Archinesia Vol.5 – Good Design in Architecture Now.

Realrich is interviewed in Archinesia Vol.5 – Good Design in Architecture Now. Please check the note from Archinesia :

One of the most important (and now quite dominant) processes in architecture is design process, and the goal of architecture design is to attain good design.

Good design has a double meaning, aesthetic and ethic. In architecture the two should be united as a single goal that a design process should strive for. Moreover, an architectural product does not only affect its client and architect. On a broader level, architectural products also affect their surrounding environments. In a larger scale, they may even have an effect on the economy and the social and political condition.

The question is: how does an architectural design attain the label ‘good design’? We tried to find the answer through a round table discussion by inviting the two groups of architecture professionals in Indonesia: practitioners and academics. What are their thoughts on this matter? You can peruse them in the Main Coverage of Archinesia Bookgazine Volume 5. The main coverage is a transcription of the presentation of each speakers of the round table discussion, with no intervention whatsoever from our writers, which tends to steer the readers’ opinions. Why did we choose to run the transcription as is? Through this direct transcription we invite our readers to be present in the midst of the conversation circle. But what about the arguments and the formed opinions? We let them open for our readers to process, analyze, and summarize. Because we know there are no such things as standard parameters for good design. Whether or not good design is achieved by an architectural product, it is highly dependent to the condition and context of where we are.

Good designs can aslo be enjoyed through architectural works. This time we have several architects whose works are exhibited for the first time in the pages of ARCHINESIA Bookgazine, even though they are quite famous in ASEAN’s architectural scene. They are Duangrit Bunnag from Bangkok and Singapore based DP Architects and ONG&ONG. We are also delighted to show the works of young architects who are always emerging in ASEAN area, such as Revano Satria (Semarang, Indonesia), Archimetric (Surabaya, Indonesia), and Studiodasar (Jakarta, Indonesia). Are their works entitled to be called good design? We’ll let you, readers, to be the judge. At the very least, these select works are an effort to bring good design to architecture today.

Imelda Akmal
Sonny Sandjaya

Bibliography : www.archinesia.com

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture