Sibarani Sofian’s Shorcut to the universe

We would like to invite students and junior/senior architects in Jakarta or apparently reside in Jakarta on Monday, April 14th, to join the presentation and discussion about experience from a graduate architecture major who has been involved in professional work and put his love and effort as a city planner.

The Inspiration from his final project is expected to create self-reflection for Indonesian architecture students, to create an understanding about the architectural process of one and another which is unique for each person, on their quest to find one for themselves in university. This event intends to be a memento for a senior’s sincerity on guiding his junior and teaching them the spirit of fraternal solidarity.

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to present Mr. Sibarani Sofian (Regional director of AECOM Southeast Asia) as the speaker. He studied architecture in ITB in 1993, and after graduated he worked as an urban designer at RSP Architects and later at Skidmore Owings and Merrill, both in Singapore.

This event initially is dedicated to alm. Ahmad Rida Soemardi, for his passion and dedication to educate architecture students in Indonesia. Furthermore, it is aimed to give broader perspective on how to do architecture within widely-ranged public depends on the boundaries made from each discussion.

The discussion will be divided into two sessions:

First,   The topic will be about Undergraduate Final Project, which essentially a final project is the end of one’s journey through his architecture education, whereas one need to prove his final outcome in front of the examiners. In the final project, a student pour his creativity with an assistance from the counselor who bear a responsibility to encourage, enlight, and guide him about the importance of learning through a lifetime in his final year. Eventually, the Final Project itself can be seen as an ultimate stepping stone in the beginning of an architecture graduate’s career, and furthermore, to determine his destiny.

Second,   It is about the phase after one graduates from architecture school, on some parties’ effort to shape his vision to rediscover what he loves, what he desires, and what he wants to prove in his struggle to emphatize within the wider society. This time the discourse will dig deeper on the definition of urban design and urban designer, boundaries between the outcome of urban design and architecture, process that determines urban design and architecture, and their dynamics in the professional world and their distinction in Indonesia.

Moderator: Realrich Sjarief

 Due to our space limitation, there will be only 35 seats available. Please RSVP to miftah@raw.co.id or rofianisa@raw.co.id to get seat confirmation.

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture