Books of Architecture – Strange library

The Guild has a library, called OMAH Library,  which located near studio bathroom. The library’s wall was created by concrete, and finished by couting. The plafond used gypsum material with waffle pattern, and there is skylights on the ceilling. This skylight function is to give natural lighting inside this library.


Overall, this place was inspired by a poem which written by Ann C.


We’re curious. We learn.
We become hungry for knowledge as if we’ve been starving for centuries.
Thus, we cram, we swallow and try to devour everything we could into our heads.

However, time chases us like a hunter after prey.
After all, knowledge doesn’t come to us effortlessly.
We risk the danger of being demolished with time and carefully learn all that there is to learn and remember.

At last, are we able to feast, risk it all and retreat without being fed on by time instead?

this poem told us, we are hungry for knowledge, but there’s no knowledge will come easily or come by it self. To get knowledge, we need efforts and make time to read the books. That’s why, the poem told us Library was weird. We can stay in library, reading books and spending our time without realize time has passed

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture

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