Stair Details

  • Stairs in Associates Room

This stair is located in the left side of Associates Room as a connector of Associates room – Technical Room – Administration Room. On the first four steps, the width of the steps was made parallel to the wall resulting in the edges which are joined to the wall to be rotated abiding wall position. All of this stairs material is steel, including the structures and finishing. It’s 3,5 – 4 centimeters steel framework structures. The stair steps use perforated steel, supported by the steel framework structures. Screws, is used to join the steel framework and perforated stepping. To stick the steel frame with the bare concrete wall, we also use screws and elbows.

The Associates Stairs usin g screws to join the steel framewoks and perforated stepping, and also weld to join each steel frame.  To make the surface clear and smoother, the stairs painted with Duko then applied damping finishing. 151770


  • Mezzanine Stair

This stair has a similiar stucture, construction, materials and finishing with the Associates Stair, located in RAW Studio Mezzanine, to connect Ground Mezzanine with the floor above it . This circular shaped stair was built inside a concrete circle which has 1,5 meters diameter width. Mezzanine stairs had 12 footsteps, which everysteps has 22,5 degree radius. The concrete thick is 15 centimeters.


  • Stair Behind The Living Room

This stair is a private access of the resident, to connect Living Room to the residents private area (including maid), and also an access to the Roof Top. Unsimiliar with another stairs, this stair was made by concrete, steel, and wood.

Bare concrete was made as a structure of this stair, and also a place for the wood stair steps. This concrete applied couting finishing.

Steel was applied for railing. It has a pipe shaped, with 0,5 inch diameter and it height is 1,1 meters. To join the pipe, we are using weld.

We use Ulin Wood with Ultran finishing for the stair steps. For lighting, we use LED lamp as indirect lighting and placed it under the wood finish, hidden from the eye.



  • Roof Top Stair

This stair is located in outdoor area in First Floor. Basically, the structure, material, and finishing of this stair is the same with Associates Stair and Mezzanine Stair. The difference is the railing shape, and the stair it self has L shaped.

It railing was created by steel frame, which is formed in rectangular shape. The height of railing is 1 meter. The join also using screw and weld. To make the surface clear and smoother, the stairs painted with Duko then applied damping finishing. 151837


Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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