The Fool’s Progress

“Life is a journey, not a destination …” (RW Emerson)

There are people among us that has the privilege to enjoy great things in their career life such as continuing education overseas, working in great international design studio/offices… living their dreams as one of the few that can shape and influence built environments, in inspiring ways, to be better ones for the greater good of many.

We want them to share their journey, their stories on how to get there and what we can learn from it. Behind every success there must be trial and tribulation, struggle and hardships. Behind every journey, there must be friends and companions, supports and promoters.
Let’s listen to one of the journey .. “Realrich Fool’s Progress”

This event is part of the effort of “Continuing the Legacy of ARS (Ahmad Rida Soemardi)”, our friend, our mentor, and our supporter, who relentlessly promoted young designers like Realrich and many others. We hope to continue this event series as a
platform for designers, architects, landscapers and planners with urban interest to interact, share and continue the legacy of Mas Tata. After our first session with Sibarani Sofian (AECOM), our second session will feature Realrich Sjarief (RAW), and we’ll continue to the next round with more interesting journeys.

Kindly make your reservation to Anastasia.Widyaningsih@aecom.com or Ade.Kurniadhi@aecom.com by June 19 (seats are limited)

Thanks and see you!

Pic Credit to Reina Rivenska Dissa

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture