Baku Azarbaijan Station

Features : The Building consists of module of landscape as architecture inspired from the local contour, hill, and landscape resembling the identity of Baku city. The catenary curved is opened by linear light well responding to air stacking effect allowing hot air circulates to the outside. The layout is opened as the functional principle developed from the intense discussion with Transport engineer, Government and the architect to gather solution responding genius loci of the city.

Appointment: 2014
Completion: 2015
Scope of Work : Conceptual Design Phase
Area: 1200 m²
Principal Architect : Realrich Sjarief
Project Team [various from developing the sketch to model refinement] : Bambang Priyono, Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Jovita Lisyani, Rofianisa Nurdin, Hardiyanto Agung Nugroho

Client: Institute of Transportation and Development Policy
Director In Charge : Yoga Adiwinarto
Vice Director: Faela Sufa
Client Team : Pricillia Fabiola, Udaya Lesmana

Oleh Realrich Sjarief

Founder of RAW Architecture