Eco Resort City

Eco Resort City offers a luxurious, calm and eco-friendly neighborhood by providing a massive amount of green space. The 25-hectare project is located around the southern fringe of Medan on Jl. Medan – Namorambe, Desa Kedai Durian. It covers residential complex with commercial area and public facilities to provide neighborhood’s social activity such as: office park, F&B and shopping walk, club house, and parks.

The development is designed with water-sensitive urban design approach and eco-friendly utility system, following our research on Landscape Urbanism. Connectivity inside the area is designed to prioritize safety and comfort for the neighborhood. Cluster’s ROW only 7 m wide to decrease vehicle speed. Bus and other public transportation can access the neighborhood. Eco Resort City will become a new fresh, comfortable and joyful sanctuary for the people of Medan. Its resort atmosphere will give the unforgettable experience to the people.

Client : Monaco Property Group

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture