left to the future, where work is occupied, changed, redefined by further need. The work of architect processed based on its expedients, alchemy, and experiments during the process of the making. Expedients are about the resources available in the process, alchemy is about the relationship along the persons inside the making, and experiments is more into the product driven by expedients and alchemy. The discussion about this work is based on this 3 category to uncover the relationship in the process of making of the guild which we are all hoping to hear, see, and learn from its 99% product and process. The process of living inside the cluster is always evolving, in this open house, but the process will be opened and shared, for critics and restless spirits just for evaluating the process and product.

invitation card will be given after RSVP because the space is limited. Thank you, see you all


Diskusi Architectural Pedagogy: an Explorative Enquiry

Sebagai sebuah disiplin, dalam beberapa dasawarsa terakhir, arsitektur menghadapi perkembangan yang pesat. Mulai dari inovasi teknologi, kebutuhan global, hingga paradigma baru yang mempengaruhi masa depan praktik arsitektur. Bagaimana perguruan tinggi menjawab segala tantangan ini? Adakah alternatif yang dapat menjembatani kebutuhan dunia kerja dengan lulusan arsitektur? Dapatkah biro perancangan menjalankan praksis pendidikan di luar sekolah? Perspektif akan datang dari tiga orang pembicara:

Realrich Sjarief (RAW), Stephanus Evert Indrawan, S.T., M.A. (Universitas Ciputra), dan Eunike Kristi Julistiono, S.T., M.Des.SC. (UK Petra).

Dipandu oleh moderator
Defry Agatha Ardianta, S.T., M.T. (ITS).


Anabata Series

Open Talk Architecture di Hotel Novotel, Jumat, 13 Mei 2016, pk 16.30-21.30 WIB. OTA menghadirkan pembicara Realrich Sjarief (RAW Architecture) dan Paulus Setyabudi (Stephanus & Paulus Architects). Acara ini gratis, cepat daftarkan dirimu ke nomor kontak yang ada pada poster ini!



lecture publication

Article on Architectural Criticism in Galeri, a magazine by Undip Architecture Student



Archinesia Architecture Academy

Archinesia Architecture Academy atau AAA yang dilangsungkan 2 hari berturut-turut di Surabaya baru saja selesai. Acara dibuka oleh Hari Sunarko, selaku Ketua IAI Jatim. Selain membuka acara, Hari Sunarko juga membagikan pengalaman bagaimana membuka biro/firma kepada para peserta. Presentasi kemudian dilanjutkan oleh Aditya Tan dari Das Quadrat dan Hermawan Dasmanto dari ARA Studio.

Archinesia Architecture Academy di hari pertama ini ditutup dengan sangat menarik melalui presentasi yang dipaparkan oleh Realrich Sjarief dari RAW architecture. AAA di hari kedua, menghadirkan Edwin Nafarin dari dPavilion, yang memberikan paparan singkat pada sesi pertama. Kemudian dilanjutkan presentasi dari Paulus Setyabudi, Fenny Wati dan ditutup lewat paparan Bambang Soemardiono tentang ASEAN MRA.

Terima kasih kami ucapkan kepada para pembicara yang telah bersedia berbagi ditengah-tengah kesibukannya. Kami juga mengucapkan terima kasih kepada IAI Jatim dan Debindo ITE yang telah memberi dukungan terhadap pelaksanaan AAA.

Terima kasih juga kami sampaikan kepada para peserta AAA yang tidak hanya datang dari Surabaya, tetapi juga dari Lombok, Semarang, Bandung, dll. Semoga acara ini dapat memberikan manfaat untuk kita bersama.


Realrich Sjarief invited in Forum Arsitektur Archinesia #11, discussing the importance of Architecture Exhibition

Jangan Remehkan Pameran Arsitektur
Nama nama arsitek seperti Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius, dkk,
dipercaya menjadi besar karena ikut pameran ‘Modern Architecture : International Exhibition’ di tahun 1932.
Sebuah pameran arsitektur berskala internasional pertama di Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York yang dikurasi oleh Philip Johnson dan melahirkan ‘International Style’

Pameran adalah satu medium menyampaikan pemikiran dan aspirasi – juga statement – dari arsitek.
Selain itu pameran merupakan alat propaganda mengeluarkan style maupun ‘ideologi’ baru.
Yang lebih kita kenal pameran arsitektur adalah media komunikasi arsitek kepada khalayak.

Bagaimana arsitek bisa memanfaatkan pameran arsitektur ?
Apa yang dapat kita petik dari pameran arsitektur ?

di Forum Arsitektur Archinesia #11 bersama :

AYOS PURWOAJI, Kurator pameran “Haryono Sigit” di Surabaya
IMELDA AKMAL, Penulis dan pengamat Arsitektur
REALRICH SJARIEF, Arsitek yang mengikuti dan mengamati pameran arsitektur international
M. CHOTOB, Arsitek surabaya (moderator)

Kamis 7 April 2016 – 19,00 sampai selesai
Grand City @Indobuiltech Surabaya
GRATIS. Untuk Info & Reservasi : 0857 7202 2861

Forum Arsitektur Archinesia (FAA)
Adalah acara diskusi bulanan yang diselenggarakan oleh majalah Archinesia.
Sealin arsittek, forum juga mengundang para pembicara yang berkaitan dengan lingkungan
terbangun, kesenian, budaya dan desain untuk menambah wawasan pengetahuan
dan mengembangkan profesi arsitek.


Realrich is invited as speaker on CreativeMornings Jakarta

For this November’s “Work”, CreativeMornings Jakarta presents: Realrich Sjarief.

Realrich Sjarief is the principal architect of RAW Architecture, a leading Indonesia’s architecture firm based in Jakarta. He received his bachelor degree in architecture from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia (2005). He was in the family of skilled builder from Borneo and tutored under his father, later continued his family legacy in building craftmanship.

He has gained 10 years of post qualification experience ever since. Prior to establish RAW Architecture in 2011, he worked for Foster and Partners in London, and several firms before. Aside from his daily work of practicing architecture, he is also a visiting lecturer for some university, and also a contributor for some architecture and lifestyle magazine in Indonesia. Currently he is leading OMAH Architecture Library, a private library which focusing on development of young people. He shared his office’s small summer pavilion for restless spirits as a hope for future architects.

‪#‎CreativeMornings‬ ‪#‎CMJKT‬ ‪#‎CMwork‬


Realrich invited as speaker of AGF (Architecture Grand Festival) by Binus University, with topic Sustainable Architecture For A Liveable Future

Architecture Grand Festival 2015 presents!
“Sustainable Architecture For A Liveable Future” Seminar with Realrich Sjarief (RAW Architect)
Get ur self registered
How to Regist?

– fill this form through this link http://goo.gl/forms/fV0J5SJW9A
– follow the step and see you at ArtSpace:1 , Art:1 On 15-20 Septemeber 2015


RAW attending Jakarta Design Week 3.1, held by IAI Jakarta chapter and Indobuildtech with topic “Membangun Rumah Pertama”

Realrich, together with Deddy Wahjudi, and Mohammad B. Teguh will present Rumah Pertama : Strategi Design dan Investasi moderated by Priscillia Epifania. Rumah yang unik dan sesuai keinginan adalah idaman semua orang. Namun kenaikan harga property dan tanah yang kian melonjak membuat semua orang berpikir bahwa rumah yang ditawarkan para pengembang adalah satu – satunya pilihan. “Benarkah kita tidak dapat memiliki rumah dengan desain yang kita inginkan ?”

Dengan pengetahuan dan keahlian dari perencana keuangan dan arsitek, kita dapat berdiskusi tentang hal – hal yang harus dipertimbangkan dalam merencanakan sebuah rumah ideal.


RAW’s Lecture in University of Diponegoro “Menjawab Tantangan Arsitek di Masa Kini dan Nanti”

Realrich did lecture and reviewed final project in University Diponegoro.
picture by Ricky Masri, Amalia Dwi Purnama and Seta Wibhi Pratama.

lecture publication

MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT Delivering high-end and innovative development for a maximised revenue opportunities

Realrich Sjarief was a panelist in the event hosted by trueventus which titled “MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT Delivering high-end and innovative development for a maximised revenue opportunities”. he brought discussion about context in real practice in Indonesia together with Adjie Negara, and Bima Sarumpaet.

here is the brief explanation :

The city of Jakarta is gorged with construction plots and cranes operating 24-hour cycles in ensuring on-time delivery for a The city of Jakarta is gorged with construction plots and cranes operating 24-hour cycles in ensuring on-time delivery for a hungry and demanding property market. Jakarta is one of the fastest developing cities around the world and this trend is expected to continue as it sways its way in becoming a global and modern metropolis. The city government is determined to build an effective infrastructure and transport system to place it on an equal footing with other large regional and international urban centers.

Property investors are now facing high demand for high-tech operating Mixed-Use that will adhere effectively to the cities infrastructure. Local developers, architects and contractors are in the verge of identifying the types of properties that fit into the Mixed-Use genre. Mixed-Use properties are now known as the golden egg in a developer’s portfolio. Since 2012, prices of properties have significantly increased in Jakarta, by 20 to 30 per cent with an average occupancy rate above 90% for both residential and commercial sectors.

Growing demand for real estate in Indonesia amidst strong economic performance and global investor interest, this conference will be the ideal one-stop platform for developers. Join Trueventus at Mixed-Use Development Jakarta 2014 and dive deep into the process of mastering Mixed-Use projects and ensuring successful delivery that will last for decades thus becoming an icon of a city.

This unique conference will bring delegates the benefits of:
• Analysing the impact on the public space done by successful Mixed-Use complex
• Building long-term beneficial partnerships and strategic alliances in Mixed-Use projects
• Augmenting the value of the Mixed-Use development projects with effective management of cost and time
• Assessing latest building material technology for sustainable development and effective construction
• Learning best practices in Mixed-Use development projects • Venturing into Mixed-Use framework, development and design
concepts for on-going projects

The speakers are :
José Cláudio Silva Senior Associate Aedas
Simon Bee Executive Director Benoy, Hong Kong
Doddy A. Tjahjadi Managing Director PTI Architects, Indonesia
Sacha Schwarzkopf Associate Director, UD Studio Leader AECOM Asia, Indonesia
Mathieu Pitet CEO Interstar Investments, Hong Kong
Andreas Kartawinata President Director Retail Property Management, Indonesia
Jon Grant Director Chapman Taylor, Thailand
Todd Lauchlan Country Head Jones Lang LaSalle, Indonesia
Eddy Leks Managing Partner Leks & Co, Indonesia
Johannes Spies Director Townland International, Indonesia
Phil Kim Co-Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director Jerde Partnership, Hong Kong
David Cheadle Managing Director Cushman & Wakefield, Indonesia
Ishak Chandra Managing Director – Corporate Strategy & Services Sinar Mas Land, Indonesia
Rahayu Hoed Partner Makarim & Taira, Indonesia
Widijanto Managing Director PT AKR Land Development, Indonesia

lecture publication

Lecture Series – Collaboration between UPH School of Design and RAW

RAW collaborated with UPH School of Design to provide long life learning process between Architects, Lecturer, fresh graduates, or even people who has interest in Architecture by establishing lecture series.

The first lecture is about Working Ideas by Critics in Architecture

“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.” ― Abraham Lincoln

David Hutama will share lecture about working Ideas by critics in architecture. There were times when architecture changed because of paradigm breakdown just by nature of human, technology and civilisation. It established by success and failure. Critic which is a Greek derivation of the word κριτής (krités), meaning a person who offers reasoned judgment or analysis, value judgment, interpretation or observation. Critic has the position to move public opinion because of his or her credibility, reputation, depth of analysis.

Critics become complex because there are various skill which is needed such as history, precedents, or understanding elements of architecture which then judge one work in process creating excellence in working architecture.

We invited students and fresh graduates for our mini lecture series or brown bag.

It’s all about sharing working ideas by critics in architecture. It’s all discussing the possible answer of :
1) What or How is the core of critics in architecture ?
2) What is needed for preparing good critics to evaluate architecture/ design performance ?
3) What or How is the to establish opinion in architecture given by the reality ?
4) Why the critic is important ? or what is the ethic to maintain critical opinion ?

David Hutama is chair department of UPH School of Design. After receiving his bachelor degree from Parahyangan University in the year 2000, he went to Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan, to pursue his master degree in History and Theory of Architecture. In 2005 he join Department of Architecture in Universitas Pelita Harapan. David was part of the steering committee team for Jakarta Architecture Biennale 2009 and Art Director for Rubber Wood Architecture Exhibition in 2010. In 2012 he worked as the curator of Place.Making Exhibition, an exhibition of Department of Architecture UPH at Dia.Lo.Gue Exhibition, Kemang. Together with Avianti Armand and Robin Hartanto co-edited ‘Home: a Studio Talk’, published by UPH Press. He was curator of Indonesia Pavilion in Venice Biennale 2014

The discussion will be held at RAW Office at 9.30 am on 20th September 2014 . The introduction will be followed by open discussion among participants.

Kindly make your reservation to tatyana@raw.co.id or ilham@raw.co.id as soon as possible (seats are limited for 30 people) Thanks and see you !
lecture series - davud hutama-1 copy

lecture publication

Lecture Workshop Series 1st – 4th [now]

[vc_video link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaFnl8KcCyY” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [vc_column_text width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

Among recent college grads, architecture majors by far have the highest unemployment rate at 13.9%. That’s according to a new report from the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce. The collapse of the construction and home-building industries in the recession is to blame. Even after gaining years of experience, architecture grads ages 30 and up, have a high unemployment rate at 9.2%. [CNN@2012]

4th Lecture : Working Ideas in Business.

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”
Andy Warhol

There were times when people started defining business by simply delivering good product to the customer or client. It started by establishing one relationship to another relationship between architect and clients. In this lecture we will discuss about the experience bringing business into worth living relationship between clients, architects, and between people inside the firm. We invited students and fresh graduates for our mini brown bag. It’s about sharing entrepreneurship in architecture. It’s all discussing the answer of :

1) What or How is the core of relationship between clients and architect ?
2) What is needed for establishing architecture studio ?
3) What or How is the challenge given by the reality ?
4) Why the ethic is important ? or what is the ethic to maintain relationship ?

The discussion will be held at RAW Office at 6.30 pm [16.30] on 28th August 2014 . The material will be explained briefly by Realrich followed by open discussion among participants.

Kindly make your reservation to tatyana@raw.co.id or ilham@raw.co.id as soon as possible (seats are limited) Thanks and see you !


3rd Lecture. Topic “Experimentation by Digital Computation and Analog Process in Architecture”

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 8.37.32 PM

Please Join Our Venue for This Friday 22nd August 2014 at 18.30 in Summer Pavilion. The third lecture for Architecture Summer Workshop. Dani Hermawan who is an architect and researcher in Formologix based in Jakarta will introduce topic Experimentation in Architecture in the focus of Digital Computation in Innovation process in Architecture. As a Co-Director of Formologix Lab, He interested and explores the collaborative potential of digital design and fabrication techniques related to architecture and product design -through various modes: parametric design, scripting, and fabrication. Dani pursued his Master of Architecture in digital architecture from Dessau Institute of Architecture, Bauhaus-Dessau, Germany (2008) under supervision of Mathias Del Campo (SPAN/Austria) and Daniel Dendra (anotherArchitect-Berlin). For his Bachelor of Architecture, he was graduated from Parahyangan University, Indonesia (2004). As practitioner, he credits his early architectural experience with the practices at Larascipta Architects, collaborative experience with Daniel Dendra at anotherArchitect, Berlin, and currently worked as a digital design, modeling and fabrication consultant for several architecture offices. As academia, he taught design studios at Parahyangan Catholic University and currently, he actively teaches design studio, workshop and seminar at Pelita Harapan University. The Analog process will be introduced briefly by Realrich Sjarief. Kindly make your reservation to tatyana@raw.co.id or ilham@raw.co.id as soon as possible (seats are limited) Thanks and see you!

2nd Lecture Series :

Almost always the men who achieve these fundamental inventions of a new paradigm have been either very young or very new to the field whose paradigm they change. — Thomas S. Kuhn

Dalam sejarah arsitektur, keragaman paradigma dalam desain adalah salah satu cara untuk melihat keragaman dalam berarsitektur. Dimana kita menjadi manusia yang lekat dengan tradisi berpikir, berargumentasi, pemilihan keputusan desain berdasarkan pertimbangan – pertimbangan empiris dan rasional yang matang. Proses untuk mencipta ini yang kemudian menjadi penting, karena adanya kekreatifan dalam proses mendesain. Proses dimana kita bisa mendapatkan pelajaran yang lebih baik, sehingga untuk pada saatnya mendesain nanti bisa memberikan desain yang lebih baik dibandingkan sebelumnya. Proses berpikir ini yang kita coba gali dari dua orang dari generasi muda, Ivan Nasution dan Rizki Supratman. Ivan yang berkerja di NUS [National University of Singapore] dan Rizki yang berkerja sebagai di OMA [Office for Metropolitan Architecture] satu biro yang didirikan oleh Rem Koolhas. Sharing pengalaman dari kedua orang ini diharapkan bisa membawa dialog yang akan membawa peserta untuk memahami dunia arsitektur lebih dalam dalam lingkup teori dan praktik. 2nd session copy


Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 3.26.55 PM picture by Rio Triwardhana

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pictures by Dietia http://instagram.com/dietiabegin

1st Lecture Working Ideas by Thinking + Drawing

The first lecture is intended to explain briefly about the logic between designing by handrawing and understanding the fingerprint of materials which build framework in participant’s understanding. The lecture materials is explained below :

+        Elektrik : Ching, Francis D.K. (1996). Ilustrasi Desain Interior. Indonesia: Erlangga. p284-307, Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P11.28 – 11.31

+        Akustik : Ching, Francis D.K. (1996).Ilustrasi Desain Interior. Indonesia: Erlangga. P308-309, Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. PA.14-17,

+        Teknologi dan sambungan kayu keras : Daryanto (2010). Keterampilan Kejuruan. Bandung: PT. Sarana Tutorial Nurani Sejahtera. P19-41.

+        Dinding dan Lantai Kayu :

ä  Daryanto (2010). Keterampilan Kejuruan. Bandung: PT. Sarana Tutorial Nurani Sejahtera. P66-71.

ä  Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P4.26-4.32

ä  Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P5.43-5.50

+        Sistem Pondasi dangkal dan dinding pondasi : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P3.08-3.21

+        Pondasi Tiang : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P3.22-3.23

+        Sistem Lantai terkait dengan balok dan pelat beton: Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P4.02-4.07

+        Rangka Baja Struktural : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P4.14-4.18

+        Dek Logam /plat Bondek : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P4.22

+        Kolom Beton : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P5.04-5.08

+        Struktur Rangka Baja : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P5.35-5.38

+        Atap Logam Bergelombang : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P7.9-7.10

+        Atap Genteng Keramik dan sirap : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P7.02-7.08

+        Atap Datar : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P7.11 – 7.12

+        Flashing : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P7.17-7.21

+        Skylight

+        Sistem Mekanikal dan Elektrikal :

Sub Pembahasan :

ä  Sistem HVAC [Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning] : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P11.14-8.19

ä  Pengadaan Air Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P11.20-11.22

ä  Drainase dan pembuangan limbah : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P11.25-11.27

ä  Fixtur pemipaan : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P11.24

ä  Pembuangan Limbah : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P11.27

+        Pintu dan Jendela Kayu : Ching, Francis D.K., Adams, C. (2001).Ilustrasi Konstruksi Bangunan. Indonesia: Erlangga. P8.02-8.33

Sub pembahasan :

ä  Alumunium / UPVC/logam/sintetik berongga] [dimensi/konstruksi]

ä  Kayu [dimensi/konstruksi]

ä  Engsel [konstruksi/jenis]

ä  Kaca [tebal/jenis]

ä  Curtain Wall [dinding tirai/gantung]


Note for Summer Workshop :

You are invited to join “Summer mini brown bag” on Saturday June 28th 2014 at 10.00 am, RAW office Berikut adalah rangkaian acara course utama dan daftar peserta dimulai jam 10 pagi sampai jam 12 sing [penyesuaian tanggal akan dilakukan lebih lanjut] :    Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 2.53.52 PM



The Young Desire It by Architecture Gunadarma Students

Fifteen-year-old Charles Fox is sent away to boarding school, innocent, alone and afraid. There one of his masters develops an intense attachment to him. But when Charles meets Margaret, a girl staying at a nearby farm for the holidays, he is besotted, and a passionate, unforgettable romance begins. Published in London in 1937 to wide acclaim, The Young Desire It is a stunning debut novel about coming of age: an intimate and lyrical account of first love.

Acara ini bersifat informal dengan tujuan untuk mengetahui proses berarsitektur yang baik, mengetahui bagaimana menjawab permasalahan desain secara kreatif dan konseptual. Pembicara akan membagi proses dalam desain, tips, trik terutama pencarian desain untuk menemukan cinta pertamanya dalam arsitektur di dalam hal ini pencarian desain direfleksikan dalam kompetisi desain yang tidak selalu menang namun kaya akan eksperimen ide yang kreatif. Be There guys! RSVP : kafipangestu@gmail.com

Susunan Acara :
4.00 pm – 5.00 pm Tiyok Prasetyoadi “Kreativitas Desain dalam Sayembara”
5.00 pm – 6.00 pm Akbar Hantar “Yang Muda Yang Berkarya”
7.00 pm – 8.00 pm Septrio Effendi “Pembuktian pada Proses”
8.00 pm – 9.00 pm Realrich Sjarief “Finding Maria Mercedes”

Poster by Muhammad Zainnoor Ariffin Widjaya
Fifteen-year-old Charles Fox is sent away to boarding school, innocent, alone and afraid. There one of his masters develops an intense attachment to him. But when Charles meets Margaret, a girl staying at a nearby farm for the holidays, he is besotted, and a passionate, unforgettable romance begins. Published in London in 1937 to wide acclaim, The Young Desire It is a stunning debut novel about coming of age: an intimate and lyrical account of first love.

Acara ini bersifat informal dengan tujuan untuk mengetahui proses berarsitektur yang baik, mengetahui bagaimana menjawab permasalahan desain secara kreatif dan konseptual. Pembicara akan membagi proses dalam desain, tips, trik terutama pencarian desain untuk menemukan cinta pertamanya dalam arsitektur di dalam hal ini pencarian desain direfleksikan dalam kompetisi desain yang tidak selalu menang namun kaya akan eksperimen ide yang kreatif. Be There guys! RSVP : kafipangestu@gmail.com

Susunan Acara :
4.00 pm – 5.00 pm Tiyok Prasetyoadi “Kreativitas Desain dalam Sayembara”
5.00 pm – 6.00 pm Akbar Hantar “Yang Muda Yang Berkarya”
7.00 pm – 8.00 pm Septrio Effendi “Pembuktian pada Proses”
8.00 pm – 9.00 pm Realrich Sjarief “Finding Maria Mercedes”

Poster by Muhammad Zainnoor Ariffin Widjaya

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Summer Architecture Course – July – August 2014

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” ― Brian Tracy

Kami mengundang untuk para mahasiswa mengikuti summer course yang akan diadakan 2 bulan bulan July dan Agustus dengan tujuan untuk membagikan pengetahuan dalam praktek arsitektur pada keseharian biro arsitektur. Apabila berminat bisa mengirimkan cv dan portfolio kepada Mukhammad Ilham [ilham@raw.co.id] dan Tatyana Kusumo [tatyana@raw.co.id] terbuka untuk 1 kelas maksimum 20 orang. Terima kasih, perhatiannya ditunggu untuk partisipasinya. Congratulation for all of the Architecture workshop participants (July-August 2014) that will be start on Monday July 30th 2014.

Participants of Internship Workshop:

1. Amalina Azizan [Malaya University]
2. Andrew Syahwic [ITS]
3. Andre Sugianto [Petra]
4. Amelia [Universitas Parahyangan]
5. Arief Sutanto [ITB]
6. Biondy [ITS]
7. Charlie Lady Friesta [ITS]
8. Dietia [ITS]
9. Ellena [Petra]
10. Farrahani Ghani [Malaya University]
11. Miftah Fakhri [UGM]
12. Ginanjar [ITS]
13. Jian Honardy [Petra]
14. Jessyca [Petra]
15. John [Petra]
16. Mungkijati [ITS]
17. Samodra Oudyse [ITS]
18. Saraya Eka [ITS]
19. Yoga Iswara [ITS]

We would like to invite students to join summer architecture course in on July to August 2014 which intended to share the knowledge behind architecture practice. Due to our space limitation, there will be only 20 seats available. Please RSVP to ilham@raw.co.id or tatynana @raw.co.id to get seat confirmation.





Architecture Grand Festival 2013 : Urban Playground

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Architecture Grand Festival (AGF) Merupakan suatu Program Kerja HIMARS untuk merealisasikan visi dan misi bersama sebagai suatu organisasi kemahasiswaan dan juga sebagai wujud apresiasi kami terhadap perkembangan di dunia arsitektur masa kini.

Maka, HIMARS bermaksud mengadakan kegiatan bernama Architecture Grand Festival. Sesuai dengan namanya, kami bermaksud mengadakan pameran gabungan berbagai jenis hasil karya mahasiswa arsitektur Binus University dengan workshop, talkshow dan seminar arsitektur yang di harapkan dapat menjadi sarana dalam menambah ilmu pengetahuan tentang arsitektur baik dalam segi pendidikan maupun perkembangan dunia arsitektur masa kini. Serta sebagai sarana publikasi ke masyarakat luas. Acara ini diperuntukan bagi mahasiswa/i Arsitektur se-Indonesia dan masyarakat luas.


[/vc_column_text] [vc_video link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4XhJmtnrWU” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [vc_video link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EySE-NybTg8″ width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

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Akanaka Project on Home&Decor





Talkshow: The Successful Architect

What is the meaning of success for an architect? How can an architect be successful? And the most important question, how can an architecture student become a successful architect? A young successful architect in Indonesia, Mr Realrich Sjarief, shared his life and experience to UPH Architecture Student in a talkshow entitled “The Successful Architect” which was part of The Arcamp 2013: Project A which was held on Bidadari Island on May 19th, 2013. The audiences were enthusiastic when they heard Mr Sjarief revealed his secret of success, through many obstacles from an ordinary architecture student who ever not passing a studio until he worked for Sir Norman Foster in London, and finally opened his own architectural firm which he proudly called the best office in the world.




Reviving The Dead. Experiencing the Fantasy

Today will talk about an event that took place at Kemang Arcade. It was by the people from Architect Universitas Indonesia (UI). The event was called Immortalitivity Reviving the Dead. Experiencing the Fantasy. Why is it called that is because we found a lot of empty space that is forgotten around us and we made this to make those empty spaces alive with fantasies.
There’s a lot of project here that is about those spaces that is forgotten. Wow! That’s a really sweet idea. The event was a seven day event with lecturers from Realrich Sjarief and Mohammad Nanda Widyarta. They also had a talkshow by Avianti Armand and Achmad Tardiyana. I was there at the last day of the event. There was snacks, drinks, and a lot of young crowds. If you love architect, art, and design this is event for you. Well, enough of the chitchat. Check out some of the projects and pictures below!

Bibliography :


Nafas Alam, Nafas Manusia, Nafas Desain

Tahun 2012, Prodi Arsitektur Universitas Atma JayaYogyakarta (UAJY) genap berusia 30 tahun. Untuk memperingati Lustrum ke VI Prodi Arsitektur, Panitia Reuni dan Pengabdian pada Masyarakat UAJY mengadakan rangkaian kegiatan selama dua hari, mulai dari hari Jumat-Sabtu, 1-2 Juni 2012. Terdapat berbagai acara dalam rangkaian kegiatan ini antara lain Seminar up to 40, Sarasehan, Pemilihan Ketua dan Pengurus Keluarga Alumni, Pengabdian pada Masyarakat dan Ziarah serta Pentas Seni.

Hari pertama, Jumat (1/6)  pukul 08.00 WIB dibuka dengan Tari Badui oleh mahasiswa dilanjutkan dengan Seminar “Up to 40” di Ruang Audivisual Gedung Thomas Aquinas UAJY. Seminar ini menghadirkan tiga pembicara yaitu Realrich Sjarief, ST. MUDD. IAI. Serta kedua alumni Prodi Arsitektur UAJY Lim Yu Sin, S.T. angkatan ’94, dan Ben Sarasvati angkatan ’99. Seminar ini mengambil tema “Pandangan Arsitek Muda Indonesia tentang Arsitektur Masa Datang” .

Dalam seminar ini Lim Yu Sing menyampaikan bahwa arsitektur merupakan akar dari konteks tempat (persoalan, potensi, kondisi). Dalam konteks Indonesia, persoalan, potensi atau kondisi menyangkut hal-hal umum (sosial, ekonomi, budaya, lingkungan, dll) dan hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan arsitektur (persoalan hunian murah. Kampung padat kota, dll). Di Indonesia ini sebenarnya masih banyak potensi dan kekayaan yang belum dikenali, digali, dan dikembangkan. Arsitektur bukanlah hanya tentang proporsi, komposisi, teknis konstruksi tetapi juga tentang menemukan diri seperti budaya yang membantu manusia menemukan integritas bangsa. Konteks-konteks ini dapat menjadi fokus utama yang menentukan arah penggalian desain danpendidikan arsitektur.

Realrich Sjarief memberikan judul presentasinya “Nafas Alam, Nafas Manusia, Nafas Desain”. Kita dapat menciptakan suatu desain karena tiga nafas tersebut. Oleh karena itu ketiganya saling berkaitan. Penggunaan teknologi, pendefisian fungsi public space, dan inovasi strategi perencanaan akan memegang peranan penting di masa depan, terutama pda masyarakat metropolitan.

Berbicara tentang arsitektur Indonesia masa depan, Ben Sarasvati memberi sudut pandang tersendiri. Di indonesia telah mengalami perkembangan jauh sebelum terbentuknya Negara Kesatuan republik Indonesia yang merdeka dan berdaulat. Arsitektur Indonesia terdiri dari rangkaian Arsitektur Tradisional sebagai cikal bakal yang kita kenal sebagai Arsitektur Nusantara. Pada masa sekarang, dimana teknologi informasi sudah sangat maju dan berkembang dengan pesat telah membawa perubahan kegiatan, klebutuhan, dan pola pikir masyarakat. Arsitektur ini berkembang menjadi tradisi di masing-masing daerah yang kemudian disatukan dalam satu wilayah politik yang disebut indonesia. Semua ini menjadi alat untuk menggali lebih dalam lagi Arsitektur asli Indonesia dalam proses perpaduan antara budaya satu dengan lainnya maupun perkembangan zaman.

Seminar yang berlangsung selama kurang lebih 3 jam ini membuat peserta menjadi semakin terbuka pikirannya mengenai arsitektur di Indonesia. Dari sini diharapkan kampus dan mahasiswa dapat berperan untuk mendampingi masyarakat sekitarnya agar lestari dan pengabdian arsitektur dpat dilakukan untuk pengembangan kesejahteraan masyarakat Indonesia.

Reference : http://www.uajy.ac.id/berita/pandangan-arsitek-muda-indonesia-tentang-arsitektur-masa-datang-dalam-lustrum-vi-prodi-arsitektur/



Archworx: “urban, human, architecture” January 16th-21st 2012 is presented by HIMARS Binus University. We presented workshops and expo that showing architecture binus student’s creation. There were also architecture’s software workshops, a lot of competitions, and talkshow architecture “Peran Arsitek dalam Pembangunan dan Penataan Infrastuktur Kota” with the inspiring speakers: Realrich Sjarief (Principal of DOT Workshop), Ir. Achmad Deni Tardiyana, MUDD (URBANE), Dirjen PU, IAI, and Danny Wicaksono (JongArsitek!).



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Realrich is in roundtable discussion – Archinesia Volume 1

Realrich is in roundtable discussion with  Adi Purnomo, Ario Danar Andito (Parametr), Ary Indra (Aboday), Ridwan Kamil (Urbane), Endy Subijono (Head of National Indonesian Institute of Architect ), Her Pramtama (Head of Jakarta Indonesian Institute of Architect), Danny Wicaksono, Deddy Wahyudi,Achmad Tardiyana (lecturer at  ITB and architect from Urbane) and Imelda Akmal (IAAW).

Archinesia Bookgazine edisi perdana dirilis dalam bentuk hard cover dengan 208 halaman (ukuran 30 x 24 cm), memuat sekitar 160 foto arsitektur (110 foto diantaranya adalah hasil bidikan fotografer Sonny Sandjaya), 35  gambar arsitektur render 3D (upcoming projects dan pemenang berbagai  kompetisi arsitektur di Indonesia), serta 50 potongan gambar, denah maupun site / floor plan. Keseluruhan disuguhkan dengan komposisi yang memukau dan inspiratif, disertai ulasan khas Imelda Akmal dan beberapa kontributor Archinesia lainnya.

Cover story Archinesia Bookgazine edisi perdana dengan tema ” Penghargaan, Sayembara, Dan Pameran Arsitektur ” membuka cakrawala pembacanya untuk lebih memahami dan mengapresiasi berbagai penghargaan, sayembara maupun pameran arsitektur di Indonesia yang kebanyakan masih dimotori oleh para insan kreatif di bidang arsitektur sendiri. Berbagai peran, manfaat, prestasi maupun  kendala dalam kegiatan penghargaan, sayembara dan pameran arsitektur yang ada di Indonesia saat ini, dikupas secara mendalam dalam Archinesia volume 1 ini.

Tidak tangung-tangung, Archinesia Bookgazine pun mempersiapkan secara khusus dalam menggarap tema besar ini dengan mengadakan round table discussion bekerjasama dengan Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (IAI) Jakarta dan IAI Nasional yang berlangsung pada tanggal 13 September 2011 lalu. Diskusi tersebut menghadirkan berbagai pakar di bidangnya seperti : Adi Purnomo, Ario Danar Andito (Parametr), Ary Indra (Aboday), Ridwan Kamil (Urbane), Endy Subijono (Ketua IAI Nasional), Realrich Sjarief, Her Pramtama (Ketua IAI Jakarta), Danny Wicaksono, Deddy Wahyudi, dengan moderator Achmad Tardiyana (Dosen Arsitektur ITB dan praktisi arsitek Urbane) dan Imelda Akmal.

Pendapat para pakar dari round table discussion maupun berbagai tulisan dan liputan khusus seputar kegiatan sayembara, kompetisi dan pameran arsitektur yang dimuat pada Archinesia Bookgazine edisi perdana, sungguh mengugah dan menginspirasi siapa pun yang terjun di sektor kreatif, terutama dalam menyikapi berbagai kegiatan sayembara, kompetisi maupun pameran yang berkaitan dengan bidang pekerjaan masing-masing.

Archinesia Bookgazine, Terobosan Baru Publikasi Berkala Arsitektur Indonesia